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Silicon Valley Bank works with technology, life science, cleantech, venture capital, private equity, and premium wine businesses. SVB provides industry knowledge and connections, financing, treasury management, corporate investment and international banking services to its clients worldwide through 27 U.S. offices and seven international operations. Banking innovative companies and exclusive wineries, Silicon Valley Bank’s diverse financial services, knowledge, global network, and world class service increase its clients’ probability of success. Forbes Magazine ranks SVB among America’s Best Banks and Fortune Magazine named SVB one of the Best Companies to Work For in 2012.

Daniel Beck


Greg Becker

President and CEO

Mary Dent

VP of Public Policy

Mike Descheneaux


Michelle Draper

Chief Marketing Officer

Mark Lau


Scott McCarty

Director - Life Sciences


Meghan O'Leary

Director of Investor Relations


Adam Tweedy


813 past transactions


Series C in 2016
EVERF is building and operating the nation's largest network for online education in off-curriculum, but highly valuable content areas such as financial literacy, student loan management, digital literacy, substance abuse prevention and other key life skills for the 21st century student. Our award-winning, proprietary software-as-a-service platform is designed to provide a highly engaging experience for students and features the latest technology and instructional design, including rich media, high-definition video, 3D simulations and social networking. We work with more than 7,000 schools, colleges and universities in all 50 states.

Akili Interactive Labs

Debt Financing in 2021
Akili builds clinically-validated cognitive therapeutics, assessments, and diagnostics that look and feel like video games. It aims to develop a new type of electronic medicine that can be deployed remotely directly to any patient anywhere, prescribed and tracked by physicians, with the potential to be developed at a fraction of the cost of traditional medical approaches. Akili’s cognitive engine enables three separate clinical game versions for remote data-capture, with features designed for patient engagement. Its proprietary adaptive mechanics allow the software to automatically personalize to the patient’s ability level with no clinician input required. Akili is based in Boston, Massachusetts.

Sage Intacct

Debt Financing in 2016
Sage Intacct is 100% invested in meeting the needs of financial professionals, 100% focused on customer success, and 100% committed to the cloud. That’s who they are, and always will be. Customers ranging from startups to public companies rely on Sage Intacct's best-in-class cloud ERP software to deliver the efficiencies and insights that keep them on the fast track of growth, from their first million to their first billion. What distinguishes Sage Intacct most is the company they keep—the employees, partners, and customers that come together to inspire continuous innovation and success. They are the only cloud accounting software company to be appointed a preferred provider by the AICPA and recognized by finance professionals as the highest rated solution for customer satisfaction. They have been ranked Top Workplace for 7 consecutive years and their leadership team includes award winners for Highest Rated CEO, CFO of the Year and CTO Executive of the Year. Headquartered in San Jose, they have a nationwide award-winning channel program and a U.S. based customer support team.


Series B in 2015
Ahalogy is the Passion to Purchase Platform™. Brands and agencies tap into Ahalogy to grow users and use occasions by connecting with their consumers’ interests. We deliver proven ROI through our category trend data, authentic influencer content, and social optimization technology. Ahalogy is an official Pinterest Marketing Partner, and works with other leading social networks. Ahalogy is headquartered in Cincinnati, OH, the global capital of brand marketing, with additional offices in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, and San Francisco.

Team Labs (Teampay)

Series A in 2019
Teampay is reinventing the corporate card, delivering smart purchasing for empowered teams. Teampay is a purchasing software built for modern, technology-enabled businesses. Their products enable companies to request, approve, and track employee spending in real-time. Teampay helps companies focus their resources on growth, not overhead.


Series A in 2019
RenoRun is building the world's largest single source platform for general contractors to purchase materials. Their mobile-friendly platform is a one-stop-shop when it comes to construction material supply. This app is revolutionizing the construction industry by maximizing productivity, saving contractors wasted run-around hours, and allowing their clients to leave their competition in the dust. Their trained runners will collect and deliver the desired materials to the job site. RenoRun was founded in 2016 and is headquartered in Montreal, Canada, with offices in Toronto and Austin, Texas.

Interactive Fitness

Series D in 2008
We didn’t just set out to build a bike – we’re here to help you build your business. Interactive Fitness Holdings, LLC has revolutionized the indoor exercise industry by blending eye-popping virtual reality with a classic cardio workout. The result is a truly unique experience that continues to capture the interest of clubs and members alike. This is a different kind of fitness company, known for its fusion of diverse disciplines. Mechanical engineers innovate alongside game programmers. Seasoned managers work with gifted artists. Together, the team is delivering an unprecedented experience that completely redefines fitness. At IFH, we’re passionate about helping you and your members achieve your goals with our one-of-a kind virtual reality bikes. Built for commercial grade durability, our cardio equipment has proven practically maintenance-free year after year. But in IFH’s case, worry-free doesn’t mean static. Expresso bikes are always changing, downloading new course and games automatically over the internet, so workouts stay fresh for your members and up-grades are painless for your staff. For your members, IFH’s unique combination of precisely engineered biomechanics and compelling psychological motivators bring the excitement of outdoor riding indoors – making workouts so fun they’ll keep coming back for more.

Personal Capital

Series E in 2016
Personal Capital is a remote-delivery, industry-leading digital wealth management company that helps people transform their financial lives through technology and advisory services. The company’s state-of-the-art tools and technology provide investors with a complete financial picture, utilized by over 2.5 million customers. Its registered investment advisors provide expert guidance, and customized strategies, based on a personal understanding of an investor’s financial picture and goals. It was founded in 2009 and is headquartered in Redwood Shores, California.

