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Venture Round in 2012
Delego provides best-in-class e-payment integration, transaction enablement and security solutions designed to enable your success. Our certified cloud-based solution seamlessly and securely integrates your SAP system with your payments ecosystem, allowing you to manage critical payment functions like authorization, settlement and reconciliation directly from your SAP system. Delego Core provides a unified platform to facilitate e-payment acceptance, SAP integration and data security. Utilizing a private, single tenant, high availability cloud infrastructure, Delego Core can be scaled globally for high transaction volumes, and provides the ultimate flexibility for each customer. The Delego platform eliminates ecommerce and MOTO payment card data from ever entering your SAP enterprise systems and applications, or your web store. Safeguard customer data, streamline PCI compliance.


Venture Round in 1996
Company History SAND Technology was founded in 1983. SAND CDBMS traces its roots to developments by Nucleus International Corporation research and eventual patent issued to, among others, Edward L. Glaser on “Bit string compressor with boolean operation processing capability. Originally encoded on firmware, the application is now completely software based. Description A fully tokenized, bit array encoded and compressed database, data storage is column-oriented using domains across schemas/tables rather than as rows of data within tables. This results in an optimized platform for data analytics and data mining, although not suitable for transaction processing. This architecture exhibits the following characteristics: - All columns act as if they are indexed - Actual data values are stored only once and referenced by their token - Columns use lossless data compression when stored - Only columns requested in a query are accessed from the database - Queries are done directly on the compressed columns and only the result set is decompressed. Platform agnostic, SAND CDBMS runs on 32 and 64 bit Windows or the following 64 bit Linux/Unix environments: * HP-UX * IBM-AIX * OSF/1 * Red Hat Linux * SuSE Linux * Sun Solaris
IMS (Insurance & Mobility Solutions), part of Trak Global Group (TGG), is a global provider of connected car solutions, services, and analytics to insurers, mobility operators, OEMs, and governments. IMS is the developer of the cloud-based IMS DriveSync® connected car platform which has received industry acclaim for its ability to offer customers a data source-agnostic, multi-device strategy through which a multitude of B2B and B2C propositions to be taken to market.

Sensory Technologies

Venture Round in 2012
Sensory Technologies is a privately held Canadian medical software company that provides an innovative solution to prevent and replace medical treatment within private and public healthcare facilities.

01 Communique

Venture Round in 1996
01 Communique is an innovation leader in Remote Access solutions. Our product line utilizing our patented technologies provides users with the ability to establish Remote Desktop Connection from anywhere, any time, using virtually any device on the Internet.

Protus IP Solutions

Venture Round in 1999
Protus IP Solutions, Inc. provides software-as-a-service communication tools for small to medium businesses and enterprise organizations. The company offers Internet fax, virtual PBX, and email marketing services. Additionally, it provides fax and voice broadcast services. The company markets its products under MyFax, my1voice, Campaigner, and CampaignerPro brand names. It caters to finance, insurance, real estate, healthcare, and transportation, and government sectors. Protus IP Solutions, Inc. was founded in 1997 and is based in Ottawa, Canada. As of December 6, 2010, Protus IP Solutions, Inc. operates as a subsidiary of j2 Global Communications, Inc.


Venture Round in 2012
CogniVue offers the most comprehensive embedded vision solution in the market today. Our revolutionary and patented Image Cognition Processor (ICP) core APEX, tools and software allow developers to achieve >100x advantage in performance per power per area versus incumbent technologies, enabling the creation of previously implausible vision products in wearables, automotive and industrial applications. With the APEX ICP core, APEX Programmer tools, APEX-CV library and application software demos, we enable our customers and partners to create or improve their embedded vision solution at all levels.

Novus Health

Venture Round in 2009
Novus Health is an information and technology-enabled health services provider. Novus Health helps organizations make health care more accessible, understandable, and effective for their members and clients. The Novus Health offering includes the Travel Navigator application for traveller tracking and alerts. Novus Health has offices located in Toronto and Montréal, Canada with partners and representatives worldwide.

T Base Communications

Venture Round in 1997
T Base Communications is a company that provides delivery of information in formats fully accessible to your customers.

