Desjardins Group

Desjardins Securities offers a complete range of securities brokerage products and services through its investment advisors and its Disnat Online Brokerage division. The needs of businesses and institutions are handled by its Corporate Financing, Debt Capital Markets, and Equity Capital Markets departments, which are solidly backed by its highly reputed Research department.

Marie-Claude DesRoches

Director of Credit


Christian Duceppe

VP and Co-CIO of Public Markets

287 past transactions


Venture Round in 2010
Founded in 2003 and headquartered in Québec City, Groupe E.D.S. is a Canadian business with about 40 employees that specializes in three areas of excellence. Groupe E.D.S. designs custom seals and ultrasonic probes, refurbishes industrial equipment and manufactures industrial equipment from start to finish.

Lysac Technologies

Venture Round in 2004
Lysac Technologies Inc. is a Canadian company whose mission is to develop and bring to the international marketplace a broad range of advanced consumer-safe, environment-friendly superabsorbents made from natural and renewable resources. These unique new superabsorbents, SNAPs (Safe and Natural Absorbent Polymers), can be used in new generations of consumer products and industrial applications: personal hygiene products, foods pads, disposable medical products, chemical spill control and telecommunications.

Faspac Plastiks Inc

Venture Round in 2010
Faspac Plastiks is a Montréal-based manufacturer of branded flexible plastic packaging products for a range of businesses as well as ultra strong bags for special uses. Founded in 1985, the company employs a workforce of about 70 serving the Canadian and U.S. markets.


Venture Round in 2010
Founded in 1987 in Laval, Construction Jadco manages construction of high-end residential and commercial buildings mainly in the greater Montréal area, leveraging expertise built on deep knowledge of the real estate market and its commitment to high standards and environmental stewardship. The Laval-based company employs staff of about 15.


Venture Round in 2013
Ip4b is a telecommunications marketing company located in Montreal.

Angel Host

Seed Round in 2021
Angel Host is a data-driven, tech-enabled rental-maximization company. Angel Host creates and integrates advanced tech solutions and proprietary revenue algorithms coupled with a genuine human connection to deliver outstanding results.

Pathway Medical

Seed Round in 2021
Pathway is a health tech company working on helping clinicians and patients access important medical information more effectively throughout the care journey. We leverage AI and big data to create a medical knowledge graph and software solutions that drive evidence-based medicine into clinical practice.


Venture Round in 2013
Gorski is a renowned fashion brand recognized for their refined and classic collections - consistently presenting the finest selection of Fashion Furs, Fur Accessories, Cashmere with Fur Trim, Fur Trimmed Après-Ski Jackets & Vests, Shearlings and Luxury Outerwear for men and women.

Centre de camping et propane Amos

Venture Round in 2010
Centre de Camping et propane d’Amos sells recreational vehicles (ATV/snowmobiles) and provides full maintenance and repair services. The business also sells trailers, Polaris vehicles and other products (Napoleon, MKE, Garland, Monitor) and employs about 20 people.


Venture Round in 2010
Farinart inc. provides their clients with innovative and effective solutions to their custom grain blend and specialty flour needs.

Immo 1ère

Venture Round in 2010
Résidences pour Aînés Immo 1ère is a real estate group with a dozen residential properties totalling 1,250 dwellings in the Greater Montreal and Shawinigan areas. Since 2012, the group has diversified its holdings with the acquisition of eight seniors’ residences offering a combined total of 1,100 dwellings. Nearly 300 people are employed by the company.


Venture Round in 2001
EHSmanager(R), the leading provider of Environmental, Health and Safety.

Solutions Genyk inc

Seed Round in 2015
Created in 2012, Genyk Solutions develops and markets a variety of polyurethane foams to meet the standards of every area of construction. The polyurethane foams developed by GENYK Solutions are not limited to building insulation. Indeed, they are used in a multitude of applications across a wide variety of industries. GENYK’s flagship product is BOREAL Nature, a pulverised polyurethane foam insulation system designed with a large proportion of renewable and recyclable raw materials. The Grand-Mère company employs about twenty people.

