ICF Capital

Full investment portfolio - Cash, cash balances in banks power plants and other demand deposits- 3.28% Heritage instruments- 4.57% Debt securities- 12.48% Financial assets at amortized cost- 71.34% Derivatives - accounting for coverage - 0.37% Investments in joint ventures and associate- 0.39% Real estate investments- 2.85% Tangible fixed assets- 0.47% Other intangible assets- 0.08% Tax assets- 2.48% Other assets- 1.12% Non-current assets- 0.55% Founded in 1985, Institut Català de Finances is a government organisation based in Spain. The firm public financial institution that provides funding to Catalan companies and entrepreneurs.

Irene Bertran Aixut

Investment Director, Financial Instruments


Noemí Gálvez

Director of Finance


Lloveras Llavina, Marc

Director, Structural European Funds


Jordi Vila Peiro

Finance Director


Vanessa Servera Planas

General Director, Finance and Operations


Adrià Torrelles

Investment and Portfolio Director

65 past transactions


Debt Financing in 2020
ForceManager is the all-in-one sales accelerator platform for field sales teams. In order to improve results and increase sales activity, the system offers a native application for smartphones, tablets and the Apple Watch that tracks and provides contextual information when on the move, allowing sales reps to work efficiently and focus on selling, not on reporting. With ForceManager, sales managers also get real-time insights into their sales team's activity. By receiving detailed statistics that accurately reflect all interactions between sales teams and customers, managers make better decisions and increase quarterly revenue.


Debt Financing in 2021
Gotrendier.com.co is a platform to sell the clothes that you no longer use and to buy in the closet of other girls throughout Colombia. Posting your products on gotrendier.com.co is completely free! They are sure that in your closet you have many fashion garments that you have not even put on, or that are new, even with a label. At GoTrendier we give you the opportunity to sell these items and earn money. In addition, you can buy clothes from other users, and find your new favorites


Debt Financing in 2020
oct8ne's proprietary co-viewing technology allows eCommerce companies to provide customers with a personalized in-store experience online. Agents and customers view and search for products together, creating opportunities for increased sales as agents upsell/cross-sell in real-time. Unlike traditional live chat services designed to provide customer service, oct8ne equips agents with tools to engage in personal selling while providing product expertise over the phone or chat. Post-visit sales intelligence/analytics allow companies to continuously optimize their sales process.

AB-Biotics, S.A.

Venture Round in 2012
AB-Biotics, S.A. operates as a biotechnology company in Spain. The company offers probiotic products, including cardiometabolic products comprising AB-LIFE; oral care products that include AB-Dentalac and AB-Dentalac GUM; pediatric products, such as AB-Kolicare and AB-Digest Kids; AB-Digest and i3.1 gastrointestinal products; immune health products consisting of AB-IMMUNO; and women’s health products, such as AB-INTIMUS and AB-Cyscare. It also provides Neuropharmagen, a pharmacogenomics-based precision medicine platform developed for psychiatry. The company was founded in 2004 and is based in Barcelona, Spain.


Debt Financing in 2021
Kubbo is a B2B e-commerce fulfillment startup that enables brands and their customers to access same-day deliveries.

Project Lobster SL

Debt Financing in 2022
PROJECT LOBSTER SL designs, manufactures, and sells eyewear for men and women. The company offers sunglasses and eyeglasses, as well as lenses. It sells its products through its stores in Barcelona and Valencia, as well as online. The company was founded in 2017 and is based in Barcelona, Spain.
The AllRead Software is a deep learning-based information spotting technology able to read in a single shot the relevant structured alphanumeric text appearing in an image. A convolutional neural network (CNN) architecture is trained in an end-to-end manner and is able to directly output readings without any explicit text localization step. By bypassing any segmentation step and automatically ignoring irrelevant textual content, they provide a 100% automatic, smart, end-to-end and high precision reading system.


Venture Round in 2017
VozTelecom develops software to enable Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services over Internet. The company's products include miVoz.net, personal IP telephony service; intraVoz.net, local area network (LAN) IP telephony service with enhanced features; extraVoz.net, a hosted IP telephony service; vozConference.net, a hosted Web-conference service with enhanced collaboration features; and wifiVoz.net, application that enables the usage of VozTelecom service through any wireless terminal. Voz has strategic alliances with Interxion, Cisco Systems, Iptel.org, SIP Phone, Jasomi Networks, Midworld Networks, and Endercom. The company was founded in 2003 and is headquartered in Cerdanyola, Spain.


