Priveq Investment

Priveq Investment is a private equity and venture capital firm specializing in late stage, middle market, mature, later stage, growth capital, expansion, and buyout investments. It never takes on an executive role in partner companies, but is committed as a sounding-board to management and in Board work. The firm invests in unlisted companies in all sectors except real estate companies. It prefers to invest in companies based in the Nordic region, with a primary focus on Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, and Norway. The firm typically invests between SEK50 million ($7.07 million) and SEK200 million ($28.29 million) in companies with a turnover between SEK100 million ($14.15 million) and SEK1 billion ($141.48 million). The investement may be conducted through a new share issue, purchase of existing shares or a combination of the two. It secures an equity holding between 30 percent and 70 percent. The firm takes a majority or a minority stake in its portfolio companies and prefers to exit its investments between four years and seven years, through a trade sale or an IPO. Priveq Investment was founded in 1983 and is based at Stockholm, Sweden.

Senai Ayob

Partner and Investment Manager


Martin Bjarnemar


Helena Ekstrand

Partner and CFO

Magnus Hardmeier

Partner and Executive Chairman

Mats Hjerpe

Partner and Investment Manager


Maria Perez Hultstrom

Partner and Investment Manager

Henrik Jatko

Partner and Investment Manager

Johan Koch

Partner and Investment Manager


Fanny Leksell

Investment Manager

Louise Nilsson

Partner and CEO


Daniel Nylund



Johanna Svensson

Partner and Investment Manager

Henrik Westfeldt

Partner and Investment Manager

Karl-Johan Willen

Partner and Investment Manager

34 past transactions

Inwido Home Improvement AB

Acquisition in 2012
Inwido Home Improvement AB supplies interior products for the home related to flooring, walls and storage.


Private Equity Round in 2004
Hemtex AB (publ) retails home textile products. As of December 2014, it operated approximately 157 stores, including 142 owned stores and 15 franchise stores in Sweden, Finland, and Estonia. The company was founded in 1973 and is headquartered in Borås, Sweden. As of May 14, 2019, Hemtex AB (publ) operates as a subsidiary of Kid ASA.

Omegapoint Group AB (publ)

Private Equity Round in 2017
Omegapoint are experts in Safe Digital Transformation and enable secure business for you as a customer. Omegapoint is a market leading expert in system architecture, security and IT management. We deliver solutions within integration, support, maintenance, training and management.

M2 Engineering AB

Private Equity Round in 2004
M2 Engineering AB develops optical storage systems and sells production solutions for the production of CDs and DVDs. M2 Engineering AB is a growing Swedish technology company with good profitability.

Unisport Scandinavia

Acquisition in 2008
Unisport Scandinavia AB manufactures and markets athletic flooring and astroturf. The company markets and sells sports flooring, synthetic grass for football, golf and landscaping, and it has a wide range of spectator seating and foldable tribunes for sports facilities.

El-Björn AB

Acquisition in 2011
El-Björn AB operates as a supplier of equipment for the construction and electrical industry. El-Björn is a well-managed, profitable and rapidly growing company in the construction and electrical industry. El-Björn is at the forefront of developing systems for energy measurement and control at construction sites for reduced energy use during the construction process.

QleanAir Scandinavia

Acquisition in 2012
QleanAir Holding AB (publ) provides air cleaners, cleanrooms, and solutions for protection against passive smoking worldwide. It offers products and solutions for air cleaning, including ceiling mounted and floor standing air filtration systems; smoking cabins; and room solutions, such as adaptable cleanroom solutions, and indoor and outdoor smoking-room solutions. The company was founded in 1988 and is headquartered in Solna, Sweden.

Mediaplanet Sverige

Acquisition in 2016
They are storytellers with a purpose. Mediaplanet specializes in content creation and distribution through various multimedia platforms. They provide Their readers with insightful and educational editorial in the fields of their interest, designed to motivate them to take action. They continue to explore and expand Their network of partners and clients through the shared interest of providing readers with the best experience possible.

Plint AB

Acquisition in 2020
Plint AB provides translation, subtitling, and dubbing services. The company provides translation, subtitling, text translation, video graphics, localization, dubbing, and speaker recording; audio, video, and meta data for commercial platforms; and an online shop for translation services. It also develops a cloud-based media localization, workflow management, and orchestration based computer system, Plint Core; and a software as a service (SaaS) based platform, Plint Marketplace for the creation of ecosystems. Plint AB was formerly known as Nordisk Undertext AB and changed its name to Plint AB in October 2019. The company was incorporated in 2002 and is based in Göteborg, Sweden.