Emballages EB

Venture Round in 2010
Emballages E.B. manufactures polyethylene plastics for the industrial and food industries and employs about 20 people in East Broughton in the ChaudièreAppalaches region.

Home Hardware Stores

Venture Round in 2010
Home Hardware has been a proud Canadian company since 1964. Founded by Walter Hachborn, the company was created to support the success of the independent business owner. Walter and a network of 122 independent business owners joined together to share resources and buying power to answer to the challenge of big box stores. More than 50 years later, Home Hardware is Canada’s largest independent home improvement retailer with close to 1,100 stores across every corner of the country. Operating under four banners, Home Hardware, Home Hardware Building Centre, Home Building Centre and Home Furniture, the company remains dedicated to its mission of supporting independent Dealer-owners. Through the Home Hardware network, Dealer-Owners have access to 100,000 quality, brand name and private label products, a state-of-the-art distribution system and extensive marketing and training programs. Home Hardware is proud to be the resource for Canadians who need help with projects, big and small.

Lizotte Medico Experts

Venture Round in 2010
Founded in 1997 in Québec City, Clinique d'expertises médicales du Québec offers expert occupational health medical services to government agencies and private businesses in Québec City and the province of Québec. A team of 50 physicians with extensive experience in the corporate market, including 15 specialists, provide onsite services.

Planete Mobile

Venture Round in 2013
Planete Mobile is a telecommunications company located in Montreal.

Numesh Inc

Venture Round in 2010
Numesh inc., a Laval-based company founded in 1975, is the largest Canadian manufacturer of welded steel wire and wire mesh used in a wide variety of concrete products in construction projects, and in mines. With over 100 employees, the company has two plants and external storage space in Laval. Its ability to produce and store sheets and rolls in standard sizes or according to customer specifications, allows Numesh to offer superior quality customer service.
A unique player in the lumber industry, Horisol is an adapted company specialised in wood planing, primarily for the production of fence boards according to their clients’ specifications. Founded on the cooperative business model in 1987 in St-Jean-Port-Joli, Horisol is proud to offer quality products and services while maintaining its social vocation and following sustainable development principles.

Les Conteneurs Verts inc

Venture Round in 2018
Purchases and sales of plastics

La Coop fédérée

Venture Round in 2019
La Coop fédérée is the agri-food organization in Quebec and the 24th largest in the world. It represents more than 60,000 members grouped into close to 70 cooperatives in multiple Canadian provinces. La Coop fédérée employs more than 13,000 employees and has combined sales of $9.2 billion. Its activities are divided into three divisions: Olymel S.E.C (under the Olymel, Flamingo and Lafleur banners, the Agri-business division (under the La Coop, Élite, Agrocentre, Agrico and Agromart banners) and the BMR Group (under the BMR, Unimat and Potvin & Bouchard banners).


Seed Round in 2018
Founded in 2002 in Boisbriand, Québec, Dymedso employs ten people in the new medical technologies, providing assistance to patients suffering from chronic respiratory ailments. Dymedso has developed an acoustics technology for pulmonary physiotherapy. The company markets the Frequencer®, a non-invasive, no percussion technology used for respiratory airways clearance with the use of low frequency sound acoustics.
Founded in 2013, KHROME is a systems integrator and manufacturer of components for the transit industry. KHROME has a team of around twenty employees with in-depth expertise in the transport sector. For 15 years, they have participated in major development and manufacturing projects for leaders in the transit industry in North America. Its factory is located in Drummondville.

Resonant Medical

Series B in 2005
Resonant Medical develops, manufactures, and commercializes 3D ultrasound image-guided adaptive radiotherapy products. Its products include Clarity Breast System, an IGRT solution for precise non-ionizing guidance for boost and conformal breast treatments; Clarity Prostate System, an IGRT solution for precise non-invasive guidance for prostate treatments; and Multi-Anatomy System, an IGRT solution for precise non-invasive guidance for soft tissue anatomy IGRT treatments, such as gyne and bladder. Resonant Medical serves physicians, physicists, therapists, and administrators. Fred Francis, Anthony Falco, Luc Sirois, and François Perraton founded it in 2000, with its headquarters in Montreal in Canada, and Elekta acquired it as of May 31, 2010.