Kaval Wireless Technologies

Venture Round in 1996
Kaval wireless technologies is a mobile & telecommunications / telecom devices & equipment company based in markham.


Debt Financing in 2013
TransGaming, Inc. (TSX-V: TNG), is the global leader in the multiplatform deployment of interactive entertainment. TransGaming works with the industry's leading developers and publishers to enable and distribute games for Smart TV set-top boxes, Mac computers, and Linux/CE platforms. TransGaming is headquartered in Toronto, Canada, with offices in Ottawa and Atlanta.

Signifi Solutions

Venture Round in 2008
Signifi Solutions Inc. designs and develops robotic and automated retail solutions. It offers automated retail solutions for commercial centers, such as Catapult and Spark; DVD and game rental kiosks; smart lockers; and asset management solutions. The company also owns and operates a cloud based platform. In addition, it provides support and monitoring, development and deployment, and delivery and installation services. The company offers its solutions for use in airports, railway stations, hotels, cruise ships, offices, and other traffic locations. Signifi Solutions Inc. was founded in 2005 and is based in Mississauga, Canada.


Venture Round in 2014
FileTrek provides accurate and effective enterprise threat detection through comprehensive event collection, advanced behavioral analytics and precise anomaly detection. FileTrek enables companies of all sizes to eliminate the noise and false positives of existing security tools and focus limited security resources on actual threats to sensitive data assets. FileTrek’s cutting-edge solution secures intellectual property, trade secrets, classified files, and other sensitive data from accidental or intentional compromise by knowledge workers, IT administrators, contractors, and partners. FileTrek solutions are deployed to protect critical data across manufacturing, life sciences, hi-tech, finance, aerospace & defense and securities brokerage industries. The company is a privately funded with corporate headquarters in Ottawa, Canada and a regional office in Los Angeles, CA.

Industrios Software, Inc.

Venture Round in 1996
Industrios is improving manufacturers' and distributors' bottom line with easy-to-use software solutions.


Series A in 2007
Axentra is the creator of a Linux-based digital media software platform and applications suite. The company was founded in 1999 and is headquartered in Ottawa, Canada.

Combat Networks Inc.

Venture Round in 2004
Combat Networks Inc. provides network communications products and services for government, education, health care, and enterprise customers in Canada and internationally. The company offers product promotions, network management, remote access, routers, security, switches, voice over IP, VPN switches, Web switching, and wireless LAN products. Its services include consulting, equipment installation, managed spares, network assessment, on-site services, preventative maintenance, project management, remote monitoring, voice over IP readiness, wireless LAN site survey, and software updates. The company was founded in 2001 and is based in Ottawa, Canada.

Cymat Technologies

Venture Round in 1998
Cymat Technologies Ltd., a materials technology company, manufactures and sells stabilized aluminum foam products worldwide. It provides architectural materials under the Alusion brand name; and automotive and blast mitigation products under the SmartMetal brand name. It serves defense and military, automotive and transportation, architectural, and other application. The company was incorporated in 2006 and is based in Mississauga, Canada.


Series C in 2002
DragonWave Inc. (DragonWave) is a provider of high-capacity Ethernet microwave solutions for Internet protocol (IP) networks. Its carrier-grade point-to-point Ethernet microwave systems transmit broadband voice, video and data, enabling service providers, government agencies, enterprises and other organizations to meet their bandwidth requirements. The principal application of the Company's products is wireless network backhaul. Its additional solutions include leased line replacement, last mile fiber extension and enterprise networks. DragonWave has a network of distributor and reseller partners globally. Its customers include carriers, service providers, utilities, WISP's and enterprises. The Company's products include packet microwave system, pseudowire systems, network configuration and protection, network management, flexible deployment and reach, and technical documents.


Seed Round in 2015
Zone·tv is redefining the TV viewing environment by delivering a personalized entertainment experience filled with expertly curated, exciting new content discoveries.


