9C Capital

9C Capital is an early venture capital institution. Its partners and senior executives are from internationally renowned investment banks and domestic large-scale financial technology companies. They have deep experience in the early stage of equity investment in Internet companies. Innolux focuses on early early investments in related segments of the Internet, financial technology, consumer and technology sectors. Relying on the strategic resources support of domestic financial technology leading companies and listed companies, as well as the professional management of investment management, the company adheres to the concept of achieving others and achieving self, and promotes the innovation and upgrading of the entire Internet industry while obtaining excessive returns for investors.

Yanjun Lin


17 past transactions

Yoquant Tech (Beijing) Co., Ltd.

Funding Round in 2017
Yoquant Tech (Beijing) Co., Ltd. develops and offers artificial intelligence solutions and robots for financial, automotive, and entertainment industries. The company is based in Beijing, China.


Series A in 2022
Lanseral retails skin care products for men. It offers bathing milk, cleansing milk, facial masks, lip balms, eyebrow pencils, shower products, shampoos, shaving products, foams, and oil control items. The company was founded in 2019 and is based in Shanghai, China.


Series E in 2017
58fangdai is a national rental staging leaders living under the scenes of consumer financial service providers.


Series B in 2016
Wukong is China‘s internet real estate trading platform. Its main products include mobile app “Wukong”, as well as “Youfangyouke”. The company's business scope has covered Beijing, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Guangdong, Yunnan and Xinjiang and other provinces and cities.


Series A in 2017
Travel and transportation Data Company . Services including behavior Analysis,Information Analysis.


Series B in 2018
Bihuhuzhu is a Fintech company.


Series A in 2016
ShenZhen LingXian Internet Finance Services Inc. develops and operates an agricultural finance platform that offers online investment and financial management services. The company is based in Beijing, China.


Series C in 2016
58fangdai is a national rental staging leaders living under the scenes of consumer financial service providers.

Master Bao

Series A in 2019
Bao Master is a luxury care service platform. The company is committed to mobile Internet + luxury aftermarket services, providing a range of related services such as private exclusive luxury care and idle luxury goods transactions, as well as auctions, fashion new media and other aspects.


Series A in 2016
Bihuhuzhu is a Fintech company.