Seed Round in 2016
Danfo has offered first-class public toilets for more than forty years. Quality is our keyword and we deliver an unsurpassed product and the best service imaginable, throughout the sales process and afterwards. Our philosophy of business focuses on professionalism and commitment. All our activities adhere to the environmental management systems set out in ISO 14001 and quality management systems ISO 9001 UK. Danfo’s head office and manufacturing is located in Sweden. We have subsidiaries in Norway, Denmark, the United Kingdom and the United Arab Emirates.

Sydtotal AB

Acquisition in 2007
Sydtotal AB offers a comprehensive concept of ventilation and comfort cooling from drawing board to after service. The business also includes coordination of integrated contractors with ventilation, electricity, vs., cooling and control & monitoring. Energy efficiency and energy consulting projects as well as communications solutions for property management are also an important part of the business.

Office Management AB

Acquisition in 2012
Office Management is a supplier of office equipment, communication and IT services. Office Management provides equipment and systems for document management, telephony, video conferencing, IT services, conference equipment, dictation, beverage machines, accessories and office supplies.


Private Equity Round in 2015
21 Grams offers postal management to corporate customers by leveraging its technology leadership in postage optimisation, in combination with its unique set of knowledge and experience of post, print and document management software. The Company's offering allows customers to outsource their non-core production of bulk mailings, simplify their communication processes and to significantly reduce postage expenses by exploiting savings opportunities on deregulated postage markets.

Innovativ Vision

Venture Round in 2006
Innovativ Vision operates as an image processing company. Innovativ Vision develops, manufactures, and supplies quality management systems for the wood processing industry.

CSAM Health Group AS

Private Equity Round in 2014
CSAM is a provider of specialised healthcare software used by most hospitals in the Nordics. Their software solutions are added to the hospitals existing main software solutions. Their products cover medical areas such as: i.) software for emergency services, ii.) medical imaging, iii.) blood management, iv.) maternity, v.) oncology and vi.) connected healthcare. The specialised software components are vital parts of important day-to-day medical procedures in hospitals that rarely change. These long-life products imply recurring software revenue for decades.

Carmel Pharma

Private Equity Round in 2009
Carmel Pharma ab engages in the manufacture and distribution of products that improve the quality of life of people who prepare, administer, and dispose of hazardous drugs. It offers the PhaSeal System, a closed-system drug transfer device that prevents hazardous drug interaction with the environment. The company's PhaSeal product is implemented in various cancer centers, oncology practices, and specialty pharmacies in the United States, as well as facilities in Europe and Asia. Carmel Pharma ab was founded in 1994 and is headquartered in Mölndal, Sweden with an additional office in Columbus, Ohio.


Private Equity Round in 2020
Trendhim ApS retails online jewelry and accessories for men. It offers bags, belts, bracelets, lens glasses, cufflinks, gloves, hats, lapel pins, necklaces, rings, scarves, suspenders, watches, and wallets. The company was founded in 2007 and is based in Horsens, Denmark.


Private Equity Round in 2006
Mentice is the leader in virtual reality‐based interventional medical simulation solutions. Their solutions help healthcare professionals with skills acquisition, continuous development and preprocedural planning—leading to improved productivity and outcomes. Mentice solutions are scientifically validated, and have been specifically developed for healthcare providers and the medical industry. Neurovascular, cardiovascular and peripheral interventions are just some of the areas covered by our systems.

Visual Art

Private Equity Round in 2016
Visual Art is a full service agency in digital signage and offers a unique comprehensive offering that includes strategic consulting, design, installation, production, software and service & support.

Boomerang International AB

Private Equity Round in 2006
Boomerang International AB produces classic quality clothes for men and women. Boomerang International AB provides shirts, fine and chunky knitwear, pants, jackets, and accessories.

Nordic Room Improvement (NRI)

Acquisition in 2012
Nordic Room Improvement is a group that develops, markets and distributes interior, exterior and renovation products.

Mediplast AB

Private Equity Round in 2010
Mediplast is a Swedish company, who sells and distributes medical devices, primarily in the Nordic region. Our product range comprises both our own products and products from selected and well-known suppliers, with whom we have exclusive marketing agreements. We also export our own products to the rest of the world. Mediplast is part of Addlife, noted on Nasdaq/OMX Stockholm.