Soltage, LLC

Debt Financing in 2021
Soltage is a full-service renewable energy company that develops and operates solar energy stations. Its primary customers are commercial and industrial companies including not-for-profit and government entities who purchase power under long-term power purchase agreements (PPA) from the solar projects installed on their respective buildings or land sites. Soltage develops, finances, and installs these projects at no upfront cost to the host site and provides ongoing maintenance and operational services. Soltage was founded in 2005 and is headquartered in Jersey City, New Jersey.
Cardiovascular Systems, Inc. (CSI) is devoted to developing and commercializing innovative solutions for treating peripheral and coronary vascular disease. Their primary focus is helping physicians conquer even the most difficult disease states, including calcium, given the complications it presents for the millions who suffer from peripheral arterial disease (PAD) and coronary artery disease (CAD). CSI is committed to clinical rigor, constant innovation, and a defining drive to set the standard in safe, effective, economical medical devices that improve patient outcomes.

Silofit Inc.

Debt Financing in 2021
Silofit Inc. offers on demand private fitness spaces to its mobile application (app) users. Its app allows users to book location, professionals, and therapists for health and fitness purpose. The company converts small offices to health and fitness spaces and gyms. Other than providing private space, it provides gym equipment, towels and toiletries, shower, and refreshments to its customers. The company was founded in 2017 and is headquartered in Montreal, Canada.

Liberis Limited

Debt Financing in 2020
Liberis is a business financial services provider that aims to improve small businesses' access to finance. It delivers finance solutions directly to small businesses and provides a scalable, finance platform for partners to help them build more valuable relationships with their small business customers. Since its founding, Liberis has helped over 10,000 small businesses worldwide, providing them with over £300m in funding and supporting 82,000 jobs. It was founded in 2007 and is headquartered in London, England.
EyePoint Pharmaceuticals develops tiny, sustained-release drug delivery products designed to deliver drugs at a controlled and steady rate for months or years. The company have developed three approved products in either the U.S. or the EU for sustained release delivery of drug utilizing multiple generations of our Durasert technology system.


Series D in 2023
Arrcus, Inc. designs and develops closed-source operating systems for switches and routers. Its operating system software enables organizations to build scalable infrastructure across physical, virtual, and cloud network environments. Its products include ArcOS, a software-driven, hardware agnostic network operating system; ArcRR, a 64-bit route reflector; ArcIQ, an analytics platform that provides networking professionals with real-time views of the networks and devices with insights for incident management and troubleshooting; and Arrcus VDR, a routing platform; Arrcus IP/EVPN Clos solution; and Arrcus multi-cloud networking platform. The company was incorporated in 2016 and is based in San Jose, California.

Carrot Fertility, Inc.

Series C in 2021
Carrot offers a fertility benefit for modern companies, focused on making fertility care easier, accessible, and more affordable. The company partners with modern companies to provide fertility coverage for the millions of employees. Through its software, Carrot helps employees to personalize a fertility plan, chat with fertility experts, order medications, and access unique content. It helps them access the care they need, such as egg freezing, in-vitro fertilization, fertility diagnoses, and more.

Delphia Inc.

Series A in 2019
Delphia is a revolutionary investment platform where anyone can turn their data into investment capital. By telling us about yourself and sharing your opinions about the world around you, you're able to transform personal data into personal wealth, secure in the knowledge that whatever you share will only be used to improve your investment returns. For the first time in history, you don't need money to start building your future.


Series A in 2014
Plotly, Inc. provides an online data analysis and graphing tool for scientists, students, engineers, analysts, and individuals. Its tool allows its users to analyze, simulate, graph, share, and edit various data formats, such as Excel spreadsheets, CSV, TSV, Matlab data files, MS Access, and texts. The company is based in Montreal, Canada.

Series C in 2000 was created by veterans of the automotive industry as the premier Internet portal and communication and distribution network.


Debt Financing in 2013
TwentyFeet is a metrics aggregator for social media and web property metrics from the web. It pulls and generates metrics from twitter, facebook, Google Analytics, YouTube, friendfeed,, RSS-Feeds and other sources. Further, it displays them in a slick interface all in one place. Each account is $2.49 (USD) per year. One account each with twitter and facebook is for free.

Kaminario, Inc.

Series E in 2014
Silk’s Cloud Data Platform optimizes everything about life in the cloud, allowing organizations to get ten times the performance out of their existing cloud data while spending 30% less. It fits neatly between your full application stack and cloud infrastructure, making your entire cloud environment run smarter without changing a thing. With real-time data reduction, thin provisioning, and continuous resource optimization, Silk automatically matches your cloud data spend to your actual data needs at every moment, so you can spend less and cloud more.


Debt Financing in 2014
DrFirst provides software solutions for physicians and other healthcare providers ranging from HIPAA secure messaging, to e-prescribing, to EHR, to hospital medication reconciliation.

Extreme Devices

Venture Round in 2001
Extreme Devices is a manufacturer of semiconductor electronic components.

Travelnest Limited

Debt Financing in 2020
Travelnest Limited owns and operates an online platform which allows rental owners advertise their properties online. Travelnest Limited was formerly known as TouristCo Limited and changed its name to Travelnest Limited in October, 2017. Travelnest Limited was founded in 2014 and is based in Edinburgh, United Kingdom.


Series D in 2021
InCorta, Inc. provides a unified platform for data analytics and AI applications. The company through its analytical platform offers real-time operational analytics; embedded (OEM) analytics; tableau analytics and dashboards; and dashboards and reports for Oracle e-business Suite. InCorta, Inc. was founded in 2013 and is based in San Mateo, California.

Series B in 1999 is an online marketplace for buying and selling manufactured direct materials. The site enables buyers to find new suppliers and suppliers to find new business using only a personal computer, Internet connection, and Web browser. can help eliminate the current problems of a fragmented market, poor information flows and an imbalance of supply and demand. Through sophisticated technology, buyers in need of a particular product are matched to suppliers that can satisfy their requirements. The final step in the process is a live, online bidding event where suppliers bid for the buyer's business.


