Magnum Capital

Magnum Capital is a private equity firm that invests in mid-to-upper middle market Iberian companies. It targets companies with significant value creation potential. Magnum Capital systematically conducts a detailed due diligence exercise before any investment decision is approved. It was founded in 2006 and is headquartered in Madrid, Spain.

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20 past transactions


Seed Round in 2021
Kronnika builts high performing robotic libraries, re-engineers business processes and scalable robot farms that reduce costs, increase speed and accuracy. Kronnika helps companies gain corporate memory through its' robotic process libraries.
Instituto Superior para el Desarrollo de Internet is a digital business school founded in 2009.

Geriatricos del Principado

Acquisition in 2014
Geriatricos del Principado owns and operates retirement homes for the elderly.

Generis Farmacêutica

Acquisition in 2009
Here you can find all the information about your company of reference and all our products. Visit the different areas of our website to get to know a little better our areas of expertise, the latest highlights and to stay aware of the complete listing of products sold by our company. See the result of the daily work and dedication of our team in name of your health and understand the reason why the Generis is a reference company in the Portuguese pharmaceutical market. Generis - Reference Generics


Acquisition in 2015
Orliman started as a family orthopedic business more than 70 years ago. The Orliman, limited society was established in the last decade for development and mass production of orthopedic products. The company´s strategy is based on constant research of new products, the quality and performance of these products and a personalized service and attention to the customer is maximized by an ongoing assessment of the customer´s and market needs.

Iberchem Corporation

Acquisition in 2013
Iberchem is a fragrance manufacturer specialized in the creation of fragrances for fine fragrances, personal care, home care, fabric care, and air care products. Founded in 1985 by industry executives José Robles, Miguel Roman, and Ramón Fernández, Iberchem has this prominence of raw materials inspired by a portfolio of beautiful, captivating fragrances, a business model based on excellence in production and deep respect for the natural world. They are now present in over 120 countries, counting on 13 manufacturing facilities and employing over 800 employees around the world. Iberchem is headquartered in Murcia, Spain.


Acquisition in 2007
Eptisa is a multinational company specialised in engineering, consultancy, information technologies and institutional, economic and social development with 60 years of experience. The quality of their services has led them to become a reference in the sectors of Transport, Water, Environment, Industry, Energy, Buildings, and Institutional, Economic and Social Development. They apply the technical know-how, innovation and their project management capacity for the benefit of the client and the sustainable development of the society. The local adaptation and the quality of their services are the key elements of their strategy, allowing to grow and expand the scope of their projects in response to the evolution of their clients’ needs.

Centro Medico Teknon

Acquisition in 2010
Centro Medico Teknon offers services in medical specialties that include adult hematology, allergy studies, anesthesiology and pain therapy, andrology, assisted reproduction, bloodless medicine and surgery, cardiology, cardiovascular surgery, dermatology, endocrinology and nutrition, endoscopy unit, gastroenterology, general adult surgery, general and internal medicine, general pediatric surgery, gynecology and obstetrics, maxillofacial surgery, nephrology, neurology, neurosurgery, and oncology.

Ita mental health

Acquisition in 2016
Ita mental health is a network of healthcare resources highly specialized in the treatment of eating disorders (eating disorders), behavioral disorders (CT), neurodevelopmental disorders, addictions, and general psychiatry. We have more than 20 years of experience in the sector, becoming a national and international reference for the treatment of mental disorders. ITA, specialists in mental health, has its own therapeutic model, comprehensive and multidisciplinary, of excellence in care, teaching and research in constant updating that allows us to offer the patient the best treatment option according to their needs. The treatment programs are constantly updated to ensure maximum effectiveness, with a knowledge management team, which pays special attention to research, the continuous training of professionals who are part of the team, and the relationship with the specialized scientific community, as well as a multidisciplinary care team that works together with other medical professionals to achieve Excellence in addressing these disorders.

Aire Networks

Private Equity Round in 2018
Aire Networks, encompasses all the communication services that a company needs to boost its business, with all the advantages and benefits of working with a single service provider. The philosophy of Aire Networks is focused on the client, who he considers his main asset and confers partner treatment. The company is continuously creating new quadruple play wholesale products and services with which to guarantee the competitive advantage of its customers. Aire Networks, a national provider of telecommunications services, is focused on the development and provision of top-level solutions in the areas of voice, data and audiovisual content for operators, companies and public administration bodies. Solutions guaranteed and implemented in a multi-service network, permanently monitored by specialized technical personnel to ensure the quality and reliability of the service. Aire Networks, provides national coverage and presents solutions tailored to the needs and requirements of the most demanding customers with competitive prices.

