The Techstars Dubai Accelerator in partnership with GINCO is expanding Techstars’ presence in the Middle East. GINCO is a full service general contracting firm, covering the full lifecycle of the construction process from concept to execution and supervision. Dubai is known for their leadership in technology innovation. Pioneering entrepreneurs leading innovative companies solving challenges in transportation, construction, wellness, IoT, robotics, & beyond should apply, no matter your location.

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4883 past transactions


Pre Seed Round in 2021
Mockmate is a job interview simulator that uses AI to help candidates practice job interviews and help companies improve their hiring process. The platform generates interview questions and analyses the answers from candidates either by video, sound or typing and gives them a score.


Pre Seed Round in 2021
Birdstop builds infrastructure to inspect and monitor field assets at scale. Users obtain real-time data on their assets over the Internet through networked UAVs and ground stations.


Seed Round in 2013
MarketVibe is a company based out of 2125 W Cesar Chavez St, Austin, Texas, United States.

Hackajob LTD

Seed Round in 2015
Hackajob LTD. is an online marketplace that matches technical candidates with direct employers and then users apply by completing job-specific challenges. It also facilitates clients to talk to and invite passive candidates to take hacks on the platform, opening up a previously inaccessible pool of talent. The company was founded in 2014 and is based in London, United Kingdom.


Pre Seed Round in 2015
UniqueSound is the largest platform for sound creatives to showcase their work and get hired. Composers, sound designers and other sound creatives can create portfolios to showcase their work and get hired directly by clients - including global brands, advertising agencies, production companies, directors, music supervisors - UniqueSound is powered by a worldwide network of sound creatives. We kicked off in October 2014 while at the French Accelerator Le Camping by Numa Paris. In January 2015, we landed in NYC to be part of Techstars NYC 2015 batch. Follow us on our mission to offer a great playground for both composers and clients such as L'Oréal, Mandarin Oriental, Samsung, TBWA, and Publicis

kencko foods, inc.

Angel Round in 2016
kencko foods, inc. produces and sells organic fruit and vegetable products in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada. The company offers sachet-based drink, including ten pack, thirty pack, and sixty pack. kencko foods, inc. was founded in 2017 and is based in New York, New York with a processing facility in Lisbon, Portugal.

Blind Tiger Communications

Private Placement in 2018
Blind Tiger Communications, Inc. designs and manufactures communication devices and radio-frequency identification (RFID) systems. It provide multilingual government and public safety agencies worldwide a wireless security platform-as-a-service implementing security, automation, management, and unified communication management system. The company develops and manufactures devices that allow users to manage mobile devices over a specific geographic area and prevents explosives triggered by those phones. The company provides managed access platform for wireless devices across all licensed and unlicensed spectrum. It provides wireless intrusion, detection, and defeat system (WIDDS). The company through its communication devices also offers mobile network restoration and broadcast messaging services. Blind Tiger Communications, Inc. was incorporated in 2012 and is based in Blairsville, Georgia.


Pre Seed Round in 2019
Make big purchases with the CAKE Visa Card and pay them off in easy, fixed monthly payments. CAKE is simple to use and even simpler to pay off. With payment plans of 3, 6 or 12-months, smart tech that helps people pay their balance off faster, and super low rates, CAKE makes paying off a big purchase a piece of cake.

Sensei Tech

Pre Seed Round in 2017
Sensei offers a scalable, seamless store-wide solution that empowers the stores of the future to be check-out and cash free. Through an integrated system of cameras and AI algorithms, Sensei enables a new era of Phygital stores able to capture in-store product data and shoppers’ activities, to offer a wealth of analytics and smooth, frictionless shopping experience.


Seed Round in 2017
Solstice Power Technologies, Inc. develops customer management software for solar power companies. It provides an online platform for solar marketplace that offers subscriber aggregation and management services to solar developers, utilities, and other providers of shared solar energy. Solstice Power Technologies, Inc. was formerly known as Solstice Initiative, Inc. The company was founded in 2014 and is based in Cambridge, Massachusetts.


Seed Round in 2020
ReelCrafter launched in late 2016 with a goal to arm composers, musicians, songwriters, and other audio professionals with the best possible tools for creating and sending private demo reels. With our detailed tracking abilities, we provide our customers with insight into how each recipient of their demo reel engaged with their tracks. They can see which parts of their reel were played or skipped, informing the artist how they can refine their pitch to make the biggest impact. Looking to the future, our goal is to expand our toolset to empower musical artists and help them get work, *and* get work done.

Placester, Inc.

