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Startupbootcamp InsurTech is the leading accelerator focused on insurance innovation. They provide funding, mentorship, office space in the heart of London and access to a global network of investors and VCs, for up to 10 selected insurance startups across the globe. For three months, the selected startups collaborate with 400+ mentors, partners, and investors to build world class insurance products, with the ultimate goal of becoming industry leading companies.

Alex Farcet

Co-Founder and MD


Jakob B. Kistorp


32 past transactions


Seed Round in 2017
ZASTI© is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology platform that helps companies and their clients by predicting risks and improving business efficiency. This enables us to deliver tangible cost savings our customers and their clients. The technology platform is built using proprietary Deep Learning algorithms to provide predictive and diagnostic solutions. ZASTI analyses existing data, identifies anomalies and recurring usage patterns, and then delivers highly accurate predictions and diagnoses through specific vertical sector applications. For industrial users, ZASTI can cut down downtime by 50-70%, increase business efficiency by 20-30% or save 30% of OPEX.

CoVi Analytics

Seed Round in 2015
​CoVi Analytics simplifies compliance for Banks and Insurers based on an AI powered Saas suite. Our mission is to help compliance, risk and business teams simplify their dealings with an increasingly complex regulatory environment and automate repetitive activities.


Pre Seed Round in 2019
XPAY designs and develops a mobile application that allows users to communities like universities, schools, social and sport clubs go cashless. The company was founded in 2018 and is based in Cairo, Egypt.


Grant in 2016
Spixii is a leader in Conversational Process Automation (CPA) for customer-facing insurance processes. Spixii CPA combined white-labelled intelligent chatbots coupled with robust integrations via Spixii Connectivity Hub. Spixii CPA platform enables continuous improvement thanks to Advanced Analytics communicated in Business Insights reports.


Seed Round in 2017
The PORT personal data governance platform is a SaaS solution that enables businesses to manage personal data efficiently and comply with the new data protection regulations (GDPR, e-Privacy, etc.) quickly and with minimal effort.


Seed Round in 2017
PolyWizz analyzes a client’s entire insurance portfolio through deep learning, then cross-analyzes it with the information the carrier has on the customer to determine when a customer is over/under insured, giving the insurance agent/broker a better tool to cross-sell to existing customers.


Seed Round in 2017
Cystellar Nordic AB develops cloud-based platform to provide real-time insights for the insurance, logistics and agriculture sectors. Through its platform, the company aims to improve data services by addressing markets, such as precision agriculture, food safety and traceability, logistics, and predictive maintenance. It also integrates, manages, and secures data from Internet of Things (IoT) ground sensors, aerial surveillance, and satellite imagery. The company was founded in 2017 and is based in Linköping, Sweden.


Pre Seed Round in 2017
Zeguro Inc. develops a cyber security and cyber insurance platform. The platform enables small businesses identify their risk and then purchase corresponding insurance. The company was incorporated in 2016 and is based in San Francisco, California.


Seed Round in 2017
We provide insurers, their health providers and customers a health platform to optimise rehabilitation from injury, assist in the prevention of injury and chronic disease comorbidities such as arthritis, diabetes, heart disease and mental health disorders, and facilitate the ongoing self management of health. Problem: Delayed intervention, suboptimal healthcare, lack of trusted information, and adverse lifestyle factors are key reasons why patients have ongoing musculoskeletal conditions (e.g. neck and low back pain) and develop chronic diseases. 83% of health insurer outgoings are spent on claims, making them reliant on customers achieving timely recovery from ill health and maintenance of good health in order to remain financially viable. The insurer currently has limited ability to influence this as they are disconnected from their customers. Solution: TrackActive will provide an exercise rehabilitation, early intervention, and prevention application, incorporating wearable technology and behavioural science, to address the needs of customers with, or at risk of, musculoskeletal conditions and chronic diseases. This will decrease reliance on health providers and reduce claims costs. It will compliment the existing TrackActive rehabilitation platform to be a complete self management solution for the customer. TrackActive may also improve satisfaction and retention of customers with their insurer. Traction: The TrackActive rehabilitation platform was developed and launched in March 2015. An Australian Government grant, 26 000 patients across 11 countries, 70 data parameters, a content licencing partnership with Johnson & Johnson, and early relationships with insurers highlights the ability of TrackActive to deliver effective digital healthcare solutions. Competitive Advantage: TrackActive has acquired unique knowledge through extensive exercise research reviews and intelligence from two years of data collection to expand its offering to ‘self service’ early intervention and prevention solutions for insurance customers. Additionally, as rehabilitation can act as a trigger to lifestyle change and ongoing wellness in patients, TrackActive is well positioned to own this customer experience due to the traction achieved with its existing rehabilitation platform. Revenue Model: TrackActive will charge a fee to insurers based on the number of active customers using the application and access levels to data insights. TrackActive also currently receives subscription revenue from health clinics using the rehabilitation platform, as well as content licencing fees with third party, non-competing organisations.