Debt Financing in 2020
QMENTA is a cloud-based medical image analysis and visualization platform that helps specialists provide better diagnosis and treatment for patients with brain diseases by quantifying changes in the patient’s brain. This helps to accelerate the discovery and development of new treatments for brain diseases. With QMENTA's cloud platform, specialists (researchers, neurologists, neurosurgeons, neuroradiologists) can upload medical images, have them processed, and access big datasets all in one place, within the browser, without the need to install and maintain any software. They can carry out advanced analyses with our proprietary tools and visualize the images with LeapMotion, thus we provide an intuitive, touch-less and sterilized way to bring these advanced imaging tools into the hands of the doctors, at the point of care, right in the operating room. Top-notch researchers all around the world have been using our platform that is infinitely scalable for data management, analysis, visualization, and sharing purposes. With our publicly accessible platform, you can advance your data and understanding of thousands, even millions of images. QMENTA is FDA Title 21 parts 11 & 820, Annex11, IEC 62304, GDPR, and HIPAA compliant. We take the privacy and security of patients data very seriously.

Housfy Real Estate

Series B in 2022
Housfy Real Estate, S.L. owns and operates an online real estate platform. It offers floors and houses for individuals, free appraisal of flats, home appraisals, online valuation on cadastral reference, online real estate services, mortgage simulator services, and real estate portals. The company was founded in 2016 and is based in Barcelona, Spain with an additional office location in Madrid, Spain.

Vytrus Biotech SL

Series A in 2019
Vytrus Biotech SL engages in development, production, and commercialization of active ingredients from plant stem cells. The company offers cosmetic products such as plasma rich in cell factors and phyto peptidic fractions; dermatologic products; and tailor made products. Vytrus Biotech SL was formerly known as Phyture Biotech SL and changed its name to Vytrus Biotech SL in 2016. The company was founded in 2009 and is based in Barcelona, Spain.


Debt Financing in 2021
Copernic has developed the first collaborative and modular web platform which allows you to have control of the entire value chain of your project, from suppliers to customers, from conception to production! With Copernic it is easier to create anything, from websites to rockets! They aim to help companies with the creation, management and development of projects through the use of their B2B SaaS all-in-one Agile Engineering Business Suite. At Copernic they believe advanced features shouldn’t come at the expense of usability, as much as they believe simplicity should never be compromised by scalability.


Venture Round in 2015
First Operator Certification Lleida's mission is to: provide security, reliability, efficiency and profitability in electronic communications companies, governments and individuals, directly influencing the improvement of results. Innovate to meet the needs of their customers, get growing and sustainable returns for our shareholders and facilitate the professional development of their employees.


Series B in 2019
Aizon is an AI software provider that transforms manufacturing operations with the use of advanced analytics, artificial intelligence, and other smart factory technologies focused on optimizing production within highly regulated industries. The Aizon AI platform seamlessly integrates unlimited sources of structured and unstructured data to deliver actionable insights across all manufacturing sites. Aizon offers an intuitive way to gain meaningful operational intelligence by enabling real-time visibility and predictive insights in a GxP compliant manner with end-to-end data integrity.

Science Bits

Venture Round in 2018
Science Bits provides teachers with lessons that help them teach science in a way, which engages their students. The company is founded in 2011 and is based in Barcelona, Spain.


Venture Round in 2020
Goin is a mobile application to save money easily and take advantage of it without knowing how to invest, through Machine Learning algorithms that allow you to accumulate the user's money through small daily gestures. he three Spanish founders, David, Carlos and Gabriel, were looking for a way to optimize their own money, and decided to conduct an experiment by exchanging their debit cards and thus saving 62% during those two months of rehearsal. This is how Goin emerged, which aims to meet the needs of 100% of Millennials, of which 83% confess that they do not know how to save, making available an easy-to-use tool that enhances their finances and lifestyle. On the one hand, the Barcelona startup allows the user to add money automatically and multiply it without having previous knowledge of investment. Goin uses a simple system that first asks to know the user through questions about their habits and, in this way, they are offered automatic systems and methods of saving. Once the user adds money to the app, they can transfer part or all of it to investment, or to their bank account. Its Smart Saving technology manages to accumulate money with small, everyday gestures, such as rounding a payment.