Venture Round in 2011
Placester is an all-in-one business platform for real estate professionals with beautiful lead capturing websites, lead management, email marketing, marketing automation, analytics, free education and 24/7 support. Founded in 2011 by Matthew Barba, a former real estate agent, and Frederick Townes, a seasoned technologist, the Placester platform enables real estate professionals to grow their businesses online and via mobile through seamless MLS integration, natural language search and eye-catching visuals. In addition, Placester offers a wide range of apps and add-ons for high-impact email marketing, digital advertising campaigns, lead management and streamlining of everyday tasks. Currently serving two in five real estate professionals in the U.S., Placester is a proud technology partner to leading real estate brands across North America, and the sole website provider for the REALTOR Benefits® Program, the official member benefits program of the National Association of REALTORS®. To date, Placester has raised $100 million in funding, backed by New Enterprise Associates (NEA), Romulus Capital and Techstars. For more information, please visit


Seed Round in 2021
Transform your Gmail into organized Task Lists. Transform your Gmail into organized Task Lists. Drag’s free Task List app turns your inbox into a manageable workspace (just like Trello, but for Gmail). Drag ‘n drop your emails between lists/stages and customize them. It makes the hours spent in your inbox a whole lot easier and more organized. We use a layout called ‘Kanban’ right inside Gmail. You’ll know it from tools such as Trello or Pipedrive. Kanban is a way of managing tasks in a lean way and allows you to visually map your workflow. ☆☆☆ Featured in Chrome store (Twice), Product Hunt (Top 5), Hacker News, Mashable, Lifehacker, Reddit ☆☆☆ ★ Turn Gmail into a Kanban board Drag transforms your inbox into a Kanban board with one single click. ★ Drag ‘n Drop emails Manage all of your tasks from one easy-to-use Drag‘n‘Drop workspace. ★ Customize your Task Lists Organize emails into simple lists. Edit column names and add as many columns as you want. ★ Add inbox tasks Manage emails and add custom Tasks to your Kanban boards. ★ Drag Pro If you want to supercharge managing your Tasks, Drag Pro is your answer. Here’s what you can do with Pro: ➤ Share Task Lists. Customize and share Task Lists with your team. ➤ Add notes and checklists. Add notes and checklists to each of your emails and Tasks. ➤ Add due dates to emails. Apply due dates to your emails and tasks and visualize them in your boards. Learn more about Drag Pro at ★Interested in what we have planned?★ Suggest and vote for new features here: Here’s what some of our users have said: “I was chomping at the bit for this!!!! Now I have it, I’m in love with it. I am in project management, so on top of managing myself I have to manage a lot of others. While I have to-do systems such as Trello and Asana, most of those to-dos are spurred from emails (or an email that has a lot of information)." "I’ve tried setting up folders and didn’t work. It made it so hard until now. Drag, simply put, is awesome. I can now run my inbox like I do my tasks inside Trello.” “We’ve previously used tools such as Wunderlist, Asana, Evernote, Todoist,, Trello and Sortd however they’re all focused on managing Tasks inside a tool. I need to manage my tasks inside my email. Booooom, then Drag came a long. Honestly, it’s the most productive Chrome extension I’ve used in years. Thanks Drag, I’m an official Dragster now!” “Email is the perennial problem for me, because I want to use it as a todo list, but I also want a zero inbox. I’m a huge fan of Trello, it is the most productive workspace I have today. So when I saw Drag, the light went on and I am now unable to live without it.” “We’ve tried them all from Trello, Asana, Evernote through to Sortd and others. Drag complements my use of Trello perfectly. I don’t want all Tasks inside Trello so to run my Gmail separately works amazingly well.” How does Drag compare to other tools? If you’re considering what Task Management or Project Management tools you should be using in your spare time and improve what you’re doing, there’s a lot of options. From regular old spreadsheets to manage Tasks to specific Kanban boards of software, sales and marketing. There are dozens of solutions (we love Trello) and Drag works perfectly with them. Don’t replace your main tools, instead use Drag to apply the same principles of being efficient with tasks, inside your inbox.

Thread Genius, Inc.

Seed Round in 2017
Thread Genius, Inc. develops and operates a visual search and recommendation platform for fashion content. The company was founded in 2015 and is based in New York, New York. As of January 25, 2018, Thread Genius, Inc. operates as a subsidiary of Sotheby's.

Nestio, Inc.

Series A in 2020
Funnel offers a complete marketing and leasing management solution for residential landlords and brokers. From top national management companies to boutique brokerages, thousands of multifamily professionals rely on Funnel’s intuitive software to manage their inventory from one place, optimize the tenant experience from prospect to close, and drive more revenue. The company was founded in 2010 and is based in New York, New York.

SkillSet Israel

Pre Seed Round in 2020
Skillset helps you make better, fairer, and more efficient hire decisions combining a technology solution with grounded theory and practice. Skillset replaces the traditional resume with an instant and fast online process that evaluates the parameters for predicting success, in which anyone can showcase his or her abilities without hiding behind a dull resume.

