Queen's University

Queen’s is one of Canada’s oldest and most prestigious university, and was established in 1841 by Royal Charter of Queen Victoria. Located in Kingston, Ontario, Canada, it is a mid-sized university with faculties, colleges and professional schools, the Agnes Etherington Art Museum, the Isabel Bader Performance Centre, as well as the Bader International Study Centre located in Herstmonceux, East Sussex, United Kingdom. Queen’s balances excellence in undergraduate studies with world class research and graduate programs, making it one of Canada's Ivy League and top 4 schools. Famous alumni include Elon Musk. Queen's University spinoffs include Alliance Atlantis, Technicolor, Vonage and many others.

Rebecca Graham

Investment Associate

Donna Janiec

Vice-Principal, Finance and Administration

Anna Koroleva

Investment Associate

Matt Murphy

Associate Director, Investment Analytics and Research

Brian O'Neill

Director, Investment Services

Robert Weisnagel

Director of Pension Services

12 past transactions


Grant in 2020
LifeLuxe is a recreational and community management platform for retirement residences that enables seniors to pilot their own social lives​ while providing staff with data analytics.


Grant in 2019
HeroHub is an online platform that creates a greater social impact by connecting local charities & non-profits to individuals or businesses who are seeking volunteer opportunities, charity events, and to donate new or gently-used items!

Laser Depth Dynamics

Grant in 2012
LDD is an innovative provider of in-process quality monitoring and control solutions for laser-based welding applications. LDD’s proprietary inline coherent imaging (ICI) technology is the first industrial solution to enable direct measurement of weld penetration depth with high precision and in real time by adding a near-infrared measurement beam to the welding head.

Penyo Pal

Grant in 2012
Penyo Pal is re-imagining the way people learn language. At Penyo Pal, we combine learning with play, and take advantage of new mediums and research in education to create immersive learning games -- we call it edu-play-tion! Penyo Pal makes language learning an engaging, personalized, and self-driven process. Check out our Mandarin learning games on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store (www.penyopal.com)


Grant in 2016
Suncayr has developed a colour changing sticker that tells you when your sunscreen is no longer protecting you. The sticker, "SPOT", is is put directly on the skin, and then sunscreen is applied to your whole body. When your sunscreen is protecting your skin from UV, the sticker is clear, but when your skin becomes exposed to UV, the sticker changes to purple. This will give you and your family the confidence to safely enjoy the sun!

Forvera Health

Grant in 2019
Forvera Health is a managed marketplace that connects licensed optometrists with corporations, working with optometrists utilizing mobile optometry equipment to perform comprehensive on-site eye exams for patients.
Mosaic Manufacturing Ltd. produces hardware and software for combining multiple filaments into single filament strand to be fed into a printer to enable 3D printing. The company was founded in 2014 and is based in Toronto, Canada.


Pre Seed Round in 2020
MedaKi is a web-application that increases accessibility to OTC products through a network of local pharmacies. For our MVP, MedaKi will begin by providing online users a marketplace for Over the Counter (OTC) products through a digital catalogue. These products will be supplied through local pharmacies that will serve same-day delivery.

RockMass Technologies

Seed Round in 2016
RockMass Technologies is revolutionizing structural mapping by developing a data collection tool made for geologists. The company creates data collection more efficient, accurate and safe for geologists in mining, exploration, civil engineering and education. At RockMass, our goal is to improve geological mapping in the mining, civil engineering, and exploration industries with our revolutionary mapping technologies.


Grant in 2008
AccelGolf helps users with their stroke tracking, range-finding, and personalized improvement of their golf games. The company showed off their BlackBerry and iPhone applications and explained that the heart of their system is really the community of avid golfers who are now connecting and building their own social network. AccelGolf offers personalized improvement tips by analyzing strokes of golfers who are just slightly better than you, and presenting areas for improvement based on your past performance. AccelGolf suggests which club to use, and where to place the shot, based on your past performance on a specific course. In one example the company showed the iPhone application calculating odds based on past performance for landing a risky shot over a sand trap on a dog leg left. AccelGolf already has 70% of all golf courses loaded in their system. They use the GPS on your phone to determine your position and calculate distance to the pin.


Pre Seed Round in 2019
LifeLuxe is a recreational and community management platform for retirement residences that enables seniors to pilot their own social lives​ while providing staff with data analytics.