Edgepoint Tanzania Limited

Seed Round in 2015
Edgepoint Tanzania Ltd is the fastest growing digital solutions provider for Enterprises, Government agencies, Telecommunications companies and Service providers. They enable their clients and partners reach their products' and services' end users through the computer and/ or mobile phone. Together with receiving integration jobs from their clients, EdgePoint conducts studies in the society through their R & D team to then build solutions that close existing business and service provision gaps through innovative technology. The company’s vision is to be the ultimate customer centric Digital solutions provider in Africa.


Seed Round in 2017
Sharenjoy is the world’s first crowdsourced for millennials attending entertainment events: we insure experiences at low cost and on the go.


Seed Round in 2017
Aimo GmbH operates as an online mobile application to identify the health risks. The application analyzes the impact of our body movement on us through the scanning. The portal provides the user with the information on physical weakness, muscular imbalances, and recommendationsto bring the body back into balance. Aimo GmbH was founded in 2014 and is based in Stuttgart, Germany.


Pre Seed Round in 2017
Aerobotics (Pty.) Ltd. develops autonomous unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) which includes drone, and DJI flight planner app; data processing solutions, and analysis software for agriculture, surveying, gaming, and security industries. Aerobotics (Pty.) Ltd. was incorporated in 2014 and is based in Cape Town, South Africa.


Seed Round in 2017
ForestCar is a car sharing service for airports.

vHealth Lab

Seed Round in 2017
vHealth Lab is a smart telemedicine platform supporting a multitude of portable, FDA-approved ECG devices that is empowered by machine learning technology.


Seed Round in 2017
Emerge builds machine-learning models to extract value across the customer value chain.


Seed Round in 2015
MassUp is a digital MGA, offering own developed white label insurance products and enabling partners with their SaaS solution to sell them everywhere - in all channels and globally.


Seed Round in 2015
Quantifyle is a wellbeing smartphone application that helps people achieve goals while insurers reduce costs. Individuals can make an exercise plan they want and they can pursue their plan and monitor the plan and even they can challenge their friends too. Personal training help can be taken from other users. Individuals can celebrate their victories with well-earned rewards. The application aggregates data from multiple platforms and wearable devices to generate personalized insurance policies. Quantifyle is a U.K.-based company that was founded in 2015.


Seed Round in 2015
buzz is making it easier for people to manage, protect and move the things they love. With our cutting-edge app technology, we unlock a world of intelligent services to help customers move home and insure their possessions. buzzmove, our online price-comparison & booking service for moving home, has so far enabled quicker, easier moves for over 300,000 customers. Simply enter your details to be matched straight away with our trusted and certified moving partners - making your house move as straightforward as booking your next holiday. buzzsurvey, our industry-leading video survey app, connects home movers with fair, transparent quotes quickly and without hassle, thanks to a short video call. This revolutionary tech also lets our moving partners eliminate the time, cost and environmental impact of physical surveys. buzzvault is a simple solution to home insurance powered by mobile video, where you choose what’s insured and get a quote that accurately reflects that. buzzvault is a secure digital inventory of your home contents data, to make protecting your possessions stress free. Catalogue what you own in under 15 minutes, from the convenience of your smartphone. Based in the heart of Soho, London, buzz has so far raised over $14million in investment, including a $7.8million round led by White Mountains Insurance Group.