EnviCore Inc.

Seed Round in 2021
EnviCore is a growing R&D company offering innovative and sustainable wastewater treatment solutions. EnviCore's developed technologies have the potential to introduce a step-change in the holistic approach of the mining tailings treatment. Providing a low cost and environmentally friendly alternative, coupled with the superior performance and efficiency, which can change the adverse narrative associated with mining waste and its environmental impact and help mining operators achieve new resource developments more responsibly.

OmniX labs

Seed Round in 2018
OmniX labs develops and delivers a subscription-based trained machine vision platform that enables businesses and customers to form better experiences from any captured moment. The company’s platform enables companies to build image recognition into their business with a trained model. Its platform is used by advertising, automotive, and retail industries. The company was founded in 2017 and is based in New York, New York.


Seed Round in 2016
Beyonic offers businesses a suite of cutting-edge digital payment services. The Beyonic platform is a simple and universal two-way payment management solution; it gives its customers access to 26 mobile payment networks and more than 20 banks in nine different countries, all centrally. For the past seven years, Beyonic has specialized in providing dematerialized payment solutions for managing personal projects and corporate budgets, such as payroll, change, communication credit, debt collection. payment and disbursement of corporate funds of any size or type.


Pre Seed Round in 2021
MCSquared Health simplifies the medical billing process so patients and providers can focus on what's most important: care. We have has the expertise to understand why America’s complex and expensive health care system can make it frustrating for patients to make payments. Our mission is to radically simplify and modernize the way in which Americans pay for their health care.


Pre Seed Round in 2021
Geolumina is an Intuitive AI with geologic insight.


Pre Seed Round in 2020
StatsHelix is a b2b gametech company focused on enhancing esports and gaming experiences through data. We deliver cutting edge SaaS software that helps broadcasters create better content and engage viewers.


Pre Seed Round in 2021
Gable platform helps remote professionals across the globe can use to access a nearby neighborhood workspace to work, focus, innovate, connect, and thrive. Gable hosts accommodate small groups between four and 20 people, so companies can book a Gable for employees clustered in the same neighborhood to collaborate efficiently. Everyone is screened with background and health and safety checks, and all spaces must meet certain quality criteria to pass muster. All amenities like WiFi, phone calls, tea, restroom, parking, kitchen, printers, whiteboard, AC are provided.

Eunimart Multichannel Pvt. Ltd.

Funding Round in 2021
Eunimart Multichannel Pvt. Ltd. develops artificially intelligent cross border e-commerce ecosystem that centralizes all the tools needed to manage and simplify global e-commerce business, automates tasks, and increase profitability through forecasting, and demand planning. It offers strategy and planning, e-commerce technology, fulfillment solutions, and digital cataloging solutions. It also offers e-commerce consultancy services. The company was founded in 2016 and is headquartered in Hyderabad, India.


Series A in 2021
Vitally, Inc. develops an analytics platform for B2B businesses. The company’s product includes Vitally which enables SaaS companies track the product metrics critical to customer retention alongside the impact their post-sales process has on those metrics. Further, the company offers analytics tools, success metrics, and indicators to locate customers, as well as provides insights into each customer's engagement with the product. Additionally, it automatically highlights opportunity or risk states which the customers transition in to. Vitally, Inc. was founded in 2017 and is based in New York, New York.


Seed Round in 2015
Betaout Technologies Private Limited provides ecommerce marketing software for eCommerce companies. Its Betaout platform gives users a single repository of various activities, events, intent, purchase, browsing history, social footprint, and more updated in real time. The company’s platform also helps users in customer segments, email marketing, product catalog, on-site marketing, mobile push, cart recovery, and insights. The company was incorporated in 2012 and is based in Noida, India. As of October 24, 2018, Betaout Technologies Private Limited operates as a subsidiary of Bluecore, Inc..

MindStand Technologies

Pre Seed Round in 2018
Fostering a healthy online community, one post at a time!


Venture Round in 2020
Traive is an ag-fintech that unlocks credit to farmers by connecting them to lenders and providing ML-based credit risk assessment and monitoring. Traive brings farmers state-of-the-art technology to offer a novel and fair credit risk assessment, opening the door for affordable funding for their businesses. For lenders, Traive provides a differentiated analysis applied over alternative farming and individual data, while allowing access to a much larger and diversified portfolio of borrowers.


Pre Seed Round in 2021
How we manage our waste and recycling bins is reactive and should be on-demand. Regular collection schedules result in inefficiencies. Our approach does not accommodate seasonal variation. This results in poor customer service for the servicing companies and there is no site specific performance data. This includes waste collection companies, janitorial services companies and property managers. Lidbot is a plug and play smart sensor that sticks to waste and recycling bins and measures how full they are in real-time. It helps waste collection staff optimize collection related costs, increase cleanliness in their spaces, increase customer service and better understand their waste and recycling.


