LSP BioVentures is a venture capital fund focused on opportunities in the life science arena. Based in Cambridge (MA) in the USA; the fund’s management combines the strength of its parent company, [Life Sciences Partners Venture Capital firm](/financial-organization/life-sciences-partners) in Europe and a dedicated team of experts in the USA.

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20 past transactions


Venture Round in 2015
Ventaleon is developing inhaled treatments against viral infections. The Company’s lead therapy, is an inhaled LASAG (D,L-lysine acetylsalicylate • glycine), a lysin-salt formulation of well-known acetyl salicylic acid (Aspirin®), suitable as an ingredient for inhalable aerosol, has completed Phase II clinical trials to treat severe influenza. A proof-of-concept study in influenza patients with moderate to severe symptoms demonstrated more rapid symptom decline when administered via inhaled LASAG compared to standard of care. The Company is currently preparing to enter a pivotal clinical trial with inhaled LASAG. Ventaleon was founded as a spin-off from Activaero, a leading specialist in aerosol inhalation therapies and technologies, in 2012

Aelin Therapeutics NV

Series A in 2017
Aelin Therapeutics NV develops antibiotics and therapeutics using the Pept-in technology. The company's technology platform harnesses protein aggregation to induce functional knockdown of a target protein. The company's products have applications against Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) and undruggable targets in humans. The company was founded in 2017 and is headquartered in Heverlee, Belgium.

KuDOS Pharmaceuticals Ltd

Venture Round in 2006
KuDOS Pharmaceuticals Ltd discovers and develops drugs based upon the science of DNA damage sensing, signaling, and repair to address medical needs in cancer treatment.


Series A in 2021
Evommune, Inc. develops and manufactures tissue-based medicines for inflammatory diseases. It offers medicines for immunology and dermatology. The company was incorporated in 2020 and is based in Los Altos, California.
Efficas Medical Foods & Nutrition, LLC, a health-science and technology company, researches, develops, and commercializes products for the nutritional management of the immune system for humans and pets. The company provides Efficas Care, a berry flavored non-prescription medical food for the dietary management of asthma and associated allergies. Efficas Medical Foods & Nutrition, LLC was founded in 2010 and is headquartered in Fullerton, California.


Series A in 2011
Activaero GmbH, a drug delivery company, engages in the research, development, manufacture, and marketing of controlled breathing technologies that are used for the delivery of inhaled therapeutic agents to the human lung and various lung regions. It offers AKITA, a controlled breathing device with smart card technology for the pulmonary delivery of inhaled therapeutics; and Watchhaler, an inhalation device tailored to the needs of children who need to take inhaled medication. The company also provides AKITA², a controlled breathing technology for the pulmonary delivery of inhaled therapeutics in the clinical trial setting; and LimiX, a first flow limitation valve that controls the flow rate. In addition, it offers measurement and diagnostic technologies for use in laboratory settings, including a system to measure the properties of aerosols in a minute. Further, the company provides contract development services for devices to use in clinical trials; and clinical trial logistics services. It markets its products through distributors. Activaero GmbH was founded in 2004 and is based in Gemunden, Germany. It also has locations in Munich, Germany; and Dublin, Ohio.


Series C in 2018
Lumeon Ltd., a digital health company, provides care pathway management solutions to the healthcare industry. The company offers Care Pathway Manager, a cloud-based platform that provides a single real-time view of patient journey from referral to outcome. Its services include business analysis, project management, configuration and data migration, training, and support. Lumeon Ltd. was formerly known as Qinec Ltd. and changed its name to Lumeon Ltd. in July 2016. The company was founded in 2005 and is based in London, United Kingdom.


Series B in 2011
To this end, arGEN-X has invented and developed a breakthrough discovery platform setting the new standard for antibody lead choice in the discovery of human antibody therapeutics. Fuelled by the best possible natural immune responses available, our Simple Antibodyâ„¢ platform leapfrogs existing platforms in what is probably the most critical aspect of drug discovery and development: lead choice.


Series D in 2020
Lumeon Ltd., a digital health company, provides care pathway management solutions to the healthcare industry. The company offers Care Pathway Manager, a cloud-based platform that provides a single real-time view of patient journey from referral to outcome. Its services include business analysis, project management, configuration and data migration, training, and support. Lumeon Ltd. was formerly known as Qinec Ltd. and changed its name to Lumeon Ltd. in July 2016. The company was founded in 2005 and is based in London, United Kingdom.

