Deutsche Telekom

Deutsche Telekom is a telecommunications company that offers a range of fixed-network services, such as voice and data communication services based on fixed-network and broadband technology; and sells terminal equipment and other hardware as well as services to resellers. They are also offering their customers products and services related to connected life and work. Deutsche Telekom was founded in 1995 and is based in Bonn, Germany.

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Deutsche Sportwetten

Acquisition in 2015
Deutsche Sportwetten provides sports betting services.


Series C in 2013
ShareThis transforms authentic human sharing behavior into actionable data outputs at scale for marketers and publishers. It has been collecting and synthesizing social share data since 2007.


Series A in 2005
StarVox products are sold and serviced through major solution providers such as Hewlett Packard as a complete, factory-integrated IP telephony solution for service providers. The HP/StarVox Next Generation Telephony Solution combines StarVox software with HP's Open Call Multi Controller application platforms and Cisco Powered Network equipment, making it a carrier-grade, industry-standard solution that will allow a full range of value-added services and upgrades


Series C in 2021
everphone GmbH offers smartphones and tablets rental services for employees. It also repairs, replaces, and exchanges old and damaged tablets and mobile phones. The company was founded in 2016 and is based in Berlin, Germany.
Xura Secure Communications is part of Acision and provides international companies a powerful communication solution for the mobile channel. Their core product, the mobile messaging platform that provides highly reliable and cost-efficient global message transmission and reception. As a specialist in cellular-based support for business processes, They offer messaging integration solutions - meet the highest standards of coverage, availability, security, and throughput - documented about Their SLAs.


Funding Round in 2021
1NCE GmbH provides Internet data connectivity services. It provides narrowband and low bandwidth connections for low data business to business applications. The company offers a sim card for activating, receiving, and configuring data plans. It caters to the Internet of Things market. The company was founded in 2018 and is based in Cologne, Germany.


Series B in 2020
Cynet provides an autonomous breach protection platform that consolidates and automates monitoring and control, attack prevention and detection, and response orchestration across the entire environment. It delivers these capabilities by continuously collecting and analyzing all endpoint, user, file and network activities across the protected environment.


Acquisition in 2010
ClickandBuy is an online payment service provider with strong presence in Europe. With around 10 million customers, it is the second largest Internet payment brand behind Paypal.

T-Mobile US, Inc.

Acquisition in 2014
T-Mobile Ventures is an early-to-mid stage venture fund that invests in companies developing core technologies, products, and services that unlock the power of a nationwide 5G network. Its primary focus areas include Edge Computing, Future of Work, Security, and Industrial IoT. It was founded in 2020 and is based in Bellevue, Washington.


Series A in 2020
vHive develops a cloud-based AI that enables enterprises to deploy autonomous drone hives for the acquisition, management, and processing of field data. It enables enterprises in a variety of industries such as infrastructure, telecom, rail, and civil engineering to scale their drone operations by intelligently using off-the-shelf drones as part of a hive. The company was founded in 2016 and is headquartered in Herzliya, Tel Aviv, Israel.

Seed Round in 2013
AutoRef’s mission is to bridge the gap between car dealerships and customers. We believe the entire process of shopping for a car should be easy, fast and enjoyable. We built this service because we think there is a better way. AutoRef allows consumers to negotiate online for new and used vehicles. The service is completely free, and we work with over 5,000 dealerships nationwide.
Morphisec delivers an entirely new level of innovation with its Moving Target Defense-powered proactive endpoint protection platform to create a zero-trust execution environment for your applications. This proactively creates a prevent-first posture against the most advanced threats to the enterprise, including APTs, file-based malware, zero-days, ransomware, fileless attacks, and web-borne exploits. This complete endpoint security solution easily deploys into a company’s existing security infrastructure to form a simple, highly effective, cost-efficient technology stack that is truly disruptive to today’s existing cybersecurity model.