Ljung & Sjöberg

Private Equity Round in 2017
Ljung & Sjöberg is a private training and care provider specializing in alcohol and drug problems in the business world. The company works together with some hundred employers across Sweden, especially in larger Swedish companies. Through training, investigation, rehabilitation and treatment, Ljung & Sjöberg helps employers save lives. Ljung & Sjöberg is the market leader within its niche, a position established through its proactive work, its unique treatment process and proven range of services within these areas.

Internatural AB

Acquisition in 2013
Internatural offers one of the widest ranges of organic, plant based and lifestyle food products in Sweden and Norway. Under its own, award winning premium organic foods brands, Kung Markatta (Sweden) and Helios (Norway), the company offers approximately 200 products in each of its core markets. The Company also successfully distributes several other brands, for example Alpro, Yogi Tea, Green & Black’s, Clipper and Getraw. The Company has over 70 employees located at its facilities in Örebro and Malmö in Sweden and Årnes in Norway.

Silex Microsystems

Venture Round in 2008
Silex is a world-leading Micro Electro Mechanical Systems (MEMS) foundry that brings advanced process technologies and manufacturing capacity to a wide range of high-tech companies. Since the start in 2000, they have been MEMS focused and operating as an independent MEMS foundry. Their customers are found in the medical, biotech, telecommunications, consumer electronics and automotive industries.


Acquisition in 2013
Scanmast offers a qualitative and flexible product and serviceoffering within telecom, lighting and other infrastructure. When your technique should be up in the air and they will arrange the Scanmast it. Three or 300 meters does not matter, they will solve it. They have done so since the 1950s. Around 1960, they built the radio and television masts located around the country. They are still standing. They have delivered thousands of towers, guyed masts and lattice girders. They are everywhere and are exposed to sun, rain, ice and high winds. And they remain. Year after year. They at Scanmast think namely of quality. They offer the market products and services for telecommunications, lighting, wind measurement, surveillance and industrial. They at Scanmast have the expertise to perform throughout your project, from design and planning to construction, installation and maintenance. This means that they can also install and commission your equipment for any purpose. It makes the job very easy for you. That is why they are the greatest at what they do. They constantly strive to be the leading and most attractive supplier and their employees are highly skilled. Responsiveness, commitment and creativity are personal qualities that are highly valued here at Scanmast.

ByggPartner Group

Private Equity Round in 2006
ByggPartner Group is a full service company in the construction segments; construction contracting, building services and care, conversion and extension contracts, plumbing replacements and property development.

Crem International AB

Acquisition in 2012
Crem International is a global company of recognized prestige in the production of professional coffee machines, adding more than 100 years of combined experience in the market and sales in more than 90 countries. Crem International develops, manufactures and markets coffee machines under three strong brands – Coffee Queen, Expobar and Spengler – for offices, coffee shops, cafés, restaurants, catering and convenience.

San Sac AB

Acquisition in 2009
San Sac manufactures and marketes recycling and disposal equipment. It uses various concepts to develop its recycling and disposal equipment and supplies them from the company's warehouses, enabling customers to receive a wide range of tailored products.

Ports Group AB

Acquisition in 2015
Ports Group AB provides proactive consulting and active management services to clients’ brand portfolios. Its services include analysis and consolidation, and active management of trademark rights–legally, digitally, and technically; monitoring the brand digitally and legally for effective action in case of unauthorized use; portfolio administration; customized customer services; regular meetings; and IT environment services. The company was founded in 1994 and is based in Mölnlycke, Sweden.


Acquisition in 2015
Akeab is a provider of excavation services and civil works with a strong presence and market position in southern Sweden. The company focuses on medium sized projects with customers ranging from national fiber operators to municipalities and local energy companies. Akeab has grown significantly in recent years by providing efficient service and maintaining strong customer relationships.

ILT Inläsningstjänst AB

Acquisition in 2016
ILT Inläsningstjänst AB publishes educational audiobooks for students with reading difficulties and dyslexia and study support for immigrant students. It sell sits books through a digital platform via subscriptions. The company was founded in 1990 and is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden.

4C Strategies

Venture Round in 2016
4C Strategies is a most innovative providers of Readiness Management Solutions. Founded in 2000, 4C Strategies now serve over clients in 70 countries around the globe and contribute to a safer society by combining the power of digital innovation with industry expertise to build the resilience of organisations, their people and clients.