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NCI is a private investor company that offers their skills for investing in the public and private markets.
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Ben Franklin Technology Partners of Southeastern Pennsylvania

We’re (not just) investors. We’re (more than) advisors. We’re (beyond) connectors. Ben Franklin Technology Partners combines the best practices of early stage investing with a higher purpose – to lead the region’s technology community to new heights, creating jobs and transforming lives. For over 30 years, Ben has been the leading seed stage capital provider for the region’s technology sectors, investing over $170 million in more than 1,750 regional technology companies, many of which have gone on to become industry leaders. Ben Franklin has also launched university/industry partnerships that accelerate scientific discoveries to commercialization, and has seeded regional initiatives that strengthen our entrepreneurial community.
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Bridgepoint is a international private equity firm. For over 25 years they have been ambitious for the companies they have acquired, working with talented management teams across a range of industries to focus on long-term growth and success.
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Saarländische Wagnisfinanzierungsgesellschaft

Founded in the Saarland venture financing mbH was (briefly: SWG) in 1997 to assist with the goal of emerging technology companies in their early stages and already existing innovative companies in the development of new products and their marketing by providing equity and quasi-equity.
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BOOST&Co provides debt solutions to innovative SMEs in Europe. They understand innovation and entrepreneurship and they create financing solutions to help SMEs develop. At BOOST&Co they don’t have a fixed lending model. Every one of their loans is individually designed to fit each SME’s needs. Precision Lending doesn’t require you to give up control or autonomy – they don’t want to run your company. If they didn’t like the way you do things, they wouldn’t be lending to you. BOOST&Co is independent and thinks independently. This means they only lend where they think the situation is right. They manage their own capital and make their own decisions.
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Enhanced Capital

Founded in 1999, Enhanced Capital Partners is a national investment firm with over $400 million under management specializing in investments in small and mid-size companies. Enhanced Capital provides a range of investment options to promote the growth and expansion of businesses. Our flexibility and practical investment approach can make the difference in maximizing the growth potential for a company poised for rapid growth.
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East Ventures

Founded in 2009, East Ventures is a Tokyo-headquartered investment firm with an office in Singapore and Indonesia, targeting early-stage technology companies. EV Growth is a joint venture between East Ventures, SMDV and YJ Capital that focuses on providing growth capital to startups in Indonesia and the rest of Southeast Asia with an industry agnostic focus. The joint venture was started in March 2018.
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Frontline is an early-stage B2B venture capital firm powered by people - the ambitious founders they invest in, their strong networks of industry experts, and their own passionate team of ex-operators. Frontline is based in London and Dublin, but back companies throughout Europe. They bridge the technical and the human, providing both capital and experience to help shorten their founders' learning curves. They strive to unlock the power of collective intelligence through their innovative platform. Frontline invests time and money into building the relationships needed to fast-track your expansion into the US - from investors to recruiters to other founders. They have also built a wealth of knowledge and content around international expansion, so that they can help you reduce the friction.
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Millpond Equity Partners

Millpond Equity Partners is a private equity firm focused on investing in lower middle market, growth-oriented business services companies. Millpond combines a partnership approach with extensive hands-on operational and investment management experience. Its experienced investment professionals work hand-in-hand with leaders of healthy and growing businesses, providing strategic guidance, resources and support while assisting those companies through their next phase of growth.
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ArchiMed SAS is a private equity firm specializing investing in buyouts and growth capital of small to mid cap companies and lower mid-market. The firm seeks to invest in small and medium-sized companies in the healthcare sector with a focus on care and wellness including homecare, wellness centers, telemedicine, and hospital outsourcing services; medtech including medical devices and disposables, implants, diagnostics, healthcare information technology, life science tools, hygiene products, and medtech distributors; biopharma including specialty bioPharma companies, active pharmaceutical ingredients producers, contract manufacturing, animal health, contract research organizations, medical affairs, OTC products and wellness product manufacturers; and public health including health at work, food safety, environmental security, forensic. It prefers to invest in Europe with a focus on Western Europe including France, the United Kingdom, and Switzerland. The firm typically invests between €5 million ($6.22 million) and €15 million ($18.65 million) per transaction but the full range for the firm is between €2 million ($2.49 million) to €50 million ($59.7 million) or higher, alone or with co-investors. It invests in companies with revenues between €5 million ($6.22 million) and €100 million ($124.33 million), but with the ability to go beyond. The firm takes both minority and majority stakes, mostly in unlisted companies. ArchiMed SAS was founded in 2014 and is based in Lyon, France with an additional office in Paris, France.
Made 3 investments in Consulting
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