Series A in 2008 makes scheduling meetings easy--across organizations, calendar systems, and time zones. It eliminates costly double bookings, frustrating time zone mishaps, and the endless back and forth emails and phone calls of finding a time to meet. Tungle syncs with your existing calendar -- Outlook (with or without Exchange), Google Calendar, Apple iCal, Entourage for Mac and Lotus Notes (Beta). is free and does not require meeting invitees or visitors to a user's page to sign in or register to schedule meetings. also supports scheduling meetings on-the-go with for iPhone and BlackBerry.

La Voie Maltée

Venture Round in 2020
La Voie Maltée operates as a microbrewery in Canada. It offers starters, main dish, and desserts. The company offers the libertine, ambiguous, la malcommode, la faisant-malt, la gigonne, the scout, la raisonnable wheat beer, and the reasonable IPA home brews. It also offers signature brews, such as the bra, the graincheuse, the criminal, and the polissonne and the rabat-joy with fruits and the sure taking creative brews. La Voie Maltée was founded in 2002 and is based in Jonquière, Canada with locations in Chicoutimi and Quebec, Canada.

Aegera Therapeutics

Series C in 2006
Aegera Therapeutics is a clinical stage biotechnology company focused on developing targeted therapeutics to address major unmet medical needs. Aegera has three programs in clinical development, two for oncology and one for neuropathic pain. Aegera is also dedicated to identifying novel development candidates based upon its core technologies and internal expertise and experience in rapidly moving lead candidates through preclinical development and into clinical trials.

A. & D. Prévost inc

Venture Round in 2011
They manufacture a wide selection of high-quality aluminum building materials for upscale institutional, commercial and residential markets. They are known for leading-edge designs and possess unique anodic oxidation treatment expertise. They have been working in partnership with architects, glaziers and general contractors since 1959, developing curtain wall systems, doors, windows, skylights and other durable products in innovative designs.


Venture Round in 2018
Founded in November 2014, the company’s goal is to provide enabling mobile robotics technologies rendering the production of autonomous, general-purpose, smart robots possible. UMANX intends to develop, produce and mass market autonomous, smart mobile robots and related technologies. Such technologies are intended to free the human race from manual labor, repetitive and dangerous tasks. Creativity is the most unique and valuable human quality; UMANX’s mission is to set it free.

Lexop Solutions Inc.

Seed Round in 2020
Lexop Solutions Inc. develops a software that automates account collection and legal communication. It offers an email technology that enables account collection teams to monitor and optimize customer outreach, payment experience, and collection rates. The company enables property managers and landowners to send notices to their tenants; manage communication with tenants; and schedule admin tasks. Lexop Solutions Inc. allows law firms to serve and share legal documents electronically. It also enable users to request, collect, and sort documents online. In addition, it offers e-signature solution to law firms. Lexop Solutions Inc. was incorporated in 2012 and is based in Montreal, Canada.


Venture Round in 2012
Wholesaler and distributor of maintenance products and supplies (varnish, oils) and equipment for the installation, renovation and sanding of hardwood floors.

G. & S. Fer-Aluminium inc

Venture Round in 2013
Founded in Montréal in 1962 and employing a staff of around 20, G. & S. Fer Aluminium designs, manufactures and installs stairways, handrails, balconies, security grilles, awnings, guardrails, iron and aluminum fencing, and fibreglass and aluminum flooring.


Seed Round in 2021
Deeplite provides an AI-driven optimizer to make deep neural networks from cloud to edge computing. The company offers Neutrino leverages a design space exploration to optimize high-performance DNN models. It provides solutions in the areas of automotive, smartphones, smart cameras, and IoT devices. The company is based in Montreal, Canada.

Azimut Exploration

Post in 2009
Azimut Exploration Inc. engages in the acquisition, exploration, and evaluation of mineral properties in Canada. It explores for copper, gold, zinc, silver, cobalt, tungsten, rare earth elements, uranium, chromium, nickel, and platinum group elements. As at December 22, 2020, the company holds an exploration portfolio of twenty-eight exploration properties, comprising of 11,916 claims in the James Bay and Nunavik regions. The company is headquartered in Longueuil, Canada.