Series A in 2015
Plotly, Inc. provides an online data analysis and graphing tool for scientists, students, engineers, analysts, and individuals. Its tool allows its users to analyze, simulate, graph, share, and edit various data formats, such as Excel spreadsheets, CSV, TSV, Matlab data files, MS Access, and texts. The company is based in Montreal, Canada.

Civis Analytics, Inc.

Series B in 2021
Civis builds end-to-end person-level analytics solutions and software for the world’s leading nonprofit, commercial and government organizations. With a powerful blend of best-in-class data, cutting-edge science, and our interdisciplinary team of data scientists, engineers, and survey science experts, Civis helps organizations gain a competitive advantage in how they identify, attract, and engage the people they care about. Learn more at


Venture Round in 2019
Sensely is a developer of avatar and chatbot-based platform designed to assist insurance plan members and patients. The company's platform leverages conversational interfaces and provides virtual assistant solutions to insurance companies, pharmaceutical clients, and hospital systems worldwide, enabling enterprises to converse with their members in an entirely new way, combining the empathy of human conversation with the efficiency and scalability of the technology.

Hatch card

Series A in 2020
Hatch card provider of credit financing intended to offer a line of credit to small businesses. The company offers lines of credit to small business owners who may not be able to get credit from more traditional sources and empowers business owners with the tools and support they need to achieve success, enabling clients to access credit.

Cofactor Genomics, Inc.

Series A in 2017
Cofactor Genomics is a Predictive Immune Modeling company driven to remove the barriers that have prohibited the advancement of true precision medicine. Cofactor is enabling the industry to move beyond isolated, single-analyte biomarkers to powerful multidimensional biomarkers using Health Expression Models. Through their molecular, informatic, and database tools, and one of the first CAP-certified, clinical RNA sequencing laboratories, Cofactor enables their partners to deliver more expedient, cost effective, and successful clinical trials.

Blueground Co

Debt Financing in 2021
Blueground Co operates as a corporate hospitality company that leases and manages residential properties in Greece, Turkey, and the United Arab Emirates. Its apartments and houses provide accommodation to corporate travelers, expats, and leisure travelers. The company was founded in 2013 and is based in Kifisia, Greece.

Concert Health, Inc.

Series A in 2021
Concert Health is building a better, integrated behavioral health system. We are starting by helping medical groups integrate behavioral health services into their practices. Concert provide the remote specialist clinicians (therapists & psychiatrists), know-how, and technology infrastructure to help physician practices deliver high-quality, evidence based behavioral health care and take advantage of Medicare's new Collaborative Care Management (CoCM) reimbursement opportunities. You are the conductor, we help fill out your symphony.

PulsePoint, Inc.

Debt Financing in 2015
PulsePoint is an advanced data and technology company that is breaking new ground with programmatic solutions for healthcare organizations, to personalize information and improve outcomes. We are leading a revolution in radical health personalization to help organizations improve how they provide care, education and support to people when they need it most. Through programmatic automation, we interpret the hard to read signals of the customer journey and understand the connection points between relevance and engagement. This enables us to deliver a suite of tools that allow for the seamless activation of health options.

LendKey Technologies, Inc.

Debt Financing in 2015
LendKey is a financial technology company that creates white-labeled lending solutions that transform financial institutions into profitable digital lending businesses. The company manages the entire lending process, which includes: demand generation, online decisioning, loan origination, customer service and balance sheet management. Based in New York and Cincinnati, the company was founded in 2009.

Impel NeuroPharma

Debt Financing in 2021
Impel NeuroPharma is a medical device company developing a novel drug delivery device that enables drugs to bypass the blood-brain barrier(BBB) using direct nose-to-brain delivery. It is focused on developing transformative therapies that unlock the full potential of therapeutic molecules for people living with CNS disorders with high unmet medical needs. The company was founded in 2008 and is headquartered in Seattle, Washington.


Seed Round in 2020
LegionFarm lets gamers pay to play with professional players, helping customers have more fun playing, learn to be a better gamer, and conquer difficult parts of video games. Legionfarm's Pros want to monetize their skills by turning their hobbies into real careers. They are the top 1% of players. They have a massive impact on the success of gaming companies - and we want to allow these top players to hold their dream jobs in virtual worlds. Over the past year, Legionfarm organized over 400,000 gaming sessions with our 8,000 Pros. Legionfarm provides access to unique entertainment on a global scale while creating new jobs in virtual worlds at the same time.

Techstars Kansas City Accelerator

Venture Round in 2011
The Techstars Dubai Accelerator in partnership with GINCO is expanding Techstars’ presence in the Middle East. GINCO is a full service general contracting firm, covering the full lifecycle of the construction process from concept to execution and supervision. Dubai is known for their leadership in technology innovation. Pioneering entrepreneurs leading innovative companies solving challenges in transportation, construction, wellness, IoT, robotics, & beyond should apply, no matter your location.


Debt Financing in 2022
Paddle develops a Revenue Delivery Platform for B2B SaaS companies that powers growth across acquisition, renewals, and expansion. With Paddle, companies are finally able to transform their revenue delivery infrastructure into a strategic growth lever to respond faster and more precisely to every opportunity. Paddle has 140 talented employees serving over 2,000 software sellers in 245 countries and territories globally. Backed by investors including FTV Capital, Kindred, Notion, and 83North, Paddle aims to define the next wave of B2B SaaS leaders. It was founded in 2012 and is headquartered in London, England.
DispatchHealth Management, LLC provides on-demand mobile and virtual healthcare services. It offers services in the areas of acute injury and illness evaluation, laceration suture repair, injured extremity splinting, epistaxis treatment (nosebleeds), Foley catheter placement, G-tube placement, medication administration, laboratory testing, outpatient imaging arrangement (X-ray and CT scan), and primary care physician and home health agency coordination aspects. It serves patients and families. The company was formerly known as True North Health Navigation, LLC. DispatchHealth Management, LLC was founded in 2013 and is based in Denver, Colorado.

