Caixa Capital Risc

Caixa Capital Risc, SGEIC, S.A. formerly known as, Caixa Capital Risc, SGECR, S.A. is a venture capital and venture debt firm specializing in seed, start up, growth capital, and early stage venture investments. The firm makes incubation investments. It supports during the series A and B rounds of investments. It provides equity and convertible loans to innovative companies in their early stages. It does not invest in real estate and finance industry. It invests across all sectors with a focus on information technology sector, Internet, sustainability, Industrial technology, time, biotechnology, photonics, semiconductors, nanotechnology, and life sciences. Within life sciences it focuses on disease management and wellness, medical devices, medical technology and instrumentation, telemedicine and e-health, diagnostics and point-of-care, biological therapies, therapeutic treatments, new therapies, new therapeutic agents, drug development, and healthcare services. Within industrial technologies field it invests in new materials, process technology, manufacturing industries, food and nutraceuticals, products and technologies for agriculture, innovative production processes, products linked to increasing energy efficiency and energy generation, and sustainability. Within time, it invests in corporate software, communication equipment, and internet/mobile business. It also invests in digital technologies fields including telecommunications, software, entertainment and media, e-commerce, game development, information and internet technology sectors. It invests in energy, materials, industrials, environmental and facilities services, consumer durables and apparel, hotels restaurants and leisure, consumer staples, and utilities sector. The firm seeks to invest in Spanish companies. It prefers to make equity investments between €0.1 million ($0.13 million) and €4.5 million ($6.24 million). The firm invests up to €0.1 million ($0.134 million) through convertible loans. The firm also makes debt investments between €0.1 million ($0.13 million) and €0.5 million ($0.67 million) in companies. It seeks to take part in the first round of investments in the portfolio companies and does not take a stake over 50 percent. It invests primarily in equity and promotes co-investment with third parties. The firm also occupies a seat on the board of directors, without participation in the day to day operations. Caixa Capital Risc, SGEIC, S.A. was founded in 2004 and is based in Barcelona, Spain. It operates as a subsidiary of Criteria CaixaHolding S.A.

Elena Rico



David Villaró

Investment Director