Debt Financing in 2022
First insurance Marketplace offering covers for 100% digital on-boarding. Current Insurance products and underwriting processes are defined to be sold trough offline channels. Weecover reshapes current product portfolio and underwriting processes using a top notch technology to facilitate online on-boarding processes for Companies, Customers and Distribution partners.Weecover has developed an in-house technology which supports digital quote & buy process for any insurance product. Weecover has implemented its solution in several large Companies on-boarding solutions which are and enabling Companies to allocate the insurance offer right in the check out process for e-commerce and transactional platforms. Large utility companies like Telefonica and Endesa and some others are using our software.


Debt Financing in 2021
oct8ne's proprietary co-viewing technology allows eCommerce companies to provide customers with a personalized in-store experience online. Agents and customers view and search for products together, creating opportunities for increased sales as agents upsell/cross-sell in real-time. Unlike traditional live chat services designed to provide customer service, oct8ne equips agents with tools to engage in personal selling while providing product expertise over the phone or chat. Post-visit sales intelligence/analytics allow companies to continuously optimize their sales process.

Oryzon Genomics

Venture Round in 2015
Oryzon Genomics S.A., a clinical phase biopharmaceutical company, engages in the discovery and development of epigenetics-based therapeutics for the treatment of oncological and CNS disorders. Its clinical phase compounds include iadademstat (ORY-1001), a selective LSD1 inhibitor that is in Phase II trials for oncology; and vafidemstat (ORY-2001), a CNS-optimized LSD1 inhibitor, which is in Phase II trials for the treatment of CNS and psychiatric diseases. Its product candidates also comprise ORY-3001, a LSD1 inhibitor that is in preclinical development for the treatment of non-oncological diseases, as well as other programs at various stages of development. The company was founded in 2000 and is based in Cornellà de Llobregat, Spain.


Debt Financing in 2021
iVoox is an online kiosk that enables users to listen to, download, and share audio content in diverse categories such as history, sports, humor, business and technology, welfare, news and society, leisure, and more. Users have access to conferences, podcasts, radio shows, audio books, monologues, and so on. Offering users to personalized recommendations, iVoox users can subscribe to podcasts unlimitedly over multiple platforms, including iOS and Android. Users also have the facility of synchronizing their preferred audio content with their smart devices in order to gain access to it from anywhere. iVoox was launched by Juan Solera and is operated from Barcelona, Spain.

Incapto Coffee

Debt Financing in 2021
Coffee is Incapto, S.L. manufactures coffee making machines. The company’s coffee system removes capsules as waste, uses ground coffee, and reduces the unit cost of coffee. The company was founded in 2020 and is based in Barcelona, Spain.

Top Doctors

Secondary Market in 2021
Top Doctors is a globally recognised market leader in the international medicine and e-Health sector. The company represents over 60,000 of the world’s top physicians, and uses the latest innovation and technology to bring them closer to the patients. Top Doctors represents doctors in the US, Europe and Latin America. The company has become a reference for providing trustworthy and up to date information on choosing leading national and international medical professionals, covering the full range of specialties and all the latest medical treatments. The company accounts for over 1 million users on its site per month, and it has satisfied over 10 million patients’ needs when selecting the best doctors from all around the world.

INBRAIN Neuroelectronics

Seed Round in 2020
Inbrain Neuroelectronics, a medical device company, develops and commercializes graphene neural interfaces and intelligent neuromodulation systems to cure brain disorders. The company was founded in 2019 and is based in Barcelona, Spain.


Seed Round in 2021
Classpack is a pioneer in manufacturing and marketing 100% bio-based packaging solutions and eco-efficient equipment.

Bigle Legal

Seed Round in 2021
BIGLE IBERIA, SL designs and develops a cloud based tool software that automates the legal documents of companies, and professionals. The software helps to create, review, share, sign, and store the legal documents. The software features include affordability, efficiency, customization, and cloud saving. The company is based in Barcelona, Spain.


Seed Round in 2020
Carnovo is a Barcelona based start-up that is transforming the automotive purchase process by making it fast, transparent and convenient for both, car dealers and buyers. Their mission is simple, to put the car buying process upside down by placing customers in the center making them save time and money while offering them the best buying experience. Car dealers that partner with Carnovo sell more cars than they could in the showroom alone while reducing cost inefficiencies and increasing stock turnover. This means they can make great offers to Carnovo buyers!


