Cotidiano is an Accelerator specializing in seed and startup investments. They seek to invest in digital projects, with a focus on Fintech (means of payments, investment management and security), Internet of Things (physical or virtual), agribusiness (applied to food and agribusiness raw materials and increased land productivity), environment (Technology applied to water, energy and waste), Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality (Machine learning, cognitive economics applied to education). It seeks to invest in companies based in Brazil. They invest between R$0.1 million ($0.03 million) and R$250 million ($64.92 million) in its portfolio companies. The firm takes a minority stake between 5% and 12%. It offers a 12-week acceleration program, twice a year. It prefers to invest in team of at least two people, being one of them the co-founder. Cotidiano was founded in 2016 and it is based in Brasilia, Brazil.

Wesley Almeida

CEO and Co-Founder

Samuel Arantes


Guimaraes e WagnerDonizeth, Henrique


29 past transactions

Me Ajuda Limpeza

Pre Seed Round in 2018
Startup created to provide simple platform, dynamics, and safe business intermediation focused on simple pricing cleaning services. Initially home cleaning will be offered. Within the concept of Marketplace, professionals offer their services and customers choose according to the reviews, score and habilities. All this with secure payment by credit card and only after the service has been rendered!

Seed Round in 2017 delivers cold beer at home or work in just three steps. Deliver cold beer at home or on the go, for you to enjoy with your friends and family. You can also have your own business with our mini franchise.


Pre Seed Round in 2016
Pegaki is a network of withdrawal points for products purchased over the internet. The company brings the Omnichannel experience which is a retail trend, with the connection of e-commerce and physical stores. One way to do this is by using pickup points, also known as pickup points and click and collect, in a shared savings model without the need for a locker. Pegaki was founded in March 2016 and is headquartered in Blumenau, Brazil.


Pre Seed Round in 2021
ATMOS is a Brazilian technology company that operates in the energy market, focused on management and energy efficiency. The company was founded in 2018 and is based in Brasília, Brazil.


Seed Round in 2017
Online platform with daily tournaments to play without freeroll and with prizes.


Seed Round in 2017
MaisTroco offer cash-back rewards for those who use public transportation as a way to promote empowerment and improve urban mobility. You can do more with an extra change. You can make money every time you use buses or subways for college, internship, college, work, etc. Do you know how this is possible? Continue browsing the site and find out!


Seed Round in 2016
Meet OIANA, a web and mobile digital assistant platform that will make your life much easier! OIANA - The easiest, most productive and daring assistant you will ever have. OIANA offers an easy way to take care of your customers. Our purpose is to bring professionals, services and people together. For this, we create applications that gather information to enhance the relationship between professional and client. As a result, everyone gains in control, productivity and ease.
Workbox Desenvolvimento Web LTDA develops project management platform that provides micro-tools for small and medium-sized enterprises. Workbox Desenvolvimento Web LTDA was founded in 2015 and is headquartered in São Leopoldo, Brazil.


Pre Seed Round in 2017
BikeRegistrada is an application that provides a smart and shared way to protect bikes. It empowers the safety of cyclists and make it difficult to commercialize stolen bicycles and allow the return of bicycles recovered by police, shopkeepers, and cyclists to the owner. The company was founded in 2015 and is headquartered in Brasília, Brazil.


Seed Round in 2016
OTIMICAR is a complete vehicle care platform that monitors information on car usage and mechanics, generating alerts for scheduling revisions or maintenance, and providing reliable products and services in a simple way. Everything in the palm of your hand so that you focus on the most important: enjoy your way.


Convertible Note in 2016
Rhases is a platform to compare the best health plans in the market and hire the one that meets your needs and conditions.


Seed Round in 2017
Bilo is a smart solution for ordering at events, shows, parties, shopping malls, restaurants, snack bars, shopping malls and more for your smartphone. They help your production company automate the whole operation of the box office and bar in the event in a simple and 100% safe way.

Black Purpurin Moda 3D

Pre Seed Round in 2019
Collaborative maker platform that enhances the modern woman's own style through handbags, shoes, sneakers, and accessories copyrighted and personalized with conscious raw material and all printed in 3D and 4D

Meu Rango

Seed Round in 2017
Meu Rango is your free app for food delivery. ► View the menu quickly; ► Order in a simple way, without paying any extra cost for the service; ► Track the status of your request; ► Receive your food at home. Select the restaurant and ask for your favorite range.