Venture Round in 2001
VisionMAX delivers IT business solutions from start to finish, on time and on budget - every time. For almost a decade their clients have trusted them to find effective IT solutions to meet their growing business needs. Over 90% of their clients, including Bell Canada, the Ontario Government, Sprint USA, GE Capital, Canada Life, and others keep coming back because VisionMAX delivers end-to-end IT business solutions on time and on budget, guaranteed. Their experienced executive and dedicated team of IT professionals use technology to deliver your business vision.

DisclosureNet Inc.

Venture Round in 2011
DisclosureNet™ provides cloud-based and in-house enterprise disclosure management solutions and services that help improve efficiency, accuracy, control, and reduce risk in your internal and external reporting. What sets us apart is that we enhance disclosure management with the ability to conduct peer comparisons and XBRL analyses, while providing access to accounting standards, rules and regulations. Ultimately, DisclosureNet™ helps improve the quality of your disclosures and accelerates your reporting cycles.

Axis Capital Corp

Acquisition in 2006
[Axis Investment Fund]( is an investment firm that targets the technology sector. Axis Capital Corporation is an investment firm that creates innovative investment fund products targeting the technology sector. After successfully managing a private fund for a number of years, in 2002 Axis Capital Corporation launched Axis Investment Fund, a labour-sponsored investment fund that invests in Ontario-based emerging technology companies. Axis Investment Fund offers Ontario residents the opportunity to participate in venture capital and receive a 35% tax credit. The two missions of Axis Capital Corporation are simply stated: 1. create investment fund products that allow average Canadians to participate in venture capital as part of a sound, diversified portfolio; and 2. invest in and then work with world-class technology companies in order to increase shareholder value. On February 6, 2006, Axis Capital Corporation was purchased by BEST Funds. BEST Funds is now the fund manager for Axis Investment Fund Inc. BEST Funds is an experienced manager of labour sponsored investment funds having managed the B.E.S.T. Discoveries Fund for over 10 years .


Series A in 2013 is a Canadian group-buying website that launched in Toronto in 2009. The site secures impressive savings by using team-buying power, giving users the benefit of buying in bulk without actually having to. With the goal to become one of Canada's top online shopping destinations, offers features that range from the hottest lifestyle and home décor products to travel and spa packages, self-improvement workshops to dinner experiences. Considered a trusted city guide that introduces TeamBuyers to only the finest that their city has to offer, is available in over 20 major cities and local regions across Canada. has grown rapidly since 2009, cultivating relationships with thousands of diverse merchant partners, expanding to offer mobile and Facebook ecommerce apps and generating over $100,000,000 in savings for their members.

SKURA Corporation

Debt Financing in 2013
***Indegene acquired ONLY Skura's Life Science and Pharmaceutical business units. Founded in 1996, Skura has grown into an international company with satisfied customers around the globe. At SKURA our mission is to help sales people do more, work smarter and better their productivity through the enablement of mobile devices. Our Mobile Sales Enablement solution SKURA SFX, provides a reliable, scalable solution aiding in the PLANNING, ORGANIZING, PRESENTING and TRACKING of your mobile content and applications. Companies improve on key performance indicators such as revenue growth, market share, and support costs, by bringing next generation innovation to your sales and marketing teams. The SKURA SFX platform is the preferred Mobile Sales Enablement solution for over 30,000 sales representatives supporting over 100 brands in 34 countries around the world. Visit us at or email for more information.

X2O Media

Venture Round in 2009
X2O Media provides technology and services for the emerging visual communications and real-time data visualization market. X2O Media also provides technology and services to build virtual classroom solutions for education institutions and corporate learning centers across the globe. The award-winning X2O Platform represents a new category of communication tools that improve the way enterprises and education institutions engage with their employees and students to build awareness. X2O Media is part of the STRATACACHE family of digital media/marketing technology companies.

Soliton, Inc.

Venture Round in 2015
Soliton is developing game-changing science to address multiple multibillion-dollar market opportunities. They spent over 25 million dollars over the past 5 years developing a breakthrough technology that dramatically accelerates the removal of tattoos. Their devices use very high energy, in the range of 3,000 volts at nearly 3,000 amps, to form acoustic shockwaves at 100 times per second. Soliton's core team is comprised of life science veterans, with more than 150 years of life science experience, multiple device clearances, and multiple national and international aesthetic device launches.

