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Founder Collective

Founder Collective is a seed-stage venture capital fund, built by a collection of successful entrepreneurs. The firm is headquartered in New York City and Cambridge, but makes investments all over the world. With $50M under management, the fund is focused on East coast investments. Founder Collective is industry agnostic, but the firm prefers companies that have an information technology component.
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SOSV is venture capital firm and an accelerator specializing in technology startups. The firm also specializes in seed, early venture, growth capital, venture and growth-stage funding to disruptive startups. The firm typically invests in information technology with a focus on hardware, software, leap motion, sales and biotechnology, telecommunications, energy efficiency technology, energy, green energy, medical devices, transportation, robotics, internet, and social media; it also invests in the food sector. It seeks to invest globally with a focus on United States, Europe, and Asia including China. The firm typically invests between $0.01 million and $0.05 million and offers a two-four month program in exchange for equity. The firm prefers to invest as the lead investor. SOSV was founded in 1995 and is based in Princeton, New Jearsey with additional offices in United States of America, Europe, and Asia.
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Brand Foundry Ventures

Brand Foundry Ventures is a consumer only venture capital firm based in New York. The firm seeks to invest in e-commerce, mobile commerce, consumer products, and consumer devices.
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Global Founders Capital

Global Founders Capital Management GmbH is a venture capital firm specializing in seed, early, growth, emerging growth, mid venture and late ventures. The firm focuses on investing in the equity of young technology companies. It prefers to invest in internet, software, Fintech, e-commerce and wireless projects. The firm invests globally with a focus on Southeast Asia, Middle East, North Africa, Vietnam, Colombia, Europe, the United States, and China. The firm prefers to invest between €0.01 million ($0.01 million) and €10 million ($12.9 million). The firm invests between €0.1 million ($0.137 million) and €1 million ($1.38 million) during the seed stage, €1 million ($1.38 million) and €3 million ($4.14 million) during the early stage, and €3 million ($4.14 million) and €8 million ($11.03 million) during the growth stage. It prefers to be the lead investor and have a board seat in its portfolio companies. Global Founders Capital Management GmbH was founded in 2006 and is based in Luxembourg City, Luxembourg. It operates as a subsidiary of Rocket Internet AG.
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R/GA is expanding its successful Ventures initiative globally, launching its first UK program in association with InnovateUK. The London-based Venture Studio program is designed to help early-stage and growth-stage startups creating connected products and services to level up as businesses and brands on a global scale. The expansion of digital into the physical world, often called the “Internet of Things”, has created an explosion of investment and innovation. Much like electricity became an invisible component in products and infrastructure in the last century, software and data are becoming embedded at the core of almost everything. Early applications developed core technologies and explored the market. Now it is up to the next generation of startups to build this foundation, creating meaningful value through products and services that touch the world outside the screen.
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Based in Taipei, AppWorks is the largest startup accelerator in Greater Southeast Asia. AppWorks launched its Taipei-based accelerator program in 2010 to help Greater Southeast Asian Internet startups optimize their products and business strategies. Every six months, AppWorks Accelerator recruits 30-40 promising startups working on AI, blockchain, and other rapidly growing verticals. With 328 startups and 925 founders in its alumni network to date, the AppWorks Ecosystem is the largest of its kind in Asia. All AppWorks startups collectively generate US$ 2.5B in annual revenues, provide 9,586 jobs and are valued at US$ 3.6B. AppWorks also manages a total of US$61 million in VC funds, typically investing in seed to Series C companies.
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Asimov Ventures

Asimov Ventures is an early-stage venture capital firm with offices in New York City and Seattle. Specializing in technology, 3D printing, and robotics, the firm focuses on making equity investments ranging from $0.05 million to $0.15 million in the first round. Asimov Ventures seeks to partner with founders who are dedicated to seizing opportunities in their respective fields, offering support and capital to help drive innovation and growth.
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Dream Incubator

Dream Incubator, Inc. is a venture capital and private equity firm specializing in incubation and investments in all business stages. It seeks to invest in Japan and Vietnam including other part of Asia. The firm offers assistance in formulating capital policies and business plans to venture companies, as well as provides support required to meet the needs of companies in hi-tech and IT fields. Dream Incubator, Inc. was founded in 2000 and is based in Tokyo, Japan, with additional offices in China, Singapore and Vietnam.
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Alumni Ventures

Alumni Ventures Group, founded in 2013 in Manchester, New Hampshire, provides diversified venture portfolios to individual investors, particularly accredited alums from top entrepreneurial schools. The firm focuses on backing companies with an alumni connection and an institutional lead investor with expertise in the space. Alumni Ventures Group offers access to venture portfolios diversified by type, sector, stage, and geography, allowing any accredited investor to participate. The firm, formerly known as Launch Angels Management Company, LLC, specializes in seed, startups, late-stage pre-IPO, and early-stage investments, without requesting board or observer seats. Alumni Ventures Group operates from its headquarters in Manchester, New Hampshire, with additional offices in North America.
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Dane Creek Capital

Dane Creek Capital offer valuable financial and management support to up-and-coming companies in the companion animal sector through selective, strategic investments. Our investment horizon is long-term taking into account current trends and changes in pet owner demographics with a current focus on opportunities in pet food products sourced from sustainable ingredient
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