Imcyse SA

Series B in 2019
Imcyse SA, a clinical-stage biotech company, develops active and specific immunotherapeutic to treat and prevent severe chronic diseases caused by disruptions of the immune system. Its portfolio includes ImotopeTM, a development program for type 1 diabetes. The company was founded in 2010 and headquartered in Liège, Belgium.


Series C in 2010
Syntaxin is a biopharmaceutical company that engineers and develops bacterial-based protein therapeutics for the treatment of neurological, inflammatory and endocrine diseases. The biopharmaceutical company's proprietary technology platform enables the engineering of bacterial proteins by domain substitution, to produce novel cell-specific biotherapeutics that inhibit cell secretion. These products can have therapeutic effects in a wide range of indications.

Pasteuria Bioscience

Series B in 2007
Pasteuria Bioscience, Inc. was founded in 2003 in the University of Florida's Sid Martin Biotechnology Incubator. The company was developed out of Entomos, Inc., to commercialize its revolutionary technology for production of nematode control products Pasteuria Bioscience has successfully raised over $6 million in venture funding in its series A and series B rounds, which has enabled the advancement of the technology to the point of commercial-scale production and EPA registration of its first product. This initial product will be for control of sting nematodes in professional turf, and is expected to launch in late 2009. Progress towards launch is supported by multiple ongoing turf field trials and other commercial development activities. The company also continues to build its pipeline of products and its intellectual property portfolio through a vigorous laboratory development program.

Sequana Medical NV

Series C in 2014
Sequana Medical NV, a commercial stage medical device company, focuses on the development of treatment solutions for the management of fluid overload in liver disease, malignant ascites, and heart failure in Switzerland, Germany, and internationally. Its products include alfapump, a treatment solution for the management of liver refractory ascites and malignant ascites; and alfapump DSR, a fully implanted system for direct sodium removal therapy in patients with volume overload due to heart failure. The company was founded in 2006 and is headquartered in Ghent, Belgium.


Series B in 2017
Nouscom are a well established team that has worked together for many years in previous successful enterprises, including IRBM/Merck and Okairos, and are veterans in the field of oncolytic and genetic vaccines. The company is headquartered in Basel, Switzerland and has operations in Rome, Italy. The NousCom team is lead by experienced enterpreneurs that worked together for many years in previous successful enterprises, such as Okairos, under the leadership of Prof. Riccardo Cortese, who conceived the ideas behind those companies.

Rainier Therapeutics

Series B in 2017
Rainier Therapeutics, Inc., a biotechnology company, develops a targeted biologic for the potential treatment of early stage and metastatic bladder cancer. It offers Vofatamab (B-701), a human monoclonal antibody that targets and specifically blocks the activity of FGFR3 (fibroblast growth factor receptor 3) that is used for the treatment for metastatic bladder cancer. Rainier Therapeutics, Inc. was formerly known as BioClin Therapeutics, Inc. and changed its name to Rainier Therapeutics, Inc. in November 2018. The company was founded in 2010 and is based in San Leandro, California.
Eloxx Pharmaceuticals, Inc., a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company, focuses on developing novel ribonucleic acid modulating drug candidates for the treatment of rare and ultra-rare premature stop codon diseases. Its lead investigational drug product candidate is ELX-02, which is in Phase 2 clinical trial that focuses on the treatment of cystic fibrosis and nephropathic cystinosis patients with diagnosed nonsense mutations. The company was founded in 2013 and is headquartered in Waltham, Massachusetts.

New Amsterdam Pharma

Series A in 2021
NewAmsterdam Pharma is a clinical-stage company focused on the research and development of transformative therapies for cardio-metabolic diseases.

Immunic AG

Series A in 2017
Immunic is a developer of oral drugs intended to help in the treatment of chronic inflammatory diseases. The company's drugs help to develop a small molecule immune modulators that block T helper type 1- and type 17-mediated immune and build autoimmune responses to treat conditions including inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) or psoriasis, enabling physicians to treat their patients in an enhanced way.


Series A in 2017
Luxendo will manufacture and sell advanced Single Plane Illumination Microscopes (SPIM) originally developed at EMBL by Lars Hufnagel and his team. SPIM is a rapidly emerging technology that combines optical sectioning with multiple-view imaging to observe tissues and living organisms with impressive resolution. Unlike the conventional techniques of widefield and confocal fluorescence microscopy, the light sheet technique illuminates on the region surrounding the focal plane of the detection objective in a twin objective configuration.