Agile Systems

Venture Round in 2005
Agile Systems is a world leader in the design, development and manufacturing of advanced motion control technology including motor control and power conversion. Our team is highly skilled in integrating power electronics, digital controls and network communications into small, compact and cost effective packages. Based in Waterloo, ON, Canada, Agile Systems has established customers in a broad range of industries.


Venture Round in 2000
Necho, a division of CyberShift, Inc., is a global leader in expense management. Their solutions automate the processing and facilitate the management of employee business expenses, the second largest controllable expense after payroll. Their customers achieve greater control over costs, improved compliance, and increased visibility into operations through data capture and reporting. As a result, they are able to reduce costs by at least 10% and make a direct impact on the bottom line.

DisclosureNet Inc.

Series B in 2010
DisclosureNet™ provides cloud-based and in-house enterprise disclosure management solutions and services that help improve efficiency, accuracy, control, and reduce risk in your internal and external reporting. What sets us apart is that we enhance disclosure management with the ability to conduct peer comparisons and XBRL analyses, while providing access to accounting standards, rules and regulations. Ultimately, DisclosureNet™ helps improve the quality of your disclosures and accelerates your reporting cycles.


Venture Round in 2002
Questrade is Canada's fastest growing online broker. Questrade have developed an app for iPad and iPhone users named Questrade IQ.

Dejero Labs, Inc.

Venture Round in 2014
Dejero Labs is driven by its vision of reliable connectivity anywhere, Dejero blends multiple Internet connections to deliver fast and dependable connectivity required for cloud computing, online collaboration, and the secure exchange of video and data. With its global partners, Dejero supplies the equipment, software, connectivity services, cloud services, and support to provide the uptime and bandwidth critical to the success of today’s organizations. Headquartered in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, Dejero is trusted for broadcast-quality video transport and high-bandwidth Internet connectivity around the world. For more information.


Series B in 2005
Coreworx provides integrated project information and cost control solutions for large capital projects in the oil & gas, power and mining sectors. Founded in 1997, Coreworx' project information control solution is a proven web-based enterprise software system that enables engineering and construction contractors and owner-operators to automate best practices, mitigate business risks and improve performance to budget throughout the entire project lifecycle. Coreworx services a portfolio of projects valued at over $500 billion across more than 50 countries, on more than 500 capital projects with nearly 70,000 users.

PitchPoint Solutions

Venture Round in 2014
PitchPoint Solutions is a leading provider of fraud prevention services with the systems, people and experience to quickly validate loan data and enable lenders to reduce in-house effort, meet new compliance requirements and reduce the risk of fraud. PitchPoint provides a comprehensive, independent and objective review of loan data to enable lenders to quickly detect discrepancies, enable compliance and thereby reduce the risk of loan repurchase.

Iogen Corporation

Venture Round in 1996
Iogen Corporation produces renewable cellulosic biofuels (second generation biofuels/ethanol) from agricultural residues and other organic wastes. Its cellulosic biofuel is used as an alternative for petroleum products to fuel cars and trucks. The company was founded in 1974 and is based in Ottawa, Canada.

PowerBand Solutions

Post in 2016
PowerBand Solutions is an online platform to buy and sell automotive vehicles.

N-Dimension Solutions

Venture Round in 2010
N-Dimension is a market leader in the development of innovative cybersecurity technologies that protect critical energy networks and endpoints from cyber attacks, improving system reliability and safeguarding critical infrastructure, data and assets. The company’s N-Sentinel line of managed security services delivers vigilance, detecting and alerting on cyber threats. It combines cloud-based security intelligence and access to cybersecurity experts to deliver actionable guidance that enables utilities to take timely, preemptive action to protect themselves against cyber threats.


Venture Round in 2010
Dealer-FX Group, Inc. provides automotive retail marketing solutions. They provide integrated service retention and service drive sales tools to both dealers and OEMs, as well as dealer-direct consulting, social media strategies, marketing & brand effectiveness programs. Their foundation in retail operations helps their clients acquire, satisfy and retain more customers, all while maximizing profits.Their leading-edge product offering is supported by an experienced team of professionals with expertise in automotive retail and marketing, program management, digital and social media and creative development.

