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Hanwha Investment Trust Management is an asset manager applying advanced Hanwha Venture Capital was established in 2000 to nurture startup small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) with promising business models and advanced technology but lack capital and management capabilities. The comprehensive support packages include capital, management expertise and technology that cover from establishment through initial public offering. In addition, the firm plays a leading role in the Korean venture capital industry. The company utilizes various domestic and overseas networks to secure advanced investment methods and gather information on cutting-edge technologies that will drive the future. Hanwha Venture Capital invests for future value and serves as a trustworthy partner for invested companies, creating venture investment funds that provide stable financing sources and making investment decisions after careful study. The firm also acts as a trusted asset manager for limited partners of the investment funds and helps to strengthen the competitive edge of domestic SMEs.

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Investment Director


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Ahn Wook

Team Leader

15 past transactions


Venture Round in 2015
WayWearable, a ‘beauty-appliance’ company based in Seoul, Korea, has created the first total personal skincare companion that fits in your purse. The WAY device is the size of a compact powder case, but includes an array of advanced biometric and environmental sensors that it uses to make personalized skincare recommendations through its companion app. Developed in close consultation with a dermatologist, WAY helps people make smarter skincare decisions that last a lifetime. They recently joined Sparklabs, one of Asia’s top business accelerators, to bring their unique technology product to market and have kicked off an Indiegogo campaign to fund production. Their Vision - WayWearble is dedicated to improving the lives of women, by helping them more effectively manage their skin care routine, and ultimately improve health and well-being. While WAY is a first step, the company has ambitions to continue developing innovative new products that harness advances in technology, with a particular focus on the women’s health and beauty industry. In the future WayWearable will continue to develop their solutions for making more targeted and accurate suggestions of specific products that address the unique skin concerns of women, while providing deeper, personal insights into maintaining a healthy lifestyle.


Series A in 2018
From Wristworn to Waistworn: WELT, the Smart Belt for Fashion & Healthcare WELT is a 'Smart Fashion Belt' that manages users’ wellness. We encourage users to embrace healthy habits while keeping in style. We promise to help the wearer better track food intake, keep tabs on the activity level, and manage weight. To do this, WELT keeps check on the overall health by measuring (1)Waist size, (2)Steps, (3)Sitting time, and (4)Overeating habits. To help users avoid metabolic risks factors, custom messages to manage these risks are given through the app via BLE. Also, its elegant design makes it look just like a regular, leather belt. Battery is rechargeable, and can stand up to more than 7 days.

OneRoof Energy

Private Equity Round in 2011
OneRoof Energy is a technology-rich solar finance provider that has quickly become one of the nation’s leading sources of affordable solar leasing. At OneRoof Energy, we believe that solar electricity should be affordable to everyone. Through the SolarSelect® financing program, homeowners can convert to clean, affordable solar electricity for little or no money down.

tenKsolar, Inc.

Venture Round in 2012
tenKsolar, Inc. designs, manufactures, and markets photovoltaic solutions. It provides RAIS PV System, a solar system for commercial rooftop, distributed ground mount, and carport applications; and commercial rooftop solar PV arrays. tenKsolar, Inc. has a strategic collaboration with SoCore Energy LLC. The company was founded in 2008 and is based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. It has manufacturing facilities in Shanghai, China; and Thailand.

OneRoof Energy

Post in 2014
OneRoof Energy is a technology-rich solar finance provider that has quickly become one of the nation’s leading sources of affordable solar leasing. At OneRoof Energy, we believe that solar electricity should be affordable to everyone. Through the SolarSelect® financing program, homeowners can convert to clean, affordable solar electricity for little or no money down.

StradVision, Inc

Series A in 2018
Stradvision, Inc. develops perception algorithms to enable cars to see and recognize objects inside and outside of the cars. It offers SVNet External that enables external vehicle perception through various platforms to detect and recognize objects; SVNet Internal, a system that detects driver and passenger's status, such as drowsiness, height, and weight to adjust airbag pressure, seat position, angle, and more; and Auto Labeling Tool, which annotates objects, traffic signs, free space, parking space, and lanes automatically. The company was founded in 2014 and is based in Seoul, South Korea with additional offices in California, Japan, India, China, and Germany.

