A Plus Finance

A Plus Finance, which is headquartered in Paris (France), is an independent trust company specialising in the management of Common Investment Funds for Innovation (FCPI) and Proximity Investment Funds (FIP). A Plus Finance is involved in all innovative sectors, particularly in the IT, media and security fields. The A Plus Finance team includes financiers and entrepreneurs, thus providing companies with both an awareness of the daily constraints of management and a long-term perspective on the development of their business. Managing funds amounting to nearly €220m, A Plus Finance invests between €1 million and €4 million per project.per

Frédéric Bayol

Partner, Co-Founder

Niels Court-Payen

CEO and President

Alexis François


Olivier Gillot


Fabrice Imbault

Managing Partner

Marine Marmey


Niels Court Payen

Chairman, Co-Founder

Guillaume Pellery

Investment Director

Nicolas Pereira


Christophe Peyre


Jean-Michel Sibué


Alexandre Villet

Investment Director