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Riverside Company

Riverside Company is a global private equity firm specializing in investments in growing businesses with enterprise values of up to $400 million. Established in 1988, Riverside has completed over 480 transactions and manages a diverse international portfolio of more than 80 companies. As one of the largest private equity firms in the world, Riverside Company focuses on both control and non-control investments to support the growth and development of companies across various industries.
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Accel-KKR LLC is a private equity firm specializing in growth capital, debt investment and middle market investments. It also makes mezzanine investments. The firm seeks to invest in buyouts of divisions of larger companies, divisional carveouts, subsidiaries and business units or operating assets from public companies; acquisitions and recapitalizations of closely held private companies; and going-private transactions of small and micro cap public companies. In buyouts, the firm specifically targets assets that are considered or are likely to be considered non-core assets that will typically include businesses with business models that are inconsistent or are incompatible with the parent and may have been under-invested in for some period. It pursues acquisition and recapitalization of private companies that prefer to remain private or which currently do not have the scale and/or growth profile to access the public markets but whose shareholder desire liquidity and/or access to growth capital including acquisition financing including founder and family owned businesses. The firm pursues going private transactions in public companies that are either subscale for the public markets or whose management teams have a business plan that is most appropriately executed as a private company. It primarily invests in technology industry including software, Internet technologies, online services, internet retail and IT enabled services as well as in various sub-segments including enterprise and infrastructure software, vertical market application software, technical software, networking software, enterprise computing and data storage, storage networking, data communications, telecommunications equipment, Internet services, business process outsourcing, supply chain, and professional IT services. It seeks to invest globally. The firm commits a wide range of capital, from less than $10 million to over $100 million, and typically invests in companies with annual revenues between $10 million and $200 million. It prefers to acquire majority ownership position, control investments, and minority growth investments. The firm is an affiliate of Accel Partners and Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co. Accel–KKR LLC was founded in February 2000 and is based in Menlo Park, California with additional offices in Atlanta, Georgia and London, United Kingdom.
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Massachusetts Capital Resource Co.

MASSACHUSETTS CAPITAL RESOURCE COMPANY was established in 1977 as a limited partnership privately owned and funded by Massachusetts-based life insurance companies. The Company’s mission was to create a source of risk capital to fill the senior debt to equity funding “gap” experienced by growing companies. Their investment activity complements, rather than competes with, the financing provided by senior lenders and equity investors. Mass. Capital provides higher risk growth and acquisition capital to manufacturing, distribution, service and technology companies. They focus on emerging growth and middle market companies with operations in Massachusetts. Their investments are structured to fit the specific needs of portfolio companies and to complement funding available from senior lenders and equity investors.
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Charlesbank Capital Partners

Charlesbank Capital Partners is a private equity firm with offices in Boston and New York City. The firm invest across a range of industries, supporting skilled management teams in building strong businesses, primarily in the United States.
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Spiral Capital

Spiral Ventures Pte Ltd. formerly IMJ Investment Partners Pte. Ltd. is the venture capital arm of IMJ Corporation specializing in seed, early, and growth stage investments. It primarily invests in mobile, internet and software companies in Southeast Asia, Japan, and the United States. IMJ Investment Partners Pte. Ltd. was founded on February 1, 2013 and is based in Singapore with offices in Jakarta, Indonesia and Tokyo, Japan.
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BOOST&Co provides debt solutions to innovative SMEs in Europe. They understand innovation and entrepreneurship and they create financing solutions to help SMEs develop. At BOOST&Co they don’t have a fixed lending model. Every one of their loans is individually designed to fit each SME’s needs. Precision Lending doesn’t require you to give up control or autonomy – they don’t want to run your company. If they didn’t like the way you do things, they wouldn’t be lending to you. BOOST&Co is independent and thinks independently. This means they only lend where they think the situation is right. They manage their own capital and make their own decisions.
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Saarländische Wagnisfinanzierungsgesellschaft

Founded in the Saarland venture financing mbH was (briefly: SWG) in 1997 to assist with the goal of emerging technology companies in their early stages and already existing innovative companies in the development of new products and their marketing by providing equity and quasi-equity.
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Summit Group

Summit Property is a company that specializes in property development. The firm carries out property projects together with partners who are often landowners (for whom the company undertakes a development in exchange for a share in the development profit that is gained). The company is headquartered in London.
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C5 Capital

C5 Capital a family capital-backed investment firm, they build long-term relationships with committed investors, innovative founder teams and global companies keen to maintain their edge. Operating out of London, Luxembourg, Cape Town, Washington D.C. and Manama, they identify, nurture and support partners, whether they’re just starting out, or embarking on the next phase of their growth. Given their specialist industry knowledge and execution capability throughout EMEA, they are able to offer a powerful combination of expertise, funding and growth opportunities, all the while ensuring that they are contributing to the public good.
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Goldman Sachs

Goldman Sachs is a global financial services firm that provides investment banking, securities, and investment management services to corporations, financial institutions, governments, and high-net-worth individuals worldwide. The company offers financial advisory services, underwriting services, and client execution services in various markets. They also engage in securities services, financing, and investing activities across a range of asset classes. Additionally, Goldman Sachs manages investment portfolios and mutual funds for institutions and individuals globally. The firm operates various segments, including Investment Banking, Institutional Client Services, Investing & Lending, and Investment Management. Founded in 1869 and headquartered in New York, Goldman Sachs aims to drive technology-based disruption and invest in late-stage venture capital and growth equity transactions to build revolutionary businesses worldwide.
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