Private Placement in 2018
Goodr Inc. develops a real time food rescue application that engages in sustainable waste management activities. The company's dashboard allows businesses to track and account for their donations, see their real time tax savings, and analyze waste trends. The company was founded in 2016 and is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia.


Seed Round in 2017
Prospectify, Inc. develops and operates an automated prospecting platform. Its platform enables users to use data search, data enrichment, and verification systems to build targeted lists and outreach campaigns. The company was founded in 2016 and is based in Gilbert, Arizona. As of August 8, 2019, Prospectify, Inc. operates as a subsidiary of AngelList LLC.


Seed Round in 2016
OnFrontiers builds knowledge networks for distributed businesses seeking to become more agile and competitive. Our product is a SaaS platform customers use to manage their network of go-to experts and also to access new expertise via our expert marketplace.

Fortified Bicycle, Inc.

Pre Seed Round in 2014
Fortified Bicycle, Inc. manufactures LED bicycle headlights. The company offers anti-theft bike headlights for urban cyclists. It serves customers through retailers and bike dealers. The company was formerly known as Gotham Bicycle Defense Industries, LLC. Fortified Bicycle, Inc. was founded in 2012 and is based in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

TPS Engage

Pre Seed Round in 2018
TPS Engage is making digital out of home smarter, better and open to anyone. By taking unsold inventory from Digital Out of Home networks and giving access to any type of business to buy OOH at an hourly base rather than exclusive long term deals, TPS Engage gives a much needed breath of fresh air to the industry. This, combined with enhanced analytics and the possibility to deliver contextual content at the click of the button, makes TPS a perfect solution for networks, SMBs and large scale advertisers.

Winston Technologies Limited

Private Placement in 2020
Winston Technologies Limited. owns and operates an online platform that allows users to request home services by sending a message. It offers cleaning, errand management, handyman, laundry and dry cleaning, pet care, and grocery restocking services. The company was founded in 2008 and is based in London, United Kingdom.

Urban Sky

Seed Round in 2021
Urban Sky is developing the first-ever reusable 'micro-sat' version of a near-space balloon, armed with sensors that collect high-value Earth observation data over entire cities, serving a multi-billion dollar imagery market and making daily and weekly aerial imagery collection a cost-effective reality. Leveraging advances in component miniaturization, first-of-its-kind balloon reusability, and the high vantage point of the stratosphere, the Microballoon drastically reduces the cost of high-resolution remote sensing and weather-related data capture over broad areas, leading to more impactful data over more areas than ever before. With a new wealth of data from the stratosphere - this completely untapped layer of Earth’s atmosphere - we can fundamentally change the collective human understanding of the surface of our planet and urban centers.

Opus 12 Incorporated

Seed Round in 2018
Opus 12 captures carbon emissions where pollution is generated and turns the CO2 into chemicals like methane, ethylene, and ethanol. Their technology bolts onto any source of CO₂ emissions, and with only water and electricity as inputs, transforms that CO₂ into some of the world's most critical chemical products. The company plans to recycle CO2 emissions into liquid fuels and chemical precursors cost-competitively with petroleum-sourced products. It also develops a profitable solution to carbon emissions by recycling CO₂ into cost-competitive chemicals and fuels. It is based in Berkeley, California.

Spektra Inc.

Funding Round in 2021
Spektra is building APIs and tools that make it possible for businesses to accept and disburse Mobile Money payments from and to multiple providers and currencies within minutes, NOT months, without dealing with Mobile Network operators at all. With a few lines of code, a single tap or click, your customers can pay you with our seamless and easy to use products on the web, mobile, and in-app.

Treasure Technologies

Seed Round in 2020
Treasure Financial Inc. develops a money management app for kids. The company’s product is used to learn and teach about money management by the parents; develop good habits and understand the value of money; learn financial planning, budgeting, saving, and know the difference between wants and needs; educate the children about money; and track balances and move the money around in kids saving, spending, giving, and goal accounts. The company was formerly known as Abacus Card. Treasure Financial Inc. was founded in 2017 and is based in Toronto, Canada.

Growth Geeks

Pre Seed Round in 2015
A growth geek is a hired gun. A marketer with skills. The kind of person that can change the trajectory of a business. Millions of companies across the world are trying to grow, and they need growth geeks. If you have mastered some aspect of modern marketing, anything from paid traffic, to content marketing, to social media, to data scraping, to analytics, or anything in between, then you might have what it takes to be a growth geek.

