Mercer Advisors

Mercer Advisors Inc. is a total wealth management firm that provides fee-only comprehensive investment management, financial planning, family office services, retirement benefits and distribution planning, estate planning, and tax management services to affluent individuals. Mercer Advisors is the parent company of Mercer Global Advisors, one of the largest Registered Investment Advisors and financial planning firms in the U.S. with nearly $6 billion in assets under management and more than 4,300 clients.

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ET George Investment Management focus is to design broad-based financial plans and investment strategies for individual clients and business owners.

First Ohio Planning

Acquisition in 2020
As of January 28, 2020, First Ohio Planning, LLC operates as a subsidiary of Mercer Global Advisors Inc.

Sage Future Financial

Acquisition in 2019
Sage Future Financial, LLC provides wealth management and advisory services. The company was founded in 2009 and is headquartered in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Bell Wealth Management

Acquisition in 2018
Bell Wealth Management operates as a registered investment adviser. Bell Wealth Management provides comprehensive wealth management to affluent and high net worth clients, and has been helping people achieve their financial goals for over 20 years.

GFS Private Wealth LLC

Acquisition in 2018
GFS Private Wealth specializes in providing comprehensive investment and life-planning solutions to affluent individuals and their families. We