Series A in 2018
Axonize provides an IoT orchestration platform that completely automates the process of IoT deployment, enabling enterprises to deploy any IoT solution in only a few days. Axonize main 3 pillars are visibility, automation, and analytics.


Seed Round in 2019
HypeLabs is the company that created the Hype SDK, an interoperable mesh networking software that improves connectivity on all kinds of devices, from mobile to desktop to IoT, allowing them to connect even when there is no internet. The software works by intelligently connecting devices in local mesh networks using existing connectivity technologies, such as Bluetooth, WiFi, LoRa and others. This network enables content to securely hop between devices, until it reaches a destination or an Internet exit point, improving range and deliverability. Founded in 2016, the company is located in San Francisco (USA), Porto (Portugal), London (UK) and Krakow (Poland). AngelPad #10 (Spring '16) alumni & Deutsche Telekom WARP alumni.


Series D in 2022
GoStudent sells memberships for a global school connecting students with world-class teachers in a 1-1 virtual learning setting. GoStudent builds infrastructure for teachers allowing them to focus on the teaching part and everything else being taken care of. The screening, onboarding and maintaining of teachers is data driven and gives them a 2-year advance against possible competition. Their model is scalable in every country globally since it does not depend on local curriculum and content generation. Felix Ohswald and Gregor Müller founded it in 2016, with its headquarters in Vienna in Austria.


Series C in 2021
Cynet provides an autonomous breach protection platform that consolidates and automates monitoring and control, attack prevention and detection, and response orchestration across the entire environment. It delivers these capabilities by continuously collecting and analyzing all endpoint, user, file and network activities across the protected environment.


Series B in 2014
RANOVUS Inc. develops and manufactures multi-terabit interconnect solutions for datacenter and communications networks in the telecommunications and information technology industries. It offers quantum dot multi-wavelength laser technology, and advanced digital and photonics integrated circuit technologies for the optical interconnect solutions. RANOVUS Inc. was founded in 2012 and is based in Ottawa, Canada. It has operations in the United States, Canada, and Germany.


Acquisition in 2013
Founded by successful entrepreneurs and industry veterans, working in close partnership with one of the world's largest global telephony providers, ChooChee is a Mountain View, CA-based startup building the next-generation Cloud-based Unified Communications (CBUC) platform for the consumer and SME markets. ChooChee's CBUC platform will deliver both real-time communication services such as instant messaging, presence and location-based services, telephony, video, call control and more, as well as non-real-time communication services such as integrated voicemail, e-mail, SMS and fax - all via the Cloud, accessible to you via web or mobile app. When we launch, you'll be able to simply sign up for ChooChee online or at one of thousands of retail locations, and get instant access to intuitively easy-to-use services. No hardware to buy or install onsite, no intensive multi-day configuration, and no waiting. If you're one of our partners' 150 million mobile subscribers, ChooChee's services will be available as an option on your current plan.


Venture Round in 2011
Jawbone makes personal technology comfortable, usable, and beautiful. The flagship product, the award-winning Jawbone Bluetooth headset with NoiseAssassin™ technology set a new standard for mobile voice quality. Unmatched in the industry, Aliph’s NoiseAssassin technology was originally perfected with DARPA for battlefield applications. It eliminates background noise and provides unparalleled call clarity in all environments.


Series E in 2011
Compass-EOS radically changes network routing by shifting it into the age of silicon photonics. The Compass-EOS icPhotonics technology is the world’s first commercial silicon for inter-chip optical interconnect, unleashing the next revolution in routing architectures. Its family of carrier-grade routers is a new breed of scale-out routers, enabling SDN-based, simplified architectures in service provider networks. Since 2006 Compass has attracted top-tier investors ranging from leading venture capital funds to service providers and core routing suppliers.

Lookout, Inc.