Hotelhero U.G

Pre Seed Round in 2018
Hotelhero GMBH provides an online marketplace for software as a service (SaaS) solutions for the hotel industry. The company provides tailored software recommendations for operations, distribution, marketing, customer relationship management, meeting management, finance, and staff management services; and allows users to compare and select tools and systems for the hotel business. It serves the hospitality industry. The company was founded in 2017 and is headquartered in Berlin, Germany.


Venture Round in 2011
RoundPegg is a culture and engagement platform designed for companies, businesses, and organizations. Their software makes complex data science and people analytics easy to use. They quantify each company's unique culture and use the data to achieve measurable outcomes through applications for hiring, performance management and employee engagement. The company was founded in 2009 and headquartered in Boulder, Colorado.


Seed Round in 2016’s content management system is meant to simplify posting and updating material processes on static websites. The startup offers a full-featured CMS for your static site with support for Jekyll, Hugo and Git that is suitable in creating documentation sites.


Private Placement in 2018
Our vision for kpiReady is to help transform the venture and startup area by leading with advice. In speaking with many companies in the space, they need kpiReady, and we are looking for someone to help us build fast and contribute to the ecosystem. Rarely is there a chance to build a product that can effect this space so largely, and our next hire would have the opportunity to build fast and furious with us. We know from our experience in this space that smart growth happens when CEOs/Founders are laser focused upon smart metrics and communicating effectively. kpiReady is a New York based company and is committed to growing in the amazing New York City tech scene.

4Degrees AV Inc.

Seed Round in 2018
4Degrees helps professionals build better relationships, and democratize access to social capital - driven by machine learning. The company envisions to equalize opportunity by enabling you to build stronger professional relationships. Its platform identifies the right connections for you to focus on, works with you to strengthen those relationships over time, and helps you activate your network when you need it.


Pre Seed Round in 2010
RentMonitor makes it easy to be a landlord. We are the one property management solution landlords need to fill vacancies, collect rent and maximize profits.


Seed Round in 2015
Kinetic creates wearable devices and cloud-based software that reduces workplace injuries, for the industrial workforce. REFLEX, the company's product is a device that employs analytics to provide reminders and notifications to workers once the device detects a high-risk motion such as unsafe postures that could cause injuries in the construction, warehouses, and factories environment. It can also be used as a sensor that detects COVID-19 exposure. In 2014, Haytham Elhawary and Aditya Bansal established Kinetic in New York, New York.


Convertible Note in 2018
Resonancex is the Low-Code Fintech Agility Platform. The platform leverages the best of new technologies, open-source and cloud infrastructure to empower Financial Services companies to: - Create and launch new products and services - Innovate to redefine customer success - Distribute powerful analytics and reports Using Python language as an accelerator we bridge the gap between novice coding and business requirements to structure, calculate, deploy, and distribute capital markets solutions to clients, without the help of an expensive and often overloaded technology team. ResonanceX is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.


Seed Round in 2015
As most founder stories go, we met on a yacht in Croatia for technology 'hackathon', where we were paired to develop a mobile app. We bonded over a shared vision of using technology for social impact to empower people. They fundamentally believe that safety should be a basic human right. pingWHEN stems from Their own personal experiences, coupled with the mission to put a positive dent in the challenge of global safety. Julie backpacked in a solo ‘around-the-world’ trip in 2012 and had a few moments where she was extremely fearful for her safety. She wondered if anyone would know if she didn’t arrive to an intended destination and how long it would take for someone to notice. Her mother appreciated quick daily notifications when she arrived safely. Julie couldn’t find anything in the market that she would use for personal safety and set out on a mission to create the change she wanted to see in the world. Sam reasonated with the mission of pingWHEN as he is an avid runner and adventurer and appreciates a ‘safety net’ for his journeys alone.


Funding Round in 2021
Why: TinnCann enables deeper community connections that last. How: We connect Experts with their audience via paid, 1:1 video calls. What: A marketplace and corresponding technology to facilitate everything from scheduling, to transactions, to an in-browser video tool. This means that Experts can offer their fans and followers a way to connect while still maintaining their privacy or worrying about any technical details. All you need is a profile - we do the rest!


Funding Round in 2021
Thermexit is a line of high-end thermal interface gap filler pads that offers thermal management solutions. The company's technology is derived from years of government-funded research and development in advanced materials including the application of carbon nanotubes in electrochemical systems as well as dispersion, compounding, and coating process for composites of nanotubes and other carbons.


Seed Round in 2016
Branch is the only challenger bank that partners with employers to help working Americans grow financially. Employers turn to Branch not only to help them attract and retain hourly workers but also reduce the costs of paper checks and paycards by offering Branch as a free financial wellness benefit and bank alternative. Employees that sign up with Branch can receive a zero-fee bank account, free instant access to earned wages, and auto-budgeting tools to help them manage their cash flow between paychecks.