Debt Financing in 2022
Our opportunities are selected by a team of experts with more than 30 years of experience in the real estate sector. Through the digital platform, investors choose the real estate opportunities in which they want to invest, depending on the type of property, terms and expected returns. Currently, Brickbro is one of the leading real estate investment platforms in the spanish market.

Nuclio Digital School

Debt Financing in 2021
Nuclio Digital School is the business school of Nuclio Venture Builder, the startup incubator driven from Barcelona by Carlos Blanco. Their main objective is to create and renew profiles for the real requirements of the industry, so that they ensure that these profiles come prepared to be productive from the first moment in any company that requires them. They lead you through the most important pillars of the Digital Economy, from its foundations in programming to the world of business through technology, entrepreneurship of new ideas and business models. Nuclio Digital School offers a transversal training that allows you to go from a Beginner level to an Expert level in Programming, Blockchain, BigData, Digital Marketing, Business Innovation, etc.


Debt Financing in 2019
REFRUITING SL owns a platform through which it distributes fruits to offices. The company’s provides fruit basket, drinks, cut fruit and skewers, nuts, cereals, Christmas baskets, and breakfast. It also provides catering services for events and presentations. REFRUITING SL was founded in 2015 and is headquartered in Barcelona, Spain.


Debt Financing in 2019
Photoslurp is a visual commerce and marketing platform for brands that collects photos across social media networks of customers using their products, and provides the tools to curate, display, analyze, handle media rights and make these 'shoppable'. Photoslurp's customers have seen a 30% increase on conversion rates by using customers photos on their product pages, as well as a significant increase in engagement rates. Photo and evangelist analytics tools help brands identify the highest converting photos, as well as their biggest evangelists.


Debt Financing in 2019
GoodGut SL develops products and analysis systems for diagnostic support and therapeutic treatment of digestive diseases. The company was incorporated in 2014 and is based in Girona, Spain.

myWorkUp Services, S.L.

Debt Financing in 2019
myWorkUp Services, S.L. provides retail and trade marketing services. Its platform automates and controls the entire process of actions before, during, and after execution of campaign. The company was incorporated in 2015 and is based in Barcelona, Spain.

Worldcoo, S.L.

Debt Financing in 2019
Worldcoo is the European social company based in Barcelona, aimed at funding NGO solidarity projects through omnichannel committed companies (ecommerce, banks or retailers). In ecommerce, it achieves that by integrating a check-box in ecommerce’s shopping cart, which allows customers to donate 1€ while performing any online transaction. Its goal is to help people in need and make together a better world. Worldcoo was founded on 2012 and is based in Barcelona, Spain.

Typs Global S.L.

Debt Financing in 2019
Typs Global S.L. develops a software for salary on demand. The company's software allows employees to have real-time access to their salaries and employers to offer such a benefit with zero impact on their cashflow and processes. It sends invite to the employees and allows them to see and transfer their available earned salary immediately. The company was founded in 2019 and is based in Barcelona, Spain. As of November 12, 2020, Typs Global S.L. operates as a subsidiary of Hastee Technologies Ltd.

INBRAIN Neuroelectronics

Series A in 2021
Inbrain Neuroelectronics, a medical device company, develops and commercializes graphene neural interfaces and intelligent neuromodulation systems to cure brain disorders. The company was founded in 2019 and is based in Barcelona, Spain.

Bloobirds, S.L.

Venture Round in 2023
Bloobirds is helpful to anyone looking for an assisted, user-friendly, and powerful outbound process. Ideal for B2B SaaS companies looking to scale by adding an outbound team and those with an outbound team needing more quality opportunities and meaningful insights. Assist sales reps’ entire process from start to finish, including inbound qualification, target creation, cadence management, and pitch development. Activity tracker for LinkedIn, email, and phone calls included. Our platform also plays nice with your CRM and MAP to provide seamless integration.


Debt Financing in 2014
Tappx is an online community that enables developers to promote their app for free by exchanging ads with other developers. You earn credits showing ads from other apps, and those credits are consumed when other apps promote yours. Tappx is a cross-promotion community, made by developers for developers. It is designed to give mobile app developers a free platform to increase the popularity of their app during the launch in the app market. The website currently hosts a wide collection of apps developed by users from around the world.


Seed Round in 2013
Homuork is a start-up created to offer integral distance learning solutions for companies and institutions. We work with our clients from the identification of the need to the production of the pedagogical contents, emphasizing in the use of video pills. Then, we open your learning community through our intuitive e-learning platform www.homuork.com.