Series E in 2013
Lookout is a cybersecurity company that predicts and stops mobile attacks before harm is done to an individual or an enterprise. Lookout’s cloud-based technology is fueled by a global sensor network of more than 60 million users and tens of thousands of apps that are added daily. With this dataset of virtually all the mobile code in the world and the predictive machine intelligence to analyze and make sense of the data, Lookout can identify connections that would otherwise go unseen and stop cybercriminals from attacking mobile devices. Headquartered in San Francisco, Lookout has offices in Boston, London, Singapore, Tokyo, Toronto and Washington, D.C.

GTS Central Europe

Acquisition in 2013
GTS Central Europe, owned by Deutsche Telekom, is the leading infrastructure-based telecommunications service provider in Central and Eastern Europe. For 20 years, we have committed ourselves to providing service excellence and value to 35,000 businesses, carriers, and government institutions. GTS has been dedicated to satisfying the telecommunications needs of businesses and institutions in the CEE region. Helping people work more effectively has enabled us to build a strong and flexible portfolio of top-quality, secure, and reliable solutions. As technology advances, GTS helps you keep pace so that you can continue to focus on expanding your business.


Series A in 2015
Yallo is freeing people from the limitations imposed by legacy communications technologies, and creating richer, more adaptive ways of interacting. By putting personal customer identity, rich functional capabilities and technological flexibility at the core of its platform, the company is creating the next generation of communication experiences and spearheading a new era of consumer focused innovation


Series B in 2001
Celvibe develops advanced solutions for streaming high-quality live television broadcasts to mobile users. The core technology enables the seamless delivery of rich media content in the most efficient manner by providing wireless carriers with a unique system for delivering live multi-channel video and audio to wireless users in realtime. CelFeed, the flagship product, is a realtime MPEG-4 transcoder and streamer for supplying mobile devices with rich media content based on realtime reception quality. CelFeed handles hundreds of concurrent users with live video channels at once, by converting compressed streams of live television broadcasts and existing video content on the fly. Its unique ability to 'feel the network' and dynamically adapt to terminal conditions provides end users with an uninterrupted flow of quality data. Celvibe's patent-pending solutions consist of realtime encoding for deploying highly compressed streams of live television broadcasts over wireless networks, and realtime transcoding for converting existing video content to MPEG-4. Customers and partners include Telco's and wireless carriers who are adding packet switch capabilities to their networks, mobile device manufacturers, content providers, application providers and video server manufacturers.

SavaJe Technologies

Venture Round in 2004
SavaJe Technologies, Inc. provides operating system to support handhelds and wireless devices. It offers SavaJe OS, a wireless Java solution. The company serves information appliances, including smart phones, hand-held computers, personal digital assistants, set-top boxes, and Web pads. SavaJe Technologies, Inc. was founded in 1999 and is headquartered in Chelmsford, Massachusetts.


Acquisition in 2019
goingsoft GmbH provides Wi-Fi and WLAN services to hotels. The company was founded in 2002 and is based in St. Johann In Tirol, Austria. As of January 11, 2019, goingsoft GmbH operates as a subsidiary of Telekom Deutschland GmbH.
Clear builds blockchain-based settlement and clearing networks for global industries. Using enterprise-grade blockchain technologies and programmable smart contracts, these networks allow near-real-time settlement and automatic intelligent dispute resolution on a global scale. This reduces costs, inefficiencies and fraud, while maintaining confidentiality of contracts and trade details. Moreover, these networks enable rapid participant-driven innovation of new on-demand products, contracts, and business models, accelerating exponential growth.


Series C in 2015
Numecent Limited develops cloudpaging, a virtualization and containerization technology that allows native apps and media to be delivered over the cloud. It provides solutions, such as Cloudpaging for WVD, Windows 10 Migration, Cloudpaging for ISVs, and Cloudpaging CDN. Numecent Limited was formerly known as Endeavors Technologies Limited and changed its name to Numecent Limited in October 2011. The company was incorporated in 2007 and is based in Harrogate, United Kingdom.