Pre Seed Round in 2014
CLASSWALLET.COM, Inc. provides a funds management and tracking platform for school systems. It offers ClassWallet, a tracking platform for education funds that streamlines the tracking of education funds by minimizing paperwork and administrative overhead. The company's ClassWallet helps customers for their needs in tracking classroom stipends and purchases, unappropriated funds, Title I tracking, student activity funds, grants management, and donations. CLASSWALLET.COM, Inc. is based in Hollywood, Florida.


Funding Round in 2021
Eventnoire offers software solutions to event planners for online event registration, venue selection, event management, mobile apps for events, and *e-mail marketing catered to you. This unique platform also serves as resource for event marketers to advertise their events to consumers looking to attend events that are relevant to them and their interests.


Pre Seed Round in 2021
On a mission to give every person and every organization the superpowers to build software, Enzyme is an artificial intelligence-powered tool that helps people build websites faster and at scale with #nocode.


Pre Seed Round in 2019
microTERRA creates sustainable protein for farmers in LATAM. Protein is the largest cost to farmers, representing 70% of their total spend. By combining hardware and biotech, microTERRA develops microalgae systems that transform wastewater into a sustainable protein and clean water. Our first customers are fish farms. We transform their wastewater into fish feed, onsite, lowering their production costs, producing protein sustainably and cleaning the water.


Pre Seed Round in 2021
Bippit is a financial support system for employees, which provides them with a 1-1 financial coach, powerful tools, and practical resources. Research has shown that 3/4 staff members have financial concerns that directly affect them at work, but only 1/10 have been able to speak to an expert about them. This has a huge impact on businesses, as 15% of payroll cost can be lost from reduced productivity, presenteeism, and an increase in staff turnover, due to the financial worries of their workforce. Bippit makes professional financial support completely free for employees, whenever and wherever they need it, and is backed by early stage investors in Monzo, Freetrade, and Calm.


Pre Seed Round in 2019
Kred, Inc provides digital banking platform for cooperatives and lending institutions. The company provides banking solutions, lending solutions, payment solutions, custom API solutions, and custom card solutions. It offers products such as modules which includes lend, collect, reconcile, and integrations; payments which includes pay, card, and mobile; and add on such as insights, view, AI, and chat bot. The company provides coop software which includes automated accounting, synchronized bookkeeping, digital payment, and robotic reports. Kred, Inc was founded in 2019 and is based in Ernakulam, Kerala, India.


Seed Round in 2014
Hullabalu is a company based in NYC, creating stories for the new generation. They are inspired by their love for fantastical worlds, the timeless classics they grew up with, and the kids who visit their office.


Seed Round in 2017
ReferralMD delivers proven referral management, patient access and e-consult solutions that help hospitals, health systems, networks, and payers streamline the referral process, decrease patient leakage and improve communication between providers and patients. The enterprise platform matches patients with the most appropriate providers and closes the feedback loop between providers and patients. The solution’s powerful workflow and clinical decision support tools help healthcare providers increase revenue, drive operational efficiencies and improve customer service.

Damon Motorcycles

Convertible Note in 2017
Damon is unleashing the full potential of personal mobility for the world’s commuters. With its proprietary electric drivetrain, the company has developed the world’s safest, smartest, fully connected electric motorcycle platform employing radical innovations in battery propagation resistance, sensor fusion and AI. Designed as a platform for worldwide line extension, Damon motorcycles will ship direct to consumer on subscription plans to drive scale. Based in Vancouver, Canada, Damon is a Techstars Mobility company founded by serial entrepreneurs Jay Giraud and Dom Kwong. Damon’s investors include Round 13 Capital, Techstars, Fontinalis, Extreme Venture Partners and Pallasite Ventures.


Seed Round in 2012
Bench is a fintech company that automates accounting tasks to organize the financials of small businesses. Pairing its intuitive software with a live bookkeeping team, Bench combines the convenience and efficiency of modern technology with the expertise and time-savings afforded by a professional service. Bench was founded by Forbes 30 Under 30 winner, Ian Crosby along with Jordan Menashy, Adam Saint and Pavel Rodionov in 2012. Bench has raised $33M to date, services thousands of business owners across the country and currently employs 250 people out of its headquarters in Vancouver, Canada.


Venture Round in 2019
NoviCap operates an online platform that connects companies that want to sell their outstanding invoices with international investors willing to buy. It offers NoviCap, an invoice trading platform that connects a pool of investors with companies willing to sell the collection rights of their invoices. The company was founded in 2014 and is based in Barcelona, Spain.