Seed Round in 2007 makes scheduling meetings easy--across organizations, calendar systems, and time zones. It eliminates costly double bookings, frustrating time zone mishaps, and the endless back and forth emails and phone calls of finding a time to meet. Tungle syncs with your existing calendar -- Outlook (with or without Exchange), Google Calendar, Apple iCal, Entourage for Mac and Lotus Notes (Beta). is free and does not require meeting invitees or visitors to a user's page to sign in or register to schedule meetings. also supports scheduling meetings on-the-go with for iPhone and BlackBerry.

Courchesne Larose Ltd

Venture Round in 2010
A leader in the Canadian fruit and vegetable industry for over 90 years, family business Courchesne, Larose Ltée is the flagship for Groupe Courchesne Larose. Its mission is to offer its suppliers the broadest range and highest quality fruit and vegetable distribution network. Its suppliers are located across the globe and its clients, though mainly concentrated in Eastern Canada, are present across the country, and the U.S. eastern seaboard. Courchesne, Larose Ltée employs 300 people.

Entreprises Pol R inc

Venture Round in 2010
In business for nearly sixty years, Pol R Enterprises inc. offers a range of products and services that seek to make buildings, plants and spaces more comfortable, quiet, safe and efficient. One of its divisions, with branches across Canada, distributes and transforms insulating materials for specialized applications, a second division designs and manufactures parts and subassemblies for public transit equipment manufacturers, while the third designs, manufactures and installs clean rooms, patient isolation rooms and acoustic studios worldwide. The company has more than 150 employees with facilities in Québec, Ontario and the Maritimes and a headcount of over 300 across all of its subsidiaries.

Avantis Cooperative

Venture Round in 2010
Founded in 1986, Coop Avantis (ex.Unicoop) is a cooperative offering a broad range of products and services in numerous sectors, such as inputs for agricultural producers and hog and poultry farms, farm machine sales and repairs, hardware and oil product sales. The co-op also owns a convenience store with a car wash in Sainte-Marie in the Beauce region of Québec. In total, over 330 employees work for the cooperative in Québec City and the Mauricie and Chaudière Appalaches regions.
Leucrotta Exploration Inc. is a Montney focused producer with lands located in the Dawson area in Northeast British Columbia. Leucrotta’s current acreage in the area is approximately 100,500 gross (90,200 net) acres or approximately 157 gross (141 net) sections of Montney land in Doe/Mica. Current production is approximately 3,000 boepd. Leucrotta’s shares are listed on the TSX Venture exchange under the symbol LXE.


Seed Round in 2018
Founded in Sherbrooke in 2015, Leadfox technology develops and markets an all-in-one marketing automation software package for small businesses. With about ten employees, Leadfox integrates the main functions necessary to create and optimize automated marketing sequences into a userfriendly interface that is accessible to small businesses.

Longpré BP

Venture Round in 2017
Les Entreprises Longpré manufactures and sells precast concrete toppings on wooden structures for the housing and multi-unit condo construction industry. Longpré BP was founded in Sherbrooke in 2017.

Acquisition in 2020
Purplebricks is a full-service real estate brokerage providing Canadian home sellers and buyers with the best REALTOR® expertise and customer service, supported by cutting-edge technology. Sellers save tens of thousands of dollars using our fixed fee service, rather than paying a commission based on the value of their home, and home buyers receive thousands in cash back.

Umano Medical

Venture Round in 2015
Umano Medical designs manufacture and markets innovative medical equipment. The company also stands out for its attentiveness to healthcare professionals, its proactive service, and its engaged team.
Artis is a diversified Canadian real estate investment trust investing in industrial and office properties in Canada and the United States. Since 2004, Artis has executed an aggressive but disciplined growth strategy, building a portfolio of commercial properties in select markets in Canada and the United States. As of September 30, 2020, Artis' commercial property comprises approximately 23.8 million square feet of leasable area.

