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Upload a memo
Upload a memo
Kick-off the process by uploading a pitch deck, a teaser, or an information memorandum. This document serves as a great starting point for investors and helps them get a birds-eye view of your business.
Review matches
Review matches
Our ML algorithm produces a list of investors most likely to be interested in your project. It considers investor's criteria and past transactions to pick only the best matches.
Reach out to investors
Reach out to investors
Draft a cover letter, and we’ll send an email blast to all of your matches on your behalf. If you prefer more control, export contact details and sent them through your mail app, a CRM, or any 3rd party service.
Upload an information memorandumReview matching investorsSend your deal to selected investors

Access detailed profiles, updated daily

We track over 300k institutional investors, their investment team, contact details, sector and stage preferences. We crawl thousands of pages, monitoring deal announcements, new hires, and contact updates to ensure you get the most accurate and up-to-date dataset.
Detailed investor profiles with real-time data

Focus on lists tailored specifically for you

Some databases produce a ton of semi-empty investor profiles based on meaningless industry codes. We know how useless is that. Instead, our search prioritizes investors with a strong track record in the particular area you're interested in, so you can save time and focus on relevant leads.
Investor lists are generated based on your criteria

Reach out to hundreds of investors in seconds

Share your deal with dozens or even hundreds of potential investors with just a few clicks. Our messaging tool supports file attachments and templates, so you can avoid drafting emails by hand — we all know how boring that is.
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Assisted fundraising

Outsource your fundraising to us with. Let us perfect your pitch deck, target qualified investors, and then warm intro you to our partner funds.

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Data exports

Control every aspect of investor communications. Export contact data from our database and use your favourite CRM to monitor progress.

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