Startup Institute Inc.

Series A in 2014
Startup Institute’s program provides people with the skills, mindset, and network to find a job they love, doing work that matters. The program helps people build the technical skills, culture skills, and network that will launch them into the innovation industry in the areas of web development, web design, digital marketing, or sales and account management. Uniquely positioned at the center of tech ecosystems in Boston and New York, Startup Institute is designed to open new doors for students. In addition to expert training in the most in-demand skills, they also offer personalized career mentorship and connections to the people and companies that advance students’ careers.

Pocket FM

Debt Financing in 2023
Pocket FM is India’s best audiobook app that brings you over 10K+ popular audiobooks in other languages beautifully translated into high-quality audiobooks by expert speakers. Download the app and listen to audiobooks over different categories like biography, romance & love, self-help, motivational books, business & investment, spirituality, health, mystery, podcast & a lot more! With the Pocket FM app you can now listen to the best seller books.


Venture Round in 2010
Endocyte, Inc., a biopharmaceutical company, develops receptor-targeted therapeutics to treat cancer and autoimmune/inflammatory diseases. The company provides EC17, a folate-targeted hapten therapy drug to treat metastatic renal and ovarian cancer; EC145, a folate-targeted chemotherapeutic conjugate to treat various tumors, including cancers of the breast, lung, and blood; EC0225, a targeted chemotherapy drug; BMS753493, a folate-targeted anti-cancer therapy drug; EC0434 to target folate receptor positive tumors; and EC0305, an anti-cancer therapy drug. It also offers EC0286, a folate-targeted small molecule for the treatment of inflammatory diseases; and EC20, a folate-targeted radiopharmaceutical imaging agent to identify folate-receptor positive cancers. The company was founded in 1996 and is based in West Lafayette, Indiana.


Venture Round in 2011
INVISION INC. is a privately held company headquartered in New York City, with an additional office in Atlanta, GA. They have been providing software solutions and consulting services to the media industry since 1993. They understand the complex media business and they focus on offering strategic revenue optimizing, inventory management and pricing systems that enable media companies to make smart decisions about their ad sales business.


Series A in 2000
Campsix is a full service B2B Internet incubator.


Debt Financing in 2017
Endotronix is a developer of hemodynamic monitoring technologies to help detect worsening heart failure earlier than ever before. The company's platform includes a cloud-based disease management data system and outpatient hemodynamic management with a breakthrough implantable wireless pulmonary artery sensor for early detection of worsening heart failure. It was founded in 2007 and is based in Lisle, Illinois.

Charlie Finance

Debt Financing in 2019
Charlie Finance Co. develops a text message application that simplifies personal finance. The company was founded in 2016 and is based in San Francisco, California.Charlie Finance Co. monitors user’s transactions, finds ways to save money, cuts expenses, understands users spending, and alerts users when there is something worth paying attention. The company was incorporated in 2016 and is based in San Francisco, California.

Pivot Energy

Debt Financing in 2023
Pivot Energy is a national solar provider that develops, finances, builds owns, and manages solar and storage energy projects. It is a triple bottom line company accelerating the rapid transition of cleaner and more decentralized power generation by developing, financing, building, and managing community solar and commercial solar projects around the country. It serves the full commercial solar ecosystem, including retail customers, project developers, system operators, utilities, and financiers through our distributed energy platform that includes a range of services and software.


Debt Financing in 2021
VidCrunch is a San-Francisco based company specializing in turning static content into engaging and monetizable videos.

Webscale Networks, Inc.

Series A in 2016
Webscale Networks, Inc. develops Webscale, an integrated Web application delivery solution. Its cloud-based Web application delivery solution offers auto scaling Web application layer that uses predictive analytics and big data to monitor the user traffic; auto scaling application delivery controller (ADC) layer that automatically scale out the ADC to meet network and CPU demands; Webscale API, which configures service from RESTful API; Webscale integration layer that simplifies the extension of the Webscale service to new IaaS providers and CDNs; and content optimization, security and Web application firewall, L7 load balancing, caching, self-healing, DNS management, visibility, and mobile optimization features. The company also offers Webscale E-commerce Cloud Platform that provides a customizable solution for easy deployment of e-commerce applications globally; Webscale Multi-Cloud Disaster Recovery, a multi-cloud resiliency solution for e-commerce applications; Cloud Bot Manager, a cloud-native bot management solution focused on e-commerce applications; and enterprise solutions. Webscale Networks, Inc. was formerly known as Lagrange Systems, Inc. The company was founded in 2012 and is based in Sunnyvale, California with additional offices in Boulder, Colorado; and Bengaluru, India.


Series B in 2023
8fig is a startup helping eCommerce sellers accelerate growth.


Post in 2019
Equillium Inc is a biotechnology company that develops products for autoimmune and inflammatory, or immuno-inflammatory disorders with an unmet medical need. Its primary product candidate is EQ001, which is a clinical-stage first-in-class monoclonal antibody that selectively targets the novel immune checkpoint receptor CD6. CD6 plays a central role in effector T cell activity, which drives a number of immuno-inflammatory diseases such as graft versus host disease, asthma, uveitis, colitis, lupus, and multiple sclerosis.
DispatchHealth Management, LLC provides on-demand mobile and virtual healthcare services. It offers services in the areas of acute injury and illness evaluation, laceration suture repair, injured extremity splinting, epistaxis treatment (nosebleeds), Foley catheter placement, G-tube placement, medication administration, laboratory testing, outpatient imaging arrangement (X-ray and CT scan), and primary care physician and home health agency coordination aspects. It serves patients and families. The company was formerly known as True North Health Navigation, LLC. DispatchHealth Management, LLC was founded in 2013 and is based in Denver, Colorado.