Osblock inc

Venture Round in 2019
Founded in 2016, Osblock offers an innovative and revolutionary construction concept by manufacturing ready-to-install insulated structural walls. Ease of installation and eco-friendly build are key advantages of this original material for LEED-dedicated construction. The Sainte-Monique company has some 15 employees.

Les Industries Amisco ltée

Venture Round in 2018
A family business since 1954, Amisco designs, manufactures and markets modern home furniture crafted from steel, wood and upholstery in its two Québec plants. Distributed in more than a thousand points of sale across Canada and the United States, Amisco products stand out from the competition with their trendy look tailored to consumer needs, their durability and their extensive customization program for finishes and coatings.

Groupe Surmesure

Seed Round in 2015
Founded in 2013, Groupe Surmesure specializes in interior systems and offers a full range of services to commercial and institutional construction industries, both private and public, in Montréal and the surrounding areas. The company is based in Chambly and has between 40 and 60 employees depending on the season.
InterRent REIT is a growth-oriented real estate investment trust engaged in increasing Unitholder value and creating a growing and sustainable distribution through the acquisition and ownership of multi-residential properties. InterRent's strategy is to expand its portfolio primarily within markets that have exhibited stable market vacancies, sufficient suites available to attain the critical mass necessary to implement an efficient portfolio management structure and, offer opportunities for accretive acquisitions. InterRent's primary objectives are to use the proven industry experience of the Trustees, Management and Operational Team to: (i) to grow both funds from operations per Unit and net asset value per Unit through investments in a diversified portfolio of multi-residential properties; (ii) to provide Unitholders with sustainable and growing cash distributions, payable monthly; and (iii) to maintain a conservative payout ratio and balance sheet.
Kintavar Exploration is a natural resource corporation principally engaged in the exploration and development of precious metal and base metals properties located in Quebec with access to infrastructure. It seeks to identify, investigate, evaluate and acquire under explored properties located in both traditional and non-traditional geologically favourable environment. Currently the focus is on two sectors, the Abitibi gold district where the company is working on the Anik and RAG properties and in the Grenville geological province on the Mitchi property.

Troilus Gold Corp.

Post in 2019
Troilus Gold is a Canadian based development stage resource company focused on the potential restart and mineral expansion of the former producing Troilus gold and copper mine, located within the Frotêt-Evans Greenstone Belt in Quebec.

Propulsa Innovations inc

Venture Round in 2019
Founded in Chicoutimi in 2016, Propulsa Innovations inc. is developing a unique self-cleaning filter system, Epura, for controlling air pressure in operator cabins and combustion engines. This patented, eco-friendly system eliminates the need to replace filters, while improving the performance of current filtration systems.


Venture Round in 2005
As of March 7, 2007, GEOCOMtms, Inc. was acquired by RedPrairie Corporation. GEOCOMtms, Inc. provides integrated fleet management software for local and short-haul pickup and delivery operations. It offers A.MAZE Fleet Management, which provides integrated software for route planning, trucking dispatch, GPS fleet tracking, mobile field service, and fleet maintenance. The company’s services include implementation, training, and support. It serves couriers, food and beverage, last mile delivery, logistics providers, petroleum, and retail distribution industries. The company was founded in 1999 and is based in Atlanta, Georgia.


Series B in 2022
RenoRun is building the world's largest single source platform for general contractors to purchase materials. Their mobile-friendly platform is a one-stop-shop when it comes to construction material supply. This app is revolutionizing the construction industry by maximizing productivity, saving contractors wasted run-around hours, and allowing their clients to leave their competition in the dust. Their trained runners will collect and deliver the desired materials to the job site. RenoRun was founded in 2016 and is headquartered in Montreal, Canada, with offices in Toronto and Austin, Texas.

Optina Diagnostics

Series A in 2021
Optina Diagnostics Inc. develops a technology for the early detection of Alzheimer’s disease through hyperspectral imaging of the eye. Its Optina Diagnostic retinal imaging test serves the healthcare industry. The company was founded in 2010 and is headquartered in Montréal, Canada.