Element AI

Series A in 2017
Element AI Inc. provides artificial intelligence solutions (AI) for organizations to identify opportunities to use artificial intelligence and machine learning and build AI solutions. It operates an AI as a Service (AIaaS) platform that enables businesses to launch and incubate AI solutions in partnership with large corporations. The company also operates a research and development laboratory that conducts research to deploy AI in computing infrastructure. It provides its products to insurance, banking and capital markets, manufacturing, logistics, retail, and consumer packaged goods industries. Element AI Inc. was founded in 2016 and is headquartered in Montreal, Canada with an additional office in Toronto, Canada.

1366 Technologies Inc.

Venture Round in 2016
1366 Technologies Inc. develops, manufactures, and supplies silicon wafers. It offers 3D direct wafers and silicon solar wafers. 1366 Technologies Inc. has strategic partnerships with Hanwha Q CELLS Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. and Hanwha Q CELLS Co., Ltd. The company was founded in 2007 and is based in Bedford, Massachusetts. It has locations in Shanghai, China; and Mumbai, India.


Series A in 2014
HelloMarket allows anyone (mostly in Korea atm) to buy, sell, and exchange their goods and services to anyone else. Beyond making everything much easier than what it was like on a desktop, we are winning the highly developed and sophisticated Korean market by: 1) Focusing on maintaining a clean marketplace not dominated by professional sellers, spam, and fraudsters 2) Going beyond face-to-face transactions by enabling in-app shipping and secure escrow payments 3) Being all-around awesome


Series A in 2014
In 2012, Semsol Information Technology, Co. (founded in 1999) and Innotive Korea, Inc. (founded in 2006) merged to form N3N. N3N provides software solutions that help large enterprises manage and improve their business operations. The company's products are used globally by major brands for Internet of Things applications and by major jurisdictions for Smart City management. Our customers achieve absolute command and control over their business operations, with limitless visibility.


Series A in 2015
FRANZ is the first biosensor company that commercializes electro-chemistry solutions as smart home devices.


Series B in 2012
IGAWorks is an full stack ad-tech company founded on 2006, and we are a group of industry-leading global services for the smart success of digital marketing and mobile businesses. We provide full-stack of ad-tech services which follows: ‘Tradingworks’, agency trade desk offering media, audience, performance as total advertisement service; ‘adbrix’, an all-in-one data platform which leads the growth of mobile businesses with data based on the ad performance and user data; ‘adPOPcorn’, the biggest ad network in Korea; ‘Mobile Index‘, mobile app market analytics platform; ‘Campaign Intelligence’, reporting tool which dramatically lessens marketer’s reporting workload. Today, more than 30,000 mobile apps are utilizing the solutions of IGAWorks for their growth of businesses.

Luxrobo Co.,Ltd.

Series A in 2016
Luxrobo Co.,Ltd. provides a platform for Robotics of Things. Its platform enables the users to make creative things by connecting and instructing modules behavior through GUI SW tool. The company’s platform comprises environment, gyroscope, mic, button, dial, ultrasonic, infrared, what’s next, motor, OLED, speaker, LED, communication, and battery modules. Luxrobo Co.,Ltd. was founded in 2014 and is based in Seoul, South Korea.


Series A in 2016
HonestFund is a financial technology company operating an alternative investing platform in South Korea. HonestFund provides individuals and institutional investors access to alternative investment opportunities across a wide range of asset classes, such as residential/commercial real estates, infrastructure financing and unsecured personal loans. Due to its unique capability of providing a fully transparent and frictionless process for both investors and private issuers, HonestFund raised funds from leading financial institutions, including Shinhan Bank, Hanwha Investment, KB Investment, Shinhan Capital and Daily Financial Group.

Tuck & Company

Venture Round in 2014
Tuck & Company Inc. ((주)터크앤컴퍼니) provides mobile start-up, personal, and interpersonal commerce platforms. It provides business-to-consumer, business-to-business, and government-to-business platforms. It offers a variety of products and services such has handicrafts, real estate, employment, game items, and more. It has received investments from Hanwha Investment, Daesung Investment, Hahn Investment, and Seoul Investment Partners. Tuck & Company Inc. was established on April 11, 2011 in Seoul, Korea.