Square, Inc.

Debt Financing in 2014
Square, Inc. provides payment and point-of-sale solutions in the United States and internationally. The company’s commerce ecosystem includes point-of-sale software and hardware that enables sellers to turn mobile and computing devices into payment and point-of-sale solutions. It offers hardware products, including Magstripe reader, which enables swiped transactions of magnetic stripe cards; Contactless and chip reader that accepts Europay, MasterCard, and Visa (EMV) chip cards and Near Field Communication payments; Chip card reader, which accepts EMV chip cards and enables swiped transactions of magnetic stripe cards; Square Stand, which enables an iPad to be used as a payment terminal or full point of sale solution; and Square Register that combines its hardware, point-of-sale software, and payments technology, as well as managed payments solutions. The company also provides Square Point of Sale software; Cash App, which provides access to the financial system, allowing customers to electronically send, store, and spend money; Caviar, a food ordering platform for restaurants to offer food ordering, pickup and delivery, to their customers; and Square Capital that facilitates loans to sellers based on real-time payment and point-of-sale data. Square, Inc. was founded in 2009 and is headquartered in San Francisco, California.

Ocera Therapeutics

Post in 2015
Ocera is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company focused on the development and commercialization of novel therapeutics for patients with acute and chronic liver disease, an area of high unmet medical need. Ocera's HE clinical development efforts include a recently completed Phase 2b clinical trial, STOP-HE, which evaluated the safety and efficacy of intravenously-administered OCR-002 in resolving neurocognitive symptoms of acute HE in hospitalized patients with elevated ammonia. Ocera is preparing to meet with the FDA later this year to review the IV program and discuss potential development paths forward.


Series D in 2022
Harness, Inc. develops Continuous Delivery-as-a-Service platform that uses machine learning to simplify process of delivering code from artifact into production. Its platform include various features, such as pipeline builder, workflow wizard, continuous verification, automated rollback, secrets management, audit trails, real-time delivery analytics, and GitOps. The company was incorporated in 2015 and is based in San Francisco, California.

Savara Inc.

Debt Financing in 2017
Savara Inc. operates as an orphan lung disease company. Its lead product candidate includes Molgradex, an inhaled granulocyte-macrophage colony-stimulating factor, which is in Phase III development stage for the treatment of autoimmune pulmonary alveolar proteinosis; Phase IIa development stage for treating nontuberculous mycobacterial (NTM) lung infection; and in Phase IIa development stage for the treatment of NTM lung infection in people living with cystic fibrosis. The company is also developing AeroVanc, an inhaled vancomycin that is in Phase III development stage for the treatment of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus lung infection in individuals living with cystic fibrosis. Savara Inc. is headquartered in Austin, Texas.

Radiate Media

Debt Financing in 2011
Radiate Media formerly Matchbin, provides software and services that empower local media and businesses to find and capture the audience that matters most. From local news, weather, and traffic information to online and broadcast marketing tools, Radiate Media’s technology and nationwide network allows clients to grow revenue by reaching customers on-air, online, and on the go.


Debt Financing in 2021
At MODIFI, we empower Small and Medium-Sized Businesses to trade internationally with digital trade financing. We believe that international trade is a key driver for development around the globe. But many small and medium-sized enterprises simply cannot afford to do business internationally without reliable access to finance. MODIFI strives to change that through technology and a global ecosystem for trade partners. We make Trade Finance available, easy, flexible and transparent. We help our partners to grow their business. And we give them peace of mind.

Pivot Energy

Debt Financing in 2022
Pivot Energy is a national solar provider that develops, finances, builds owns, and manages solar and storage energy projects. It is a triple bottom line company accelerating the rapid transition of cleaner and more decentralized power generation by developing, financing, building, and managing community solar and commercial solar projects around the country. It serves the full commercial solar ecosystem, including retail customers, project developers, system operators, utilities, and financiers through our distributed energy platform that includes a range of services and software.

Gig Wage

Debt Financing in 2021
Gig Wage is a fintech payroll company that provides a financial social safety net for gig workers and contractors. Its scalable platform enables businesses to manage contractor payroll, payments, and compliance while delivering greater transparency to their gig workers. Whether they are paying 100 contractors or 100,000 Gig Wage gives the tools to efficiently manage the process while alleviating payments related support. Gig Wage provides an online platform that allows independent contractors to track the amount and type of work they perform for companies, initiate invoices, and receive payments from companies. The partnership also allows Gig Wage the ability to introduce a new debit card with no monthly fee, free online bill pay, and free cash withdrawals at more than 19,000 ATM locations, free cash pick-up at over 7,000 retail locations nationwide, and other products and tools designed for gig workers and their employers. By leveraging Green Dot’s Banking as a Service platform, Gig Wage can now design and deploy its own customized banking and money movement solutions for its customers. Founded in 2014 and is headquartered in Dallas, Texas, USA.


Debt Financing in 2021
VERBIT.AI develops transcription and captioning software using a combination of AI technologies to make verbal data accessible. The company offers an artificial intelligence-based system that automatically transcribes recorded speech. Its platform offers features, such as enterprise-grade, interactive editor, billing and analytics, monitoring, administration, and success manager and 24/7 support. It serves education, media, legal, financial services, speech companies, financial companies, SEO, and transcription companies. The company was founded in 2016 and is headquartered in Tel Aviv, Israel.


Series C in 2015
Mavenlink, Inc. designs and develops a cloud-based platform for professional and marketing services organizations. Its products include project management, project accounting, resource management, business intelligence, team collaboration, integration, security and trust, and API tools. The company also offers solutions for teams servicing external clients such as information technology, agency, professional, and consulting; and teams servicing internal clients. It partners with agencyQ, Blue Ball Solutions, NetSuite, Salesforce, and RTM Consulting. Mavenlink, Inc. was incorporated in 2011 and is based in Irvine, California with an additional office in Melbourne, Australia.