Breathe Life Inc.

Series A in 2020
Breathe Life Inc. designs and develops a software platform for insurance companies and assists them in conducting business online. The company's platform uses tools and analytics for the digital distribution of life insurance policies and eliminates the requirement of brokers. It also features a single-session quote creation and application process which enables consumers to purchase products on their own. It caters to life and health insurers, distribution organizations, and advisors. The company was incorporated in 2017 and is based in Montreal, Canada.


Acquisition in 2020
DuProprio is a online fixed-fee agency. ComFree/DuProprio Network ("CFDP"), a leader in connecting home sellers and buyers in Canada

Pétroles MB

Venture Round in 2010
A Baie-Comeau business founded in 2005, Les Pétroles MB is a commercial, industrial and residential distributor of petroleum products, including unleaded gasoline, aviation fuel, diesel, heating oil and high-end lubricants.

Groupe Canva

Venture Round in 2019
Canva Group is a dynamic holding company in the identification and visual communications field with 9 complementary companies acquired over the last 15 years. Operating with 3 different autonomous business units under the names of Idenco Canada (Boucherville), Decalcomanie Artistic (Montreal) and Mirazed in (St-Hubert), the 200-employee company serves more than 4,000 customers with its complementary serigraphy and digital printing services. Their goal is to create the best customer experience.

Groupe conseil NOVO SST inc

Seed Round in 2016
Groupe conseil Novo SST is a leader in risk management health and safety (OHS) and provides complete services to support and increase the performance of your organization. Groupe Conseil Novo SST is one of the largest and highest performing managers of mutuals.
Fronsac Real Estate Investment Trust (the Trust) is a Canada-based open-ended real estate investment trust. The Trust owns and rents commercial real estate properties. The Trust's segments include Major canadian oil and gas company, International fast-food company, International convenience store company, and Others. The Trust operates in the commercial real estate market. The Trust holds approximately 20 investment properties, which are located in the province of Quebec and the province of Ontario. The Trust's properties are occupied by tenants, including fast food chains, oil/gas companies, and convenience store chains. The Trust's properties include Les Coteaux, Rivieres-du-Loup, Saint-Jean-sur-le-Richelieu, Trois-Rivieres, Val-David, Cap-de-la-Madeleine, Louiseville, Levis, Cornwall, 1901 Raymond Blais, 2000 Leonard de Vinci, 2050 Leonard de Vinci, 2051 Nobel and 4200 Bernard-Pilon.


Venture Round in 2011
BCE Pharma inc. is a made of a well-structured pluridisciplinar team who developed over more than 20 years an exceptional know-how of pharmaceutical management best practices. BCE pharma's mission is to give the best advices to managers that want to support efficiently pharmacists in the following areas: • Drug path improvement analysis • Counselling and support in decision process • Work organization • Technological choices • Automation program updates • Content-packaging delegation programs • Quality assurance programs


Venture Round in 2020
CONFORMiT is a complete business solution that allows companies to reduce their risk of accidents for nearly 30 years. Operating in all corners of the world, CONFORMiT is a global and centralized management software that provides companies with compliance with applicable standards and laws (OSHA, OHSAS, ANSI, CSA) and t an increase in their productivity.

Résidence des Bâtisseurs

Venture Round in 2010
Established in 2004, La Résidence des Bâtisseurs of Sept-Îles, Québec is a residence for senior citizens that employs 50 people in the area. At the end of the construction of phase III, the number of units will grow to nearly 300.

Superior Plus

Post in 2022
Superior Plus Corp. engages in the energy distribution and specialty chemicals businesses in Canada, the United States, and Chile. The company’s Energy Distribution segment provides distribution, wholesale procurement, and related services for propane, heating oil, and other refined fuels. Its Specialty Chemicals segment supplies sodium chlorate and technology to the pulp and paper industries, as well as potassium and chlor-alkali products. Superior General Partner Inc. serves as the general partner of the company. Superior Plus Corp. was founded in 1996 and is headquartered in Toronto, Canada.
Moka Financial Technologies Inc. develops an application that automatically rounds up every purchase that users make and invests the spare change. It uses transactional data and artificial intelligence technology to provide financial recommendations to customers in order to help them make financial decisions.Moka Financial Technologies Inc. was formerly called Mylo Financial Technologies Inc. and changed its name to Moka Financial Technologies Inc. in July 2020. The company was founded in 2015 and is based in Montreal, Canada.