Angel Round in 2015 empowers ambitious developers to build tomorrow. We provide an integrated solution for IoT projects development, combining cloud integration with business intelligence in order to integrate both hardware and web technologies. We offer data gathering, cloud logic, triggers, real-time remote control, and analytics in a friendly user interface. We offer a PaaS (Platform as a Service) through which the hardware/mobile developers can connect and remotely manage multiple devices. This has enabled individuals and SMEs to rapidly develop systems for fleet management, intelligent vending machines, global container tracking, wearable electronics and many others. Our PaaS offering is modular and built to scale with security and performance as primary objectives. It can be fully white-labeled, re-branded, and installed on-premise or in a Virtual Private Cloud for Enterprise-grade deployments.


Venture Round in 2016
ASSIA, Inc provides broadband and Wi-Fi performance monitoring, management and optimization software to internet service providers (ISP), communications regulators, and wholesalers so they can improve customer quality of experience and satisfaction, reduce costs through operational efficiencies and increase revenues with new multi-media services.

ubirch GmbH

Seed Round in 2020
ubirch GmbH develops Internet of Things software security system by using block chain technology. The company provides software that transmits the data, which is cryptographically signed on the Internet of Things sensor. It serves production, insurance, startups, energy, and supply chain and logistic industries. The company was founded in 2014 and is based in Cologne, Germany with an additional office location in Berlin, Germany.

Seed Round in 2014
It is hard to engage app users. Timing is everything. Sending a push in the wrong moment gets you uninstalled. Using smartphone sensors to understand user context is difficult. The company gives developers an SDK that provides user context. The SDK is installed within minutes. It only consumes 0.2% battery per hour. It shows higher accuracy than OS embedded Activity APIs. And it works across platforms iOS, Android, Phonegap. Once activated constantly reads the sensors (accelerometer, barometer, gyroscope, etc.). The data is pre-processed directly on the device. When a pattern is recognized fires a "callback"​. The developer can trigger any activity within our outside of his app based on our "callback"​. Once activated we constantly read the sensors (accelerometer, barometer, gyroscope, etc.). We pre-process the data directly on the device. When a pattern is recognized we fire a "callback". The developer can trigger any activity within our outside of his app based on our "callback".

Kumu Networks, Inc.

Series C in 2016
Kumu Networks is revolutionizing the way wireless systems are built using its innovative full-duplex wireless design. Wireless full-duplex allows a radio to transmit and receive signals at the same time using a single frequency channel. Kumu's patent pending full-duplex technology changes the basic assumptions on which current wireless radios are built, allowing for improved performance and reduced complexity in a variety of wireless devices and affecting all wireless markets.

mopay AG

Series A in 2000
mopay Inc. provides payment solutions for online merchants worldwide. Its platform enables merchants of virtual, digital, and physical goods to bill charges directly to consumers’ cell phone and land line accounts. The company was incorporated in 2010 and is based in Palo Alto, California with offices in London, United Kingdom and Munich, Germany. It has locations in Germany, Austria, the United Kingdom, the United States, China, Brazil, and Romania. mopay Inc. operates as a subsidiary of MindMatics AG.

Creators Media

Series B in 2015
Creators Media brands include Movie Pilot, Now Loading, and Champions, home to over 32 million entertainment fans. As both a platform and a social publishing company, we empower fans to communicate with each other and create content, the best of which is curated and distributed to over 32 million fans worldwide. Creators Media has offices in Venice, CA and Berlin, Germany.

Strato AG

Acquisition in 2009
STRATO AG offers web hosting services mainly in Germany and the Netherlands. The company provides domains, e-mail packages, complete website packages, webshops, servers, online storage, and individual high-end hosting solutions. It was formerly known as TECT- TELES eCommerce Track AG. The company was founded in 1997 and is based in Berlin, Germany. It has two data centers in Berlin and Karlsruhe. STRATO AG is a former subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom AG. As of March 31, 2017, STRATO AG operates as a subsidiary of United Internet AG.