Debt Financing in 2022
Wagestream allows your employees to have complete control over when they get paid. It effectively ends the need for employee advances, loans and employee stress suffered from short term, unplanned financial obligations. Mission 1#: Provide Financial Freedom to UK workers. Mission 2#: Destroy the Pay Day Loan industry. Ahmee.


Series C in 2022
Jeeves is on a mission to empower businesses globally by providing a modern approach to financial services. We deliver innovative technology that allows our customers to focus on the growth of their business. We're entrepreneurs with first-hand experience starting, operating, and growing our own businesses - so we get it - and we understand the shortcomings of today's financial offerings along with the opportunities for improvement. Backed by a diverse team with experience ranging from Silicon Valley to Wall Street, we're bringing cutting edge financial solutions to you with Jeeves.
Scholar Rock, Inc., a biotechnology company, discovers and develops a class of biologic therapies that selectively target dysregulated growth factors in the disease microenvironment by modulating supracellular activation. The company’s drug discovery programs target growth factors which are present in the microenvironments of significant diseases, including fibrosis, musculoskeletal diseases, immuno-oncology, and autoimmune diseases. Its lead products include SRK-015, a selective and local inhibitor of latent myostatin activation for the treatment of primary myopathies. The company was incorporated in 2012 and is based in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Assurex Health

Debt Financing in 2012
Assurex Health is a personalized medicine company dedicated to helping clinicians determine the right medication for individual patients with medical conditions. Assurex Health’s proprietary Genesight® technology is based on pharmacogenomics – the study of the genetic factors that influence an individual’s response to drug treatments – as well as evidence-based medicine and clinical pharmacology.


Series C in 2009
Peer39 invented the category of Pre Bid non-cookie based data starting with Semantic-based contextual categories, then Brand Safety and then Page Quality. Since then it has continued to scale at the pace of RTB, and has brought to market many meaningful data points that advertisers find valuable, and predictable to use to scale their performance campaigns. For Brands, Advertisers, and Traders looking for performance and scale from their digital media, Peer39 offers the largest and most scaled set of data available from any data provider on the market


Debt Financing in 2013
Appia is the leading mobile user acquisition network; delivering mobile app downloads to over 1 billion users across 200 countries. Its platform was built to best serve the needs of mobile advertisers today, and Appia guarantees more app installs and the highest profit per install for its customers. Appia's robust network and advanced technology ensure apps are delivered to the best quality, largest audience possible. Brands like ngmoco, AppBrain, Fiksu, Playtika, Cupid and Zedge trust Appia with their mobile app discovery. Appia's extensive network of publishers and advertisers is constantly developing and its product portfolio continues to evolve, allowing it to bring quality apps to highly engaged consumers. Appia has raised $30M in funding from Venrock, DCM’s A-Fund, Trident Capital, Eric Schmidt’s TomorrowVentures, Relay Ventures, the Social Internet Fund, Noro-Moseley Partners, and Wakefield Group. The Wall Street Journal ranked Appia #22 on its list of the Top 50 Venture Backed Companies in 2012, the second year in a row that Appia has made the WSJ list of the Top 50, known as “The Next Big Thing”. With offices in San Francisco, CA and Durham, NC, as well as global sales offices, Appia has quickly become the largest, non-incentivized network. For additional information, visit or follow @Appia.

10X Genomics, Inc.

Seed Round in 2012
10x Genomics is creating revolutionary DNA sequencing technology to help researchers better identify subtle variations that are overlooked by technologies that shred biological samples into tiny fragments before sequencing the short stretches and using computers to assembling them into a genome.

StreamLink Software

Venture Round in 2016
StreamLink Software-is a Software-as-a-Service company that develops grant management software for nonprofits and the public sector. Ther grants management solution, AmpliFund, is designed for managing every stage of the grant lifecycle and is at the forefront of automating grant compliance and data standardization in the public sector. It was founded in 2008 and is headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio.
HemaQuest Pharmaceuticals, Inc. provides pharmaceutical products. The Company develops small molecule therapeutics to treat serious and life threatening hematologic disorders, including anemia, beta thalassemia, sickle cell anemia, and neutropenia. HemaQuest Pharmaceuticals operates in the United States.

Nulogy Corporation

Venture Round in 2014
Nulogy has been a world leading provider of specialized solutions for complex supply-chain challenges for over a decade. Nulogy is transforming the way Fortune 500 companies around the world engage their consumer customers. By allowing unprecedented responsiveness, automation, control, and collaboration, Nulogy's solutions enable the personalization of consumer products like never before. Nulogy’s flagship cloud-based solution, Pack Manager, is used by the world’s premiere contract manufacturers and packagers to reduce costs, gain real-time visibility, improve compliance, and increase customer loyalty and is backed by a team of dedicated professionals to ensure PackManager customers always achieve success.

Active-Semi International, Inc.

Debt Financing in 2011
Active-Semi International, Inc. offers integrated circuit (IC) solutions for motor control and power control applications. The company’s products include intelligent motor control, modular power PMUs, power loss protection, and DC-DC converters. Active-Semi International, Inc. was founded in 2004 and is based in Richardson, Texas. As of May 6, 2019, Active-Semi International, Inc. operates as a subsidiary of Qorvo, Inc.

Ceterix Orthopaedics, Inc.

Debt Financing in 2014
Ceterix Orthopaedics, Inc. develops novel surgical tools for arthroscopic procedures. The Ceterix technology enables surgeons to place stitches in very tight joint compartments, while protecting sensitive surrounding structures such as nerves, arteries and cartilage. This technology has applications in numerous arthroscopic procedures in knees, hips and shoulders. Ceterix was established in October 2010. The company was founded based on the inventions of Dr. Justin Saliman, an orthopaedic surgeon specializing in sports medicine. Dr. Saliman envisioned improving the outcomes of arthroscopic procedures by enabling surgeons to place suture patterns that today can be done only in open procedures, if at all. Ceterix is based in Menlo Park, California.