Korok Group

Seed Round in 2015
KOROK: manufacturers of Commercial Food Service and Food Packaging Equipment. Korok is a Canadian company regrouping manufacturers of commercial food service and food packaging equipment. Our companies are experts in manufacturing pizza ovens, vacuum packaging equipment and bakery ovens.

LeddarTech Inc.

Debt Financing in 2022
LeddarTech Inc. develops and markets sensing solutions based on light emitting diode (LED) lighting systems. The company provides LED detection and ranging solutions for object detection and distance measurement applications. Its products are used to improve traffic flow by municipalities and DOTs, as well as for parking assistance, automatic parking, blind-spot detection, lane-change assistance, and pre-crash detection applications in the automotive industry. LeddarTech Inc. was founded in 2007 and is based in Quebec City, Canada.

Davinci Compass inc

Venture Round in 2017
DaVinci Compass is a Canadian holding company aiming to create a group of manufacturers of commercial foodservice and food processing equipment that build 100% of their products in America. To this day, DaVinci Compass has acquired 3 companies: Sipromac, a Canada-based manufacturer of packaging and food processing equipment based, Picard Ovens, a manufacturer of bakery and pizza ovens also based in Canada, and Lambertson Inc., a leading manufacturer of stainless steel commercial kitchen equipment, based in Nevada, USA.


Series B in 2022
Potloc Inc. owns and operates an online consumer insights platform. Its platform offers clients access insights, and data and purchasing habits of consumers by survey methods like web panels, phone surveys, and geo-targeted surveys using social networks to predicts retention and acquisition of survey respondents. The company’s platform also allows retailers to launch their local businesses. Potloc Inc. was incorporated in 2014 and is based in Montreal, Canada with additional offices in Toronto, Canada; Paris, France; and Geneva, Switzerland.

Demtroys Technology

Venture Round in 2013
Since 2010, Demtroys Technology has provided an innovative heating control and monitoring solution (electric or gas) for the multi-residential market. The installation of Demtroys energy efficiency programs delivers adapted solutions that provide a comfortable environment and effective control of energy consumption. This Sherbrooke-based company has a workforce of about ten.

Midas Gold

Post in 2012
Midas Gold Corp., through its subsidiaries, engages in the acquisition, exploration, and development of mineral properties in the United States. It primarily explores for gold, antimony, and silver deposits in the Stibnite-Yellow Pine district of central Idaho. The company’s principal asset is the Stibnite gold project, which includes Hangar Flats, West End, and Yellow Pine deposits comprising approximately 29,223 acres unpatented and patented claims located in Valley County, Idaho. Midas Gold Corp. was incorporated in 2011 and is headquartered in Vancouver, Canada.


Series B in 2003
Chronogen Inc. a biotechnology company headquartered in Montreal, Canada.


Series B in 2017
Roost is a Sunnyvale, CA-based developer of smart home technology, They seek to bring smart home functionality to users through using one-step retrofitting of existing household products to provide affordable upgrades. The team at Roost is working to approach smart home technology in ways never seen before. They emphasize simplicity of installation and utilization of existing household products.


Venture Round in 2018
N(i)² develops and markets technology for the operation and management of information technology (IT) infrastructure and IT service support. It offers a suite of IT infrastructure management applications that share knowledge-based configuration management database (CMDB) platform to identify, catalog, track, optimize, and manage the configuration items. The company offers asset management application for managing IT asset lifecycle according to preset business rules; and rack and connectivity application that optimizes containership of data centers by managing card positioning in chassis and chassis in racks. N(i)² was founded in 2003 and is headquartered in Montreal, Canada.