Mind the Byte, S.L.

Debt Financing in 2016
Mind the Byte is a bioinformatics company that develops and provides software for computational drug discovery using Big Data and Machine Learning (AI) approaches. We work with partners on a consultancy basis or offer an easy to use Software as a Service (SaaS) package to allow clients to apply the High-performance computing platform on a flexible pay-per-use basis without investment in hardware or software licenses. Mind the Byte has developed a versatile set of applications using cloud computing which lowers the entry barrier to the technology. Mind the Byte is an Amazon Web Services technology partner - a seal of quality that has only been awarded to five companies in this sector – to ensure security and reliability. The company was founded in 2011 by Alfons Nonell-Canals, a specialist in computer-aided drug design and in large-scale chemical and biological analyses, and has since expanded with an experienced staff. The company is located at the Barcelona Science Park and Copenhagen Bio Science Park.


Debt Financing in 2017
Devicare designs point-of-care medical devices that monitor, diagnose and treat chronic diseases. The company's medical devices are useful in measuring the level of biomarkers in body fluids such as saliva, tears, sweat, sputum, feces, urine or blood, enabling medical professionals to detect and treat various infectious diseases.

Agile Content, S.A.

Venture Round in 2015
Creating Digital Empathy for an Agile world. Operating for over a decade now with offices in Barcelona and São Paolo, Agile Content has been at the forefront in the TMT space providing broadcasters, media houses, telcos and cable operators with its proprietary OTT CMS offering, Ads Monetization and Value Added Media services, which are co-produced content with brands like Turner, Bloomberg and Warner. How have our services helped our clients: *reduction of churn *increase in millions of dollars of new revenue * > 100m consumers * >200m monthly page impressions in over a dozen countries with more than a score of clients that include the likes of Telefónica, RTVE, Cope, America Móvil, AT&T etc.

Oliva Card

Debt Financing in 2014
Oliva Card is a loyalty & CRM solution designed for small merchants, creating community-based merchant networks that connect consumers to local shops, cafes, restaurants, etc. In the meantime, Oliva Card allows consumers to use one single loyalty card/app for all merchants.


Private Equity Round in 2019
Enertika is a leading consulting company in the Spanish market about Energy Efficiency. Enertika is focused on the development of projects to reduce energy consumpation in which the required investments are repaid by the savings achieved through ESCo - Energy Service Company - business mode


Venture Round in 2019
Zinklar is the Agile Market Research platform that helps you make safer and smarter business decisions. The company delivers results in real-time and turns Market Research into an everyday solution for brands globally. It offers a product traditionally acquired via Market Research Agencies on a yearly subscription basis. Zinklar is designing the survey using the online editor with guides and templates, and question types include multiple-choice, rating scales, open responses, and the option to add images, video, or audio. They viewing and analyzing results in a dashboard with charts, tables, and raw data.


Venture Round in 2021
Inbiomotion SL, a personalized medicine company, develops biomarkers that predict bone metastasis to improve the quality of life of cancer patients. The company focuses on the development of a diagnostic assay based on a selective single gene/protein biomarker that predicts those patients at risk of suffering bone-specific metastases from primary tumors. It develops biomarker in breast cancer primary tumors for predicting the risk of bone relapse. Inbiomotion SL was founded in 2010 and is based in Barcelona, Spain.

Padcelona SL

Debt Financing in 2013
Padcelona is the leading Event Tech Agency in Spain integrating unique mobile solutions in events, team buildings and conferences.


Convertible Note in 2021
Paymefy provides AI debt collection solution which helps you recover more money faster and at a lower cost.


Seed Round in 2016
Mom2mom is an online platform through which you can search and request the support or service of other moms, so that the imbalance between your work schedules and those of your children, are not so problematic.


Private Equity Round in 2019
Pastisart is produces a wide variety of frozen bakery and bakery products with the best ingredients and with a high quality guarantee.

Vytrus Biotech SL

Equity Crowdfunding in 2017
Vytrus Biotech SL engages in development, production, and commercialization of active ingredients from plant stem cells. The company offers cosmetic products such as plasma rich in cell factors and phyto peptidic fractions; dermatologic products; and tailor made products. Vytrus Biotech SL was formerly known as Phyture Biotech SL and changed its name to Vytrus Biotech SL in 2016. The company was founded in 2009 and is based in Barcelona, Spain.