Metro Optix

Series A in 2000
Metro-Optix develops hardware for telecommunications companies that want to transition from circuit-based services to cell- and packet-based services. The hardware essentially reduces the number of hardware boxes needed, such as routers, which the networks feed into.


Series B in 2008
FireEye is a cyber security company that combines the automation of technology with unparalleled frontline human expertise, including industry-recognized services and nation-state grade threat intelligence. On the front lines of cyber attacks every day, FireEye has unrivaled real-time knowledge of the global threat landscape spanning more than two decades, gathered by hundreds of highly experienced threat researchers, platform engineers, malware analysts, intelligence analysts, and investigators, as well as a global network of best-in-class business partners. This unique understanding of how organizations combat cyber attacks guides the products FireEye builds. Working as a seamless, scalable extension of customer security operations, FireEye offers a unified platform called Helix that integrates and analyzes the data from security assets to offer real answers about the threats that matter. With innovative security technologies, nation-state grade threat intelligence, and world-renowned Mandiant consultants, FireEye eliminates the complexity and burden of cyber security for organizations struggling to prepare for, respond to, and remediate cyber attacks.

Uni-Power Group

Venture Round in 2008
Uni-Power Group (浙江中新力合担保有限公司) is a sino-foreign joint venture in financial assurance and services. Established on May 18th, 2004, the company is a guarantor enterprise dedicated to building a comprehensive financial service platform in order to connect the financial industry chain and serve small and micro-businesses in emerging industries during the construction of a “three-type and six new looks” society. Having initiated "bridge and tunnel mode", UPG provides its clients with financing options and services by integrating resources configuration. Currently, the company’s registered capital is 284.98 million Yuan.
Taysha Gene Therapies is a developer of treatments to eradicate severe & life-threatening monogenic diseases of the central nervous system. Taysha Gene Therapies is on a mission to eradicate monogenic CNS disease. With a singular focus on developing curative medicines, we are able to rapidly translate our treatments from bench to bedside. We have combined our team’s proven experience in gene therapy drug development and commercialization with the world-class UT Southwestern Gene Therapy Program to quickly and efficiently build an extensive, AAV gene therapy pipeline focused on both rare and large-market indications.


Venture Round in 2022
Bolster is a deep learning-powered fraud prevention platform protecting the world’s leading brands from fraud. Bolster provides a comprehensive platform to defend brands from online scams and account takeovers, allowing organizations across various industries and sectors to increase business revenues as well as customer loyalty and trust. By utilizing artificial intelligence to automate tasks and increase productivity, RedMarlin has introduced an unprecedented, proactive approach to brand protection. Encouraging organizations to also check and detect potential fraudulent websites and phishing scams, the company created, a free, open-source community tool. RedMarlin’s team has more than 40 years of combined cybersecurity experience from industry-leading companies including Cisco, Symantec, and McAfee. Founded in 2017 and based in Los Altos, California,


Post in 2019
scPharmaceticals is creating innovative and important new therapeutic options by administering drugs subcutaneously using a convenient two component delivery system suitable for patient self-administration.In February 2013 scPharmaceuticals was formed to continue the groundbreaking work of SpringLeaf Therapeutics, a Boston area company that started in 2007. scPharmaceuticals targets the untapped opportunity of treating patients with serious medical conditions with a convenient safe and comfortable subcutaneous administration of a drug. This is therapeutically equivalent to intravenous administration while avoiding the cost, burden and risks associated with intravenous administration.

INSCI Corporation

Debt Financing in 2004
INSCI Corp. is a leading provider of solutions for the enterprise content management (ECM) market. INSCI's technology provides a strong foundation enabling companies to manage the full spectrum of enterprise content, from documents to e-mail, graphics and video. INSCI's ESP+ Solutions Suite enables financial services companies, call centers, health insurance organizations, utilities and government to provide Internet-based access for virtually unlimited users to their banking and financial statements, customer bills and similar content. INSCI's Digital Asset Management (DAM) products provide a powerful media services platform for integrating rich media into enterprise content management systems, marketing and communication portals, web publishing systems, and e-commerce portals.

Cypress Creek Renewables, LLC

Debt Financing in 2022
Cypress Creek Renewables is the American leader in Local Solar. Cypress uses a data driven approach to identify and acquire underutilized land on which it builds solar farms ranging from 2 – 20MW on average, and currently owns the largest solar farm east of the Mississippi River. Cypress sells the renewable energy these solar farms create back to local communities, typically at rates lower than fossil fuels. This process guarantees widespread, affordable access to clean energy.

PlumChoice, Inc.

Debt Financing in 2009
PlumChoice, Inc. provides white-label technical services for cloud and Internet of Things (IoT) companies. Its cloud enablement, IoT, and IT help desk services include 24/7 support; pre-purchase consultation; installation, configuration, and onboarding; product integration and interoperability; migration, adoption, and activation; problem resolution and ongoing usage; cross-sell, up-sell, and renewals; and white-label or co-branded. The company also serves small businesses and individual consumers. PlumChoice, Inc. was founded in 2001 and is headquartered in Lowell, Massachusetts. PlumChoice, Inc. operates as a subsidiary of SquareTrade, Inc.


Debt Financing in 2021
InCorta, Inc. provides a unified platform for data analytics and AI applications. The company through its analytical platform offers real-time operational analytics; embedded (OEM) analytics; tableau analytics and dashboards; and dashboards and reports for Oracle e-business Suite. InCorta, Inc. was founded in 2013 and is based in San Mateo, California.