Seed Round in 2015
Elasticode leverages data collection about users' mobile experience into a personalized interaction,that best fits to that exact moment, place and settings. Enhancing developers and publishers business results,providing them with the power to address specific segments, receive a high resolution point of view and a real-time decision making engine, in a simple and fully controlled way.

Arqlite SPC

Pre Seed Round in 2020
Arqlite has developed a new proprietary process that differs from traditional recycling systems as it is low cost and also capable of recycling all kind of plastics, even the ones that today are considered as non-recyclable and represent about 70% of the stream (laminated, aluminized, degraded by water or UV, etc). 
The output of the process is a light artificial gravel used at the construction industry, precast concrete companies and landscapers among others. Arqlite is greener, cheaper, 10 times better insulator and 3 times lighter, representing an eco-friendly solution and a cost optimization.

Hurdl, Inc.

Seed Round in 2017
Hurdl is changing the landscape of live event marketing and experiences by identifying and communicating directly with audiences in venue. With a simple text to activate, each fan connects their unique LED wearable "Pixl" to Hurdl's patented data-driven experiential (DDX) marketing system. By replacing impression based experiential marketing with direct-to-consumer messaging, Hurdl captures up to 75% more first party data on fans in venue, driving 95% survey response rates and 99% click through rates, resulting in 3x higher conversion rates to purchase than other d2c methods.


Seed Round in 2022
Pilotbird is a SaaS platform for insurance companies that uses social data points to deliver value in key parts of the insurance value chain. Pilotbird empowers Life & Health insurance teams to better score risk, engage customers and detect claims fraud by analyzing social data points.

Pana Industries, Inc.

Funding Round in 2016
Pana is a computer software company that specializes in mobile, online travel, and mobile commerce. The company is driven by its mission is to make travel simple, personal, and delightful. From an app, they make booking travel as easy as texting a friend, provide white-glove care for the highs and lows of travel, and offer travel perks, rewards, and experiences. Pana was founded in 2014 and headquartered in Denver, Colorado.


Pre Seed Round in 2020
Wunderite, Inc. develops data exchange software for the insurance industry. The company's software provides digitalization of insurance submissions, leveraging data sets and APIs, and insights for decision makers. Its platform automates insurance applications. Wunderite, Inc. was founded in 2018 and is based in Bourne, Massachusetts


Pre Seed Round in 2019
Employing and incorporating the model of Circular Economy to achieve our vision. We are on a mission to judicially and responsibly use limited available resources. Creating a positive impact in the environment is the core purpose of our organization. The ability to make a change and being a significant contributor of that change drives them.


Convertible Note in 2016
Polly is a survey platform that helps teams to quickly collect feedback, allowing them to measure their workflows and improve employee and customer experiences. Its notable clients include Soylent, Auth0, and Grammarly. The company was founded in 2015 by former Microsoft engineers Samir Diwan and Bilal Aijazi‏. The startup is backed by Amplify Partners, Slack Fund, Fathom Capital, and Madrona Venture Group.


Pre Seed Round in 2017
Avisare is a universal supplier management portal connecting large corporations with small and mid-sized businesses for pre-vetting and RFP opportunities. We offer suppliers a centralized database to keep their company information updated, and provide the most robust platform to make sourcing a turnkey process.


Venture Round in 2011
Scopely, Inc. develops mobile and tablet touchscreen-based games for casual and core gamers worldwide. It offers fleet command games; and game design, live, marketing, analytics, business development, advertising, and other services. Scopely, Inc. was founded in 2011 and is based in Culver City, California.

Goally, Inc.

Pre Seed Round in 2018
Goally, Inc. develops a smart clock that helps children with developmental disabilities like attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), autism, and down syndrome develop the critical executive functioning skills they need to grow into thriving adolescents and adults. It offers Goally, a service in a device for Kids with ADHD and Autism that helps parents and kids collaborate to set up routines and rewards in the Goally app with the assistance of expert support team that uses visual icons and gentle musical tunes to guide children through each activity in a set amount of time. The company was founded in 2015 and is based in Boulder, Colorado.


Seed Round in 2015
Localize Corporation provides a localization solution for translating Websites by connecting companies and consumers around the world. It offers Localize, a java script code solution that automatically detects the content on Website, loads it into dashboard, and offers workflow for getting content translated and deployed. The company was incorporated in 2014 and is based in San Francisco, California.

Communikind, Inc.

Funding Round in 2021
Communikind, Inc. operates an online platform that allows caregivers and parents of special care needs children to collect and store data and share with doctors. The company was incorporated in 2018 and is headquartered in San Francisco, California.


Pre Seed Round in 2019
OCCO packages and sells spices. It offers heat collection, including paprika, curry, and chili; sweet collection, such as nutmeg, cinnamon, and ginger; savory collection, including fennel, basil, and oregano; earth collection, such as mustard, cumin, and coriander ; and 101 collection, including onion, garlic, and black pepper. The company was founded in 2019 and is based in Manhattan. New York.