Adapt Ready

Seed Round in 2017
Adapt Ready's customers use its risk intelligence platform to improve loss control, significantly decrease sales cycles, and access new market opportunities. The company has won major industry awards, including the Insurance Times "Excellence in Technology" and "Risk-Modelling Technology of the Year" against incumbents RMS and AIR Worldwide.

Rightindem Limited

Seed Round in 2015
Rightindem Limited owns and operates an online self-serve total loss claims platform that enables users to manage their insurance claims online. Rightindem Limited was incorporated in 2016 and is based in Bedford, United Kingdom.


Seed Round in 2018
With TrueDime, students studying around the world can have peace of mind that their health insurance needs are met. Whether you are studying internationally or in the US, TrueDime is your partner in quality healthcare. Their plans are designed specifically for the global student and their unique needs. With that in mind, TrueDime offers you comprehensive and competitively priced Plans that meet all visa requirements. Their packages include travel assistance (including medical evacuation and repatriation), discount dental and vision programs, a 24/7 Nurseline, and easy access to important health information. Let us be your partner in good health.


Seed Round in 2017
Flowenum is a growing international InsurTech company with a B2B offering to build connected smart insurance services.


Seed Round in 2015
Fitsense offers an online platform that leverages data analytics to help insurance companies personalize health and life insurance packages for individuals using smartphones and wearable devices. The platform aggregates health data across multiple wearable touch points and health tracking applications, and normalizes and combines them to create unique scores for its users. These scores are then used to develop insurance policies to suit individual needs in real time. This in turn helps insurance companies reduce claims and accelerate revenue streams.


Seed Round in 2017
vDEXI provides a vehicle data exchange for vehicle data services that standardizes data and resolves the customer consent issue in a clever way. Their service gives owners up to 16% higher second hand value of their vehicle while allowing vehicle manufacturers and their reseller to increase the profit from aftermarket sales. Service providers and insurance partners get access to vDEXI’s standardized vehicle data and connected vehicle services with consent.


Seed Round in 2015
They help people trace and consolidate multiple pensions. The pension does not follow the person when moving jobs in the UK so millions are left with multiple pensions and no aggregated view of their data to help them make better decisions. They are overcoming customer inertia by giving customers a quick, pain-free and cost efficient way of managing their pensions. They use automation and a smart process to deliver this B2B service to pension providers looking for a cost efficient way of increasing their assets under management.

Laka Ltd

Grant in 2017
Laka develops a peer to peer bicycle insurance platform to insure bicycles and cycling equipment against theft or damage. Laka's solution provides actual coverage by a community of like-minded people who are collectively given a fair price that covers theft, vandalism, damage, and loss and provides recovery advice and treatments, enabling users with a cost-effective and fairer insurance product.


Seed Round in 2017
Deemly is a reputation and social verification tool for P2P marketplaces and sharing economy businesses helping them build trust for their community, ultimately allowing users to take their reputation with them across all their online activity.


Seed Round in 2017
Resolving claims and disputes by processing legal information efficiently. NuvaLaw is an inter-party negotiation and adjudication platform that brings together tools, processes and services to reduce the time and cost to settle claims.


Venture Round in 2017
Valoo is a Digital Management Platform for your belongings. It helps you: 1- to inventorize anything you purchase or own already in an automatic way, including important documentation (receipts, warranty, etc.) 2- to know the market value in real time of your belongings 3- to actively manage it - sell, rent, share any but also insure or file a claim - for a single item or your inventory as a whole. It is free and if your home insurance provider is a partner, you get a premium version.


Seed Round in 2017
TikkR is an on-demand digital insurance platform! Tikkr protects you and the things you care about for just the MOMENT you need it!