Pre Seed Round in 2018
MEEmpresta owns and operates an end-to-end lending platform, which enables individuals to lend money to other individuals. Its platform facilitates credit flow from an investor to a borrower after performing credit analysis and also provides a marketplace for investment. Jardel Santos founded it in 2016. It has its headquarters in Caxias do Sul in Brazil.


Seed Round in 2017
We created a seamless donation app that transforms millennials into active donors and motivates them to donate to nonprofits supported by big donors (philanthropists and foundations). In that way, Ribon is a freemium donation platform for Millennials and GenZ. Users can donate to charity with engagement in the app, without spending their own money, but can donate more in a monthly subscription way.


Seed Round in 2016
Leigado is an app allowing users to take control of their property in terms of production, sanitary, stock, and financial wherever they go. The users collect the data in the field either online or offline and when there's an internet connection the application launches the data in the system online. Users can access their dairy herd information wherever and whenever they want.

Virtual Light

Seed Round in 2017
Virtual Light is an agency that develops virtual decoration for builders and real estate developers, allowing their clients to connect to the public in an innovative and unique way. Being among the pioneers in the Brazilian Virtual Reality market for decoration , they redefined the limits of planned real estate with personalized experiences, guaranteeing maximum interaction and immersion in the virtually planned property. Currently, their efforts are focused on creating Virtual Reality experiences for the real estate market , producing interactive sets tailored to ensure a faithful, unique and immersive experience of the desired environment, innovating the prospection of the plans.
WeCare Corporate Incentives aims to increase the motivation and engagement of the workforce of companies that seek the high performance of their team. Through its own methodology, we developed a unique incentive project per company, being sure to increase the results of the sector or key sectors of our partners.


Seed Round in 2016
Nutrieduc is a multiplatform management app for companies, health professionals, and wellness featuring support solutions and nutritional education programs for its users. The application integrates management and relationship between customers and professionals. Nutrieduc consists of three modules that include management, end users, and environmental analysis. It is based in Curitiba.

Fluiu Contabilidade Online

Seed Round in 2017
Fluiu is your online, easy and affordable Accounting. They offer all accounting services in a simple and practical way, so you only have to worry about what really matters: your business.


Series A in 2017
CONFIGR ADMINISTRAÇÃO DE SISTEMAS LTDA ­ ME develops a platform that allows companies to manage their websites on cloud servers. Its platform offers automated migration, cloud with installation and management of websites, emails, and automatically optimized sites. CONFIGR ADMINISTRAÇÃO DE SISTEMAS LTDA ­ ME was incorporated in 2013 and is based in Brasília, Brazil.


Seed Round in 2016
Recicletoo uses technology to identify recyclable residues and it is headquartered in Brazil.


Seed Round in 2017
Cabeed is the best Social Network for you to renew your closet and follow the news and trends of the fashion world. A large beehive, which promotes interactions and exchanges in a different and innovative way between people and companies.


Seed Round in 2016
BizuBox collects sales data automatically for easier analysis. We have solved this problem in an automated manner and have made available the sell out data in real time.


Seed Round in 2017
EasyGlic is a non-invasive hypoglycemia detection technology. The company's solution is aimed at people who suffer from sudden reductions in glucose levels in their blood system and alerts users about possible signs of this state of health.
Kapputo - Innovation and Technology LTDA owns and operates a big data and machine learning based platform that facilitates and structures the access to information and analysis of the real estate market. The company collects information on offers, taxes, and infrastructure from Brazil and adds them to a database; consolidate the database of real estate, removing inconsistencies; creates analyzes like online valuation and price index by neighborhood, everything fast and easy for banks, investor or other real estate agents. It also finds properties, purchases the properties, and sells and distributes profit. The company was founded in 2016 and is headquartered in Belo Horizonte, Brazil.


Seed Round in 2017
Colmeia offers individual classes at the students home with a personalized scheduling service.


Seed Round in 2017
Economizze offers deductions online and it is headquartered in Brazil.