NACE Schools

Acquisition in 2014
NACE Schools is a renowned education group and world leader in international education: a global family comprised of over 20 institutions across four countries – Spain, France, UK and India.


Private Equity Round in 2018
ROQ manufacturers textile printing and packaging machinery and equipment. The company was formerly known as S.Roque - MAquinas E Tecnologias Laser, S.A. ROQ was founded in 1983 and is based in Vila Nova de Famalicão, Portugal.


Private Equity Round in 2008
Vendap is a operates as the rental of equipment for construction, industry and events.


Acquisition in 2008
Pretersa-Prenavisa is a company in full expansion, dedicated to the design, manufacture and assembly of precast concrete infrastructure. The Company, which has a young and qualified team of executives and middle managers, is a national leader in the manufacture and assembly of prefabricated structures with high added value for logistics, commercial and industrial infrastructures. We have a workforce of 470 direct workers and more than 100 indirect workers. A close contact between company and customer favors the best result and full compliance with the expectations generated by our service. Pretersa-Prenavisa is located where our customers are. We have the most advanced technology and facilities prepared at the highest level. All this, together with a specialized staff, It results in a quality product and the ability to offer the best service to our customers.


Acquisition in 2008
Iberwind, based in Oeiras and with around 70 specialized employees and with a great knowledge in the operation and maintenance of the Wind Farms, serves Portugal through the promotion, development and operation of renewable energy projects, allowing the production of clean and renewable energy. With a know-how that allows it to take advantage of the national wind resource, Iberwind has been responsible since 1998 for the installation of 31 wind farms (all developed in-house), totaling more than 300 wind turbines, with an installed capacity of about of about 700 MW, representing approximately 15% of wind energy produced annually in Portugal and about 3% of the electricity consumed in the country, equivalent to the energy consumption of more than 550 thousand households. Of all these parks and their significant and important portfolio effect, it is important to highlight the wind farms of Candeeiros and Pampilhosa, internationally considered among the largest in terms of installed onshore capacity, each with more than 100 MW. Another important fact to note is the constant search for the optimization of park control, using all available tools and means, such as SCADA and CMS systems, studies and wind data collected over several years of activity, know -how and training obtained from some of the leading manufacturers in the sector, enables us to obtain technical availabilities of our parks in excess of 97%, making Iberwind a leading developer in Europe. But that's not all. Because of the future, Iberwind has contracted a significant portfolio of land, promoting the possible installation of a set of new parks, and also has a set of valences and know-how to develop new platforms for the promotion and development of renewable energy projects , thus being prepared and open to new challenges.


Acquisition in 2012
Geriatros is one of the most important companies in the Spanish social services sector, both for the volume of places devoted to the care of the elderly population and for the model of care for people with mental health and disability problems. A model of personalized attention and the quality of the facilities mark the difference in a sector in which Geriatros operates since 2000. Its expansion was gestated by building its own centers and acquiring companies already in operation dedicated to the care to the elderly and to mental health care.


Acquisition in 2017
INDIBA, S.A is specialising in the design, manufacture and distribution of products and devices for use by medical, physiotherapy and beauty specialists. Our high-tech products and devices offer a non-invasive solution for the most common problems observed in the aesthetic medicine, plastic surgery, dermatology, sports medicine, physiotherapy and beauty sectors. Some of our most important products and techniques include: Proionic® system, pulsed light, cryotherapy, cavitation and pressure therapy. We also developed the first radiofrequency for diathermy treatments.

Itasa Servicios Generales SL

Acquisition in 2016
Itasa Servicios Generales SL manufactures release liners for various applications and industries in Spain and internationally. The company provides silicone coated paper for self-adhesive tapes, graphic arts, labels, composites, hygiene industry, industrial applications, shipment, medical, and other industrial uses. It exports its products to Europe, the United States, the Middle East, Asia, and South America. The company was founded in 1974 and is based in Andoain, Spain.