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Massachusetts Capital Resource Co.

MASSACHUSETTS CAPITAL RESOURCE COMPANY was established in 1977 as a limited partnership privately owned and funded by Massachusetts-based life insurance companies. The Company’s mission was to create a source of risk capital to fill the senior debt to equity funding “gap” experienced by growing companies. Their investment activity complements, rather than competes with, the financing provided by senior lenders and equity investors. Mass. Capital provides higher risk growth and acquisition capital to manufacturing, distribution, service and technology companies. They focus on emerging growth and middle market companies with operations in Massachusetts. Their investments are structured to fit the specific needs of portfolio companies and to complement funding available from senior lenders and equity investors.
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Intel Capital, Intel's strategic investment program, is one of the largest worldwide corporate venture programs investing in the technology segment. With an overall strategy to stimulate advances in computing and communications, the Intel Capital team seeks out, and invests in, promising companies worldwide, working together to establish new and innovative technologies, develop industry standard solutions, drive Internet growth, and advance the computing platform. Since 1991, Intel Capital has invested more than $11.6 billion in approximately 1,437 companies in 57 countries. In that timeframe, 212 portfolio companies have gone public on various exchanges around the world and 377 were acquired or participated in a merger.
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A Plus Finance

A Plus Finance, which is headquartered in Paris (France), is an independent trust company specialising in the management of Common Investment Funds for Innovation (FCPI) and Proximity Investment Funds (FIP). A Plus Finance is involved in all innovative sectors, particularly in the IT, media and security fields. The A Plus Finance team includes financiers and entrepreneurs, thus providing companies with both an awareness of the daily constraints of management and a long-term perspective on the development of their business. Managing funds amounting to nearly €220m, A Plus Finance invests between €1 million and €4 million per project.per
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YFM Equity Partners

YFM Equity Partners LLP is a venture capital and private equity firm specializing in investments in growth capital, recapitalization, development, expansion, management buy outs, and management buyins. The firm seeks to invest in mid and late venture, mature, and emerging growth companies. It seeks to invest in firms which are not involved in primary industries. The firm invests in small and medium sized entrepreneurs (SMEs) and companies across a range of sectors and has a particular interest in energy, materials, manufacturing, consumer staples, consumer electronics, healthcare, financials, business services, information technology, telecommunications, utility, software and services, internet, computer hardware, computers and peripherals, electronic equipments, instruments and components, retail roll-outs, utilities, consumer brands, and companies with proprietary technology. It seeks to invest in companies based in United Kingdom including; South-West, Yorkshire with a focus on North Yorkshire; South Yorkshire; West Yorkshire, Somerset, Wiltshire, Humberside, and North Lincolnshire. The firm also seeks to invest in North West region with a focus on England including Cheshire, Cornwall, Cumbria, Devon, Dorset, Gloucestershire, Greater London, Greater Manchester, Lancashire, and Merseyside. It also invests in the United States. It seeks to invest between £0.1 million ($0.19 million) and £10 million ($14.51 million) of equity in companies with sales value between £5 million ($0.19 million) and €50 million ($71.36 million). The firm seeks to provide £10 million ($16.13 million) for late stage and buyout investments. It seeks to take Board membership in its portfolio company. The firm prefers to hold majority stake. It seeks to exit its investments within five years through sale or listing. YFM Equity Partners Limited was founded in 1982 and is based in Leeds, United Kingdom with additional offices in London, Birmingham, Manchester, and Sheffield in United Kingdom.
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Foresight Group

Foresight Group is an alternative asset manager with a strong 30-year track record and specific expertise in environmental and solar infrastructure and private equity. Foresight Group is a leading independent infrastructure and private equity investment manager which has been managing investment funds on behalf of institutions and retail clients for 30 years. With current assets under management of over £2.2 billion, raised from the UK and international private and high-net-worth individuals, family offices, pension funds and other institutional investors, Foresight strives to generate increasing dividends and capital appreciation for its investors over the long term. Foresight has offices in UK, USA, Italy, and Australia.
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IP Group

IP Group's core business is the creation of value for its shareholders and partners through the commercialisation of intellectual property originating from research intensive institutions. Their strength lies in managing this process from finding suitable intellectual property to commercialise to either helping develop businesses and create value out of them, or identifying and establishing appropriate commercial partnerships to do so. IP Group's extensive expertise in this area combined with its inside knowledge of both industry and finance have enabled the group to create a formidable track record of consistently delivering excellent results for their companies, for their partners and for their shareholders.
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Capital-E is a private equity and venture capital firm specializing in seed/start-ups and early stage investments. The firm seeks to invest in micro and nano electronics, nanotechnology, and advanced materials with a focus on image sensors, machine learning, artificial intelligence, industry 4.0, medical and diagnostics, semicon processing and metrology, communications and networking, green energy, and consumer electronics and multimedia. Within communication, the firm focuses on analogue and mixed signal chip solutions, RF technologies and components for communication and sensor networks, solutions with significantly higher integration/performance/power efficiency benchmarks for existing and emerging markets and also seeks to invest in novel concepts and components as well as system level solutions for both wired as well as wireless applications and defensible proprietary technology and innovative business models to compete. Within semicon processing and metrology, it focuses on equipment and materials technologies for the fabrication, process control or inspection of (un) patterned wafers compatible with standard CMOS integrated circuits aiming for unparalleled device performance and yield. Within consumer electronics and multimedia, it seeks to invest in large area of applications, ranging from subsystems, devices and networks, facilitating new functionality, analogue and mixed signal chip technologies for ambient, slimmer, less power hungry, better performing electronic devices. Within multimedia, it prefers to invest in innovative technology approaches in chips, modules, and embedded software / signal processing to deliver the next generation of multimedia applications. Within green energy, it invests in novel tools, materials, systems, processes and device structures for power generation and control, energy scavenging and storage with emphasis on power density, efficiency and lower cost; functional coatings or conductive polymers enabling renewable energies, tiny-tech filter or purification materials, structural composites, sustainable catalysis or simply the recovery of high value materials; and future mobility solutions (components) with electric vehicles as an integral part of intelligent power networks, smart grids, and the corresponding infrastructure. It also invests in processing, test and metrology equipment, sensors, memories and intra/interchip optical communication. The firm primarily focuses on Western Europe with a specific focus on the Benelux, Netherlands, Flanders, and Luxembourg. It also pursues co-investments in the United Kingdom, Benelux, Ireland, France, and Germany. It seeks to invest between €0.25 million ($0.32 million) to €1 million ($1.29 million) scaling to € 7.5 million ($9.81 million) per company over multiple rounds. The firm seeks to be an active board member on its portfolio companies. It prefers to lead deals and co-invest in subsequent rounds of financing. Capital-E was founded in January 2006 and is based in Antwerp, Belgium.
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Brinc Accelerator of Accelerators focuses is developing and operating training programs around China for existing and new incubator, accelerator, and investment companies. Brinc’s AOA business model is to provide fee-based training to incubators, accelerators, and investment companies then tie up longer-term relationships through accelerator associations and obtain equity alignment with their startups and programs. Ultimately, Brinc’s goal is to help improve the quality of startups in China and to generate more opportunities for follow-on investment through future funds that are brought online and through syndication through China’s venture capital ecosystem, which is one of the fastest growing/largest in the world.
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The SoftBank Group is a global technology player that aspires to drive the Information Revolution. The SoftBank Group is comprised of the holding company SoftBank Group Corp. and its global portfolio of companies, which includes advanced telecommunications, internet services, AI, smart robotics, IoT and clean energy technology providers. In September 2016, Arm Holdings plc, the world's leading semiconductor IP company, joined the SoftBank Group. In May 2017, the SoftBank Vision Fund, which invests globally in the businesses and technologies that will enable the next stage of the Information Revolution, had its first major close with over USD 93 billion in committed capital.
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Cadence Design Systems

Cadence Design Systems, Inc. (Cadence) develops electronic design automation (EDA), software, hardware, and silicon intellectual property (IP). Cadence licenses software and IP, sells or leases hardware technology and provides engineering and education services worldwide to help manage and accelerate electronics product development processes. The Company’s customers use its products and services to design and develop complex integrated circuits (ICs) and electronics systems. The Company combines its products and technologies into platforms for four design activities: Functional Verification; Digital IC Design and Implementation; Custom IC Design and Verification, and System Interconnect Design. It sells software using three license types: subscription, term and perpetual. In June 2010, Cadence acquired Denali Software, Inc. (Denali). In May 2011, it acquired Altos Design Automation, Inc. On July 11, 2011, the Company acquired Azuro, Inc.
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