Pre Seed Round in 2014
Magnet is operating in field of event technologies for past 8 months. Reaching its product/market fit, Magnet raised seed fund in April 2015. Recently, Magnet was selected in TOP100 startups from South East Asia at Echelon Summit 2015. Magnet is incubated at VentureStudio, Ahmedabad, India.


Funding Round in 2020
NutriSense, Inc. consults and develops AI based corporate wellness programs. The company provides glucose sensor and application for diet tracking as well as personal dietitians. NutriSense, Inc. was incorporated in 2019 and is based in Chicago, Illinois.


Seed Round in 2017
KapitalWise API platform combines financial institutions data with third-party data and uses ML and AI to monitor, detect and predict personal and financial events in the consumer's life to help financial institutions to recommend the right products and services at the right time. Their SaaS solutions integrate fully into a bank’s existing technology platform, with the ability to provide insights to relationship managers or be part of the customer’s digital user experience, complete with goal setting, nudges and scenario planning.


Pre Seed Round in 2015
Origin is a privately held, clinical-stage biotechnology company founded in June 2010 to develop and commercialize our novel, patented medical technology — delivering plasma-stream therapeutic molecules generated right at the point of care. Their technology is based on Nobel prize-winning research and is designed to surpass current standards of care in efficacy, side effects, and/or cost-effectiveness. Origin (formerly Advanced Plasma Therapies) was founded in 2010 to become an active participant in the plasma-medicine arena. Plasma medicine is an innovative and emerging field combining plasma physics, life sciences and clinical medicine to use physical plasma for therapeutic applications. It is the subject of advanced study at major academic institutions in the United States, Russia, Germany, Japan, the United Kingdom, France and Italy.

Krowd Limited

Pre Seed Round in 2019
Krowd Limited develops a platform connecting retailers and cardholders. It serves retailers, banks, and merchant acquirers. The company was founded in 2016 and is based in London, United Kingdom.


Pre Seed Round in 2021
Plentywaka is a premium public mass transit app that allows commuters to request pickups from their desired bus stops and get real-time information about their journey. Users can plan their journey through the app, get live updates of their buses and ride in safe, convenient and efficient a/c buses across different cities in Nigeria without having to worry about surge pricing.

Lingvist Inc

Pre Seed Round in 2020
Lingvist is language learning software based on mathematical optimization and statistical analysis. It is designed to help users learn new languages within 200 hours. Its smart algorithm tracks the progress and mistakes of users, and adapts lessons in real time to match their levels and memory patterns. Lingvist is available for iOS and Android devices. Lingvist was launched by Ott Jalakas, Mait Muntel, Andres Koern, and Tanel Hiir in 2013 and is operated from Tallinn, Estonia.


Pre Seed Round in 2021
Remetrik is a complete toolkit for record labels, distributors & music publishers. We provide royalty accounting & analytics, catalogue & data management, distribution and marketing & promotion tools as an affordable cloud-based software-as-a-service.

ALBA Robot

Pre Seed Round in 2020
ALBA Robot is a modular and configurable platform to integrate ADAS systems and robotic technologies into wheelchairs. Alba aims to change the way Passengers with Reduced Mobility (PRM) move and enhance their independence in the everyday life. By using the best technologies from Voice Assistants, Automotive, Robotics, and IoT.

Bark Technologies

Seed Round in 2016
Bark uses AI to detect issues like cyberbullying, suicidal ideation, and school shootings. Bark uses machine learning to detect and proactively alert parents to issues their children face, such as cyberbullying, sexting, and signs of depression and suicidal thoughts. By only showing parents potential problems on their children's social media, text messaging, and email accounts, Bark's approach saves parents valuable time and helps build trust between parent and child.

Mini City

Pre Seed Round in 2022
Mini City Inc. develops, owns, and operates a platform that provides identification and employment opportunities to the homeless citizens. The company’s platform helps in legal identification, vital records, and employment forms; and assists workers, program directors, clinicians, and others that are working with the homeless and at risk for homelessness. The company was founded in 2017 and is based in Atlanta, Georgia.


Pre Seed Round in 2019
Lena develops a social event information application software designed for senior citizens. The company specializes in developing an app that introduces seniors to events they love in their own communities. It enables users to connect to social circles, and encourage them to participate in activities through gamified rewards.

Hellotickets Limited

Pre Seed Round in 2018
Hellotickets is a ticketing platform designed for selling tickets for leisure and cultural events to international travelers visiting the US or London. It was founded in 2016 by Alberto Martínez and Carla Mouriño and is based in Madrid.