Seed Round in 2018
Keatext will help you cultivate meaningful relationships with your customers by providing you with instant clarity on what they care about most, and by increasing your ability to respond rapidly to their needs by synthesizing large volumes of unstructured feedback data from multiple channels (such as open-survey questions, online reviews, chat logs and social media posts) to produce actionable insights delivered on one comprehensive custom dashboard.

My Intelligent Machines

Seed Round in 2021
MIMs, a Montreal-based SAAS company was founded in June 2016 by Sarah Jenna (CEO), Mickaël Camus (CTO) and Abdoulaye Baniré Diallo (CSO). MIMs mission is to provide Biopharma and Agtech companies with AI-powered systems biology software for population stratification, target and biomarker discovery to help them develop a more efficient and personalized medicine and agriculture.


Seed Round in 2021
GRAD4 Inc. develops an artificial intelligence (AI) platform for industrial operation automation. The company offers a software as a service (SaaS) based platform, GRAD4, which provides sub contracting services for computer numerical control (CNC) machining, sheet metal, and parts manufacturing. It also provides contract management, quotes receipt, tenders approval, and data analysis services through the platform. The company was incorporated in 2019 and is based in Montreal, Canada.

Reftech international Inc

Seed Round in 2016
Founded in 2013, Reftech International provides refractory materials engineering, sales and installation services across a range of industries such as mining, smelting, petrochemical, steel, cement and aluminum in North and South America. Employing more than 45, the company is headquartered in the borough of Lachine.

Ciao Technologies

Venture Round in 2009
Established in 2006, Ciao specialises in areas such as Web accessibility, systems development, application integration and Enterprise 4.0. Their diversified and distinctive product line is aimed particularly at the health sector where their expertise is proven with leading partners as well as with private enterprises seeking to transform their company technologically. The Quebec City business employs around sixty advisors.

Heyday Technologies Inc.

Seed Round in 2021
Heyday Technologies Inc. develops a conversational artificial intelligence and messaging application for e-commerce and retail brands that allow sales and support teams and their AI assistant to work together. The company's product includes Heyday, an application that connects to customers and manages their chat. Heyday Technologies Inc. serves sporting goods, cosmetic, and furniture industry. The company was founded in 2017 and is based in Montreal, Canada.

Greybox Solutions

Series A in 2018
Greybox Solution is a digital turbo-charged healthcare platform.


Venture Round in 2020
WeCook Meals produces and delivers home cooked fast food. Its online sales platform allows users to select from a range of meals, meats, and snacks; choose delivery location; and receive order. WeCook Meals was formerly known as Nutrition Fit Plus and changed its name to WeCook Meals. The company was incorporated in 2010 and is based in Dorval, Canada.

Stornoway Diamonds

Post in 2020
Stornoway is a leading Canadian diamond exploration and development company listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the symbol SWY. Their flagship asset is the 100% owned Renard Diamond Project, now under construction and on track to becoming Québec’s first diamond mine. Stornoway is a growth-oriented company with a world-class asset, situated in one of the world’s best mining jurisdictions.

Groupe Satori

Venture Round in 2012
Established in 2002, Group Satori is a holding company with 4 fine oriental restaurants: two SIAM, one Satori Sushi and one Oriental East Pan. Managed by a couple whose passion is to offer the best possible culinary experience to their clientele, the Brossard enterprise seeks to distinguish itself and become a leader in non-traditional restaurant services in Quebec. Group Satori employs a total of around 230 people over all.

Solutions Genyk inc

Seed Round in 2015
Created in 2012, Genyk Solutions develops and markets a variety of polyurethane foams to meet the standards of every area of construction. The polyurethane foams developed by GENYK Solutions are not limited to building insulation. Indeed, they are used in a multitude of applications across a wide variety of industries. GENYK’s flagship product is BOREAL Nature, a pulverised polyurethane foam insulation system designed with a large proportion of renewable and recyclable raw materials. The Grand-Mère company employs about twenty people.


Venture Round in 2012
DEK Canada is a Canada's One Stop Shop for all things Garage Door. DEK carries Canada's most extensive inventory serving the Garage Door, Gate Automation, Electrical and Electronic repair industries.