The Bulldog Group

Venture Round in 1998
Bulldog provided enterprise media management and digital asset management solutions to the broadcast, film and animation industries.


Venture Round in 1999
Electrovaya is a publicly traded company listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX: EFL). Its head office is in Mississauga, Ontario and its US headquarter is in Saratoga County, New York. Additional information is available at Electrovaya became a public company in November 2000 with a listing on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the symbol EFL. Prior to its public offering Electrovaya had been a research and development company co-founded in 1996 by Dr. Sankar Das Gupta and Dr. James Jacobs.

OnX Enterprise Services

Venture Round in 1996
OnX Holdings LLC provides information technology solutions in North America and the United Kingdom. It offers infrastructure, professional, managed, and digital solutions. OnX Holdings LLC was formerly known as OnX Enterprise Solutions, Inc., VAR Business and changed its name to OnX Holdings LLC in March 2018. The company was founded in 2006 and is based in Thornhill, Canada with locations in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. As of October 2, 2017, OnX Holdings LLC operates as a subsidiary of Cincinnati Bell Inc.

bitHeads, inc.

Venture Round in 1998
bitHeads, inc. provides outsourced software and application development services in Canada, America, and internationally. It offers a menu of software development services, including team-based development, development mentorship, and project-based task forces. The company serves VoIP, wireless, game, Internet, and enterprise software development companies. bitHeads, inc. was founded in 1995 and is based in Ottawa, Canada with an additional office in Burlington, Massachusetts.


Venture Round in 2010
Kneebone Inc. develops a Cross Marketing Performance Technology that connects all Marketing Investments with Business Performance. Kneebone 3.0 is the only Cross Marketing Software Platform built for marketers that integrates all marketing investment and performance information in real time. Kneebone handles all types of marketing data and automates the process of delivering the information to marketers with little or no impact on IT. Kneebone 3.0 is the only platform that can automatically generate marketing performance baselines (using our patented technology) allowing marketers to do real-time analysis and create forward-looking marketing plans (scenarios). Marketers have access to a suite of Software as a Service products (SaaS) that are designed to provide marketers with an easy way to analyze, visualize, dashboard, and plan their marketing performance with built in team collaboration tools.


Venture Round in 2010
MKS, an application lifecycle management (ALM) technology provider. MKS Integrity coordinates and manages all activities and artefacts associated with developing software intensive products, including requirements, models, code and test, ensuring comprehensive lifecycle traceability.

AIM Health Group

Venture Round in 1996
AIM Health Group, a division of Viable Healthworks, is a complementary alternative medicine service provider available at many locations throughout Ontario.

XipLink, Inc.

Venture Round in 2014
XipLink delivers the industry’s most advanced bandwidth optimization solutions for use on VSAT, Mobile Satellite Services (MSS) and terrestrial wireless networks.

Indigo Books & Music

Venture Round in 1996
Indigo, Chapters & Coles is your destination for books & all gifting occasions. Looking for the perfect gift or your next read? Just tweet us with #AskIndigo

Financeit USA Inc.

Debt Financing in 2014
Financeit USA Inc. provides an online platform that allows businesses to offer consumer financing to their customers from various Web enabled devices. It also enables user to create and manage loans. The company was founded in 2011 and is based in New York, New York. Financeit USA Inc. operates as a subsidiary of Financeit Canada Inc.

ERMS Corporation

Series B in 2013
ERMS (Emergency Response Management Services) was founded in 2002 by Crisis Management and Business Continuity professionals who wanted to develop a secure, comprehensive, and reliable emergency notification system with all the features and functionalities Business Continuity professionals require. ERMS Advantage is a full-feature, robust, secure, and redundant mass notification system — an enterprise-class emergency and incident notification system. In a real emergency, you need a real emergency mass notification solution.