Troy Medicare

Debt Financing in 2022
Troy Medicare is an AI-driven, pharmacy-powered Medicare Advantage company. The company presents a Medicare advantage plan that uses data and technology, enabling people to get access to the fair, transparent, and personalized health plan as well as pharmacies and health care providers to truly impact each patient's health and get rewarded for those results. Troy Medicare was founded in 2018 and is headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Mindoula Health

Debt Financing in 2020
Mindoula Health, Inc. develops mental health care and behavioral health management application. Its technology-enabled platform identifies, engages, and serves patients with complex behavioral health, medical and social challenges across the complete continuum of care. The company was incorporated in 2013 and is based in Silver Spring, Maryland. It has operations in Maryland, Virginia, the District of Columbia, Nevada, Louisiana, New Jersey, Michigan, Florida, Texas, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Mississippi, and California.


Post in 2021
Eyenovia is a biopharmaceutical company that provides portfolio of next generation topical eye treatments. It is a clinical stage, ophthalmic biopharmaceutical company that transforms the delivery of therapeutics for the treatment of prominent eye diseases, such as glaucoma, dry eyes, allergic eye disease and many others. Eyenovia’s breakthrough piezo-dispersion and microdosing technology enable a portfolio of first-in-class, next-generation, micro-therapeutics for the eye designed to reduce ocular and systemic toxicity and improve the risk-benefit profile of both new and existing therapeutics. Eyenovia was founded in 2014.

HLS Therapeutics

Post in 2018
HLS is dedicated to the stewardship of branded pharmaceuticals through their life cycles post - exclusivity. HLS ensures the availability of treatments critical to patients and their caregivers with the brand names they trust.


Series B in 2017
Co-Founded by Prajit Nanu and Michael Bermingham in 2014, InstaReM (short for Instant Remittance) is a Singapore-headquartered Fintech start-up providing fast, secure and cost-effective digital cross-border money transfer services to individuals and businesses. InstaReM has created a unique payment mesh in Asia, which is being leveraged by individuals and corporates. The company also offers a configurable, multi-featured platform MassPay that helps corporate and SME users to manage and control their high-volume remittances to multiple beneficiaries in multiple currencies via a seamless process, enabling then to reduce cross-border money transfer costs by up to 80%. The company is licensed in the EU, Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, Malaysia, India & Singapore. InstaReM is backed by marquee investors such as Vertex Ventures, Fullerton Financial Holdings, Global Founders Capital, GSR ventures and SBI-FMO Ventures. Its services and business model has been recognized on prestigious platforms such as Singapore Fintech Festival and India Fintech Awards in 2017.

Gridtential Energy

Convertible Note in 2021
Gridtential Energy, Inc. develops and licenses energy storage technologies for battery manufacturers. The company offers Silicon Joule battery technology for lead-acid batteries, which replaces the metal grid in lead-acid battery designs with a silicon substrate. It also engages in development of Silicon Joule battery technology for personal mobility applications, such as wheelchairs, e-bikes, and scooters; portable power equipment; and stationary backup solutions, which include uninterruptible power supplies and cell towers. Gridtential Energy, Inc. has a strategic partnership with Intevac. The company was founded in 2010 and is based in Santa Clara, California.

Sientra, Inc.

Post in 2017
Sientra, Inc., a medical device company, develops and markets products focusing on the plastic surgery and aesthetics market. The company is based in Santa Barbara, California. Sientra is committed to providing plastic surgeons with intuitive, elegant solutions—as reflected in its innovative round and shaped product lines. It offers breast implants, breast tissue expanders, silicone scar treatment, and additional tissue expanders.

Valence Community

Series A in 2020
Valence Enterprises, Inc. operates an online community platform that connects, showcases, and empowers the global black professional community. It offers Valence, a platform that helps users to establish connections with companies and capital to create career opportunities and new ventures. The company’s platform also provides a mentor option that allows members to volunteer as a coach for other Valence users. Valence Enterprises, Inc. was founded in 2019 and is based in Santa Monica, California.

Kobiton, Inc.

Debt Financing in 2021
Kobiton, Inc. designs and develops a mobile testing platform. Its platform offers delivery and testing of mobile applications by offering manual and automated testing on real devices and cloud. The company’s platform also includes features, such as lower application abandonment, accelerate application delivery, CX delivery, and tame device chaos. Kobiton, Inc. was incorporated in 2016 and is based in Atlanta, Georgia.


Debt Financing in 2021
Cortica Inc. provides neurological therapies for children with autism and other neurodevelopmental challenges. It offers customized treatment programs for children with autism based on an in-depth understanding of the child's neurobiology and developmental profile. The company provides in-home, in-clinic, and telehealth services. Cortica Inc. was incorporated in 2014 and is based in San Diego, California. It has centers in Carlsbad, Irvine, San Rafael, Torrance, and Westlake Village, California.


Debt Financing in 2019
Rollbar is a software company that helps developers deploy software with solutions that identify, prioritize, and resolve coding errors. The company detects errors that happen in web applications and helps developers track and fix them. Its features include alerts, a dashboard, a suite of analysis tools, and an API. Rollbar offering real-time error monitoring, alerts, bug tracking and analytics for software developers. It supports all languages including Javascript, Ruby, Python, PHP, Node, Golang, Flash, Android, iOS and more. The company automates error monitoring and triaging, so developers can fix errors that matter within minutes, and build software quickly and painlessly. The solution offers workflow capabilities and integrates seamlessly into the modern development stack. Rollbar was founded in May 2012 and is headquartered in San Francisco, California, United States with offices in Barcelona and Budapest.


Series C in 2022
Wagestream allows your employees to have complete control over when they get paid. It effectively ends the need for employee advances, loans and employee stress suffered from short term, unplanned financial obligations. Mission 1#: Provide Financial Freedom to UK workers. Mission 2#: Destroy the Pay Day Loan industry. Ahmee.