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The Techstars Dubai Accelerator in partnership with GINCO is expanding Techstars’ presence in the Middle East. GINCO is a full service general contracting firm, covering the full lifecycle of the construction process from concept to execution and supervision. Dubai is known for their leadership in technology innovation. Pioneering entrepreneurs leading innovative companies solving challenges in transportation, construction, wellness, IoT, robotics, & beyond should apply, no matter your location.
Made 49 investments in Space Industry

Airbus Ventures

Independent VC firm investing in the most visionary entrepreneurs in the global aerospace ecosystem. Setting the course for the future of flight.
Made 28 investments in Space Industry

Lux Capital

Lux Capital Management is a research-driven investment firm focused on founding, seed and early stage investments in the physical and life sciences. Lux takes an active role in helping entrepreneurs build successful businesses in high growth sectors. Our investment team has built over 20 companies from scratch. Lux's investment strategy ensures our portfolio companies are better connected, have deeper insight, and command industry leadership faster than their competitors.
Made 31 investments in Space Industry

Valor Equity Partners

Established in 1995, Valor Equity Partners is a Chicago-based private equity firm that is focused on providing investments in consumer, infrastructure, industrial services and manufacturing sectors in the United States.
Made 13 investments in Space Industry

Matrix Partners China

Matrix Partners China builds long-term relationships with entrepreneurs and helps them build significant, industry-leading companies. Since its inception in 1977, Matrix Partners China has made hundreds of investments and played an active role in the development of many successful businesses, 50 of which went on to IPO, and 75 of which have gone on to profitable M&A events. The firm consistently ranks in the top venture firms in terms of returns to its investors. Matrix Partners China combines local knowledge with global experience and vision. Its team consists of both former entrepreneurs and experienced investors. Its past successes include Focus Media, Eachnet, and Baidu, among others. The company invests across multiple sectors and stages.
Made 25 investments in Space Industry

Space Angels

Space Angels is the leading source of capital for early-stage space ventures. Founded in 2007, our portfolio includes many of the most prominent entrepreneurial companies in the sector. Through a robust and streamlined web platform, Space Angels provides unparalleled deal access and comprehensible intelligence to its accredited investor members, making it easy to discover, select, and invest in the most compelling space startups.
Made 30 investments in Space Industry

Alumni Ventures

Alumni Ventures Group, formerly known as Launch Angels Management Company, LLC, is a venture capital firm specializing in seed, startups and early-stage investments. The firm is sector and geographic agnostic. Alumni Ventures Group was founded in 2013 and is based in Winchester, Massachusetts.
Made 19 investments in Space Industry


DFJ began in 1985 with a focus on early-stage companies. Tim Draper, a third-generation VC with a passion for technology and unconventional thinking, teamed with John Fisher, a former colleague of Draper's, known for his deep enterprise and tech finance experience. Together they shaped the firm's foundational philosophy of investing in people first. One of their first recruits was co-founder Steve Jurvetson. Together they went on to invest in break out companies like Baidu, Hotmail, and Skype. A decade ago, they added their Growth team dedicated to late-stage investing. Today, they have two teams investing two funds. Their Venture team works with founders in the early phases of company building. Their Growth team partners with companies entering hyper-growth mode. DFJ has backed 27 companies that have each achieved more than $1 billion in realized value through an initial public offering or acquisition.
Made 17 investments in Space Industry

Founders Fund

The Founders Fund is a multi-stage, multi-sector venture capial firm with an emphasis on transformational technologies and companies. The firm's industries of interest include Advanced Machines, Aerospace & Transportation, Analytics & Software, Biotechnology & Health, and Consumer Internet & Media. Founders primarily invests at the seed stage, with a typical investment of $500,000-$5,000,000. The firm's partners previously founded PayPal. Initial subscriptions to the Founders Fund were $50 million. The firm announced March 6 the close of a $1 billion fifth suite of funds.
Made 23 investments in Space Industry


Archetype Ventures is a venture capital firm specializing in incubation. It was founded on December 12, 2013 and is based in Tokyo, Japan.
Made 7 investments in Space Industry
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