Series B in 1997
Changepoint Corporation provides business process automation software for global services organizations and corporate Information Technology (IT) departments. Its solutions automate and streamline the business processes of IT services organizations, and facilitate business transactions and collaborations among buyers and suppliers of IT services over the Internet. The companyâ€:tm:s ASP solution enables organizations to implement, administer, and maintain an installation at their own site. Changepoint Corp. has offices in the United States, United Kingdom, and France.

AssetMetrix Corporation

Series A in 2005
As of April 2006, AssetMetrix Corporation was acquired by Microsoft Corporation. AssetMetrix Corporation, a software asset management company, provides subscription-based business intelligence services for PC assets that deliver the view of and intelligence on user’s enterprise IT environment. It provides software license management, security and vulnerability assessments, IT migration planning, PC lifecycle management, cost and budget projections, internal policy verification, inventory audit, and service level agreement tracking services. The company was founded in 2000 and is headquartered in Ottawa, Canada.

Optessa Inc.

Venture Round in 2007
Optessa provides optimal intelligent planning and scheduling solutions for manufacturing companies. The company focuses is to deliver complete solutions ready for execution by the shop floor. The company's rich constraints library will not only address current needs but will also meet future needs without the need for development. Its patented solver considers the entire solution space and arrives at an optimal solution. The company's planning and scheduling solutions can be applied as individual solutions but are most powerful when combined enabling for the alignment of production rules between planning and scheduling. Applying production rules for the slotting of orders during planning guarantees that all relevant plant and supplier capacities and sales requirements are taken into consideration resulting in feasible input for short term scheduling in turn leading to a high quality solution. Optessa was founded on 2001 and is based in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

iMPath Networks

Venture Round in 2008
With over 20 years of experience helping the world's leading system integrators deploy complex video networks, and an early pioneer in the development and introduction of Video over IP solutions, Impath Networks is the Proven Player when it comes to meeting your video networking requirements. The Company is headquartered in Halifax with operations in Halifax and Ottawa, and sells its solutions to the world's largest systems integrators throughout North America, Europe, and Asia.

Geminare Incorporated

Venture Round in 2012
Geminare is a pioneer in delivering Recovery as a Service solutions to the Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) sector. Dedicated to building game-changing cloud technologies, including Cloud Recovery and Cloud Storage solutions, Geminare delivers its products through a network of channel partners worldwide. Currently in the market with Server Replication, Geminare counts among its partners Qwest Communications,, Bell Canada, CA Technologies Inc. and many other leading organizations. Geminare is located in Toronto, Canada with operations and partners in the U.S., Canada and Europe.

ArcticDx Inc.

Venture Round in 2008
ArcticDx Inc., a molecular diagnostic company, designs, develops, and delivers molecular diagnostic tests in Canada. Its portfolio comprises Colo-Risk, a molecular test that predicts an individual's risk of developing colorectal cancer; and Macula Risk, a prognostic DNA test for predicting genetic predisposition to age-related macular degeneration. The company was founded in 2005 and is based in Toronto, Canada.

Hatsize Learning

Series A in 2010
Hatsize Learning Corporation provides cloud-based training labs for software and IT hardware products worldwide. It delivers hands-on software and hardware training sessions for technology and training organizations. The company offers an integrated and cloud-based training lab platform that enables organizations to move their instructor-led and self-paced IT training to the cloud. Its solutions include VMware, Citrix, academic, and custom labs. The company was founded in 2000 and is based in Calgary, Canada.

GroupBy Inc.

Venture Round in 2015
GroupBy Cloud is a search, merchandising and SEO solution enabled by machine learning that empowers your digital team to deliver a personalized site experience that demonstrably increases online revenue, empowers your merchants, and reduces the costs and complexities of IT. Founded by ecommerce technology experts from Oracle/Endeca in 2016. GroupBy is headquartered in Toronto, Canada with offices in New York and San Francisco. GroupBy is helping leading retailers, such as Urban Outfitters, CVS, and The Container Store, increase conversions, revenue and profits.


Venture Round in 1998
InternetSecure Inc. is a Canadian Corporation founded in 1995 to develop a secure, on-line, real-time credit card processing system for Internet merchants. Their e-commerce solution is easy to implement, requires no capital investment by the merchant and provides merchant status for all the major credit cards with one application. As important to their merchants and theirselves was that this system be approved by Canadian and United States banks for use by merchants throughout the world. In March, 1996 the Company became the first in Canada to demonstrate a secure, on-line, real-time credit card processing system at the Canadian Internet Show in Toronto. They have subsequently been approved by 9 major North American financial institutions. Their first Merchant went into production in June, 1996. Since then they have grown, like the Internet, as more and more Merchants have recognized the need to accept credit cards in real-time in order to make money from their web sites. Today, InternetSecure provides thousands of businesses with the ability to sell products and services online for delivery to customers around the world.

Telos Entertainment

Venture Round in 2010
Telos International is a game developer. Their latest game due out in June 2009 will be the City of Sinners & Saints. It will be a massive multi-player online social networking game where virtual travelers can enter a comedic, cartoon world. Check out the City of Sinners & Saints trailer and enter the comedic, cartoon world.


Venture Round in 1996
ARXX is a supplier of Insulating Concrete Forms (ICFs) for green, energy-efficient residential and commercial construction. The company's products have been used in more than 105,000 projects, representing 140 million square feet of walls and foundations throughout the United States and Canada. ARXX ICF products enable significant energy savings, greater comfort, security and quiet, and a faster build than conventional construction. ARXX products have been used in numerous LEED-certified projects and have received major industry and sustainability awards.

NewStep Networks

Series A in 2003
NewStep Networks, Inc. provides service convergence and fixed-mobile convergence software solutions. The company offers FlexConnect solutions that bring the benefits of service convergence to mobile, office, and home phones; and Enterprise Mobility solutions, which feature one button transfer, single number service, automatic reconnect, single voicemail, and voicemail intercept. It also offers Total Mobility solutions that feature FlexConnect Solution and Enterprise Mobility Solutions, and add features designed for enterprise environments. Its customers include enterprises, service providers, equipment makers, system integrators, and business and consumer users. The company was formerly known as Rev D Networks, Inc. and changed its name to NewStep Networks, Inc. in November 2003. The company was founded in 2003 and is headquartered in Toronto, Canada with additional Offices in Canada, the United States, Europe, and Asia. As of June 8, 2009, NewStep Networks, Inc. operates as a subsidiary of Natural Convergence, Inc.

Spectra Securities Software

Venture Round in 1996
Spectra Securities Software is a world leader in the development and delivery of eCommerce solutions for the banking, brokerage, and insurance industries. The Spectra suite of software solutions provides the financial services industry with cost-effective customized applications that leverage traditional, new, and future technologies. Spectra’s industry leading solutions provide financial services companies with the online and wireless services required to gain a competitive edge in today’s highly competitive marketplace.

GridIron Software

Venture Round in 2008
GridIron Software has created an innovative hybrid-SaaS solution providing Enterprises automated and transparent Data DNA™ collection and management. Data DNA™ = Automated Business Intelligence, enabling enterprises to manage the supply chain for the documents and digital assets across all their workgroups. GridIron Software’s core IP extends the OS to automatically track all file changes at the desktop level. This new technology is integrated into GridIron Software’s flagship product, Flow 2.0 Enterprise, providing dynamic data and audit trail solving Enterprise problems in Security and Audit, Operational Transparency, Version Control and Backup, Project Profitability, and File Sharing and Sync.

AcuityAds Holdings Inc.

Debt Financing in 2013
AcuityAds is a technology company that enables marketers to connect intelligently with their most meaningful audiences through digital media. A Self-Serve programmatic marketing platform, powered by machine learning, is at the core of its business. This is accompanied by strategic digital advertising solutions that cater to social, mobile and video-specific needs. AcuityAds empowers marketers by offering transparency on costs and brand safety, and real-time reporting and analytics, bringing accountability to programmatic advertising to deliver business results. AcuityAds is headquartered in Toronto, Canada with sales offices in New York City, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, Vancouver, Calgary and Montreal. For more information, visit

Pixelink Corp.

Venture Round in 1996
Pixelink Corp. is a CRT and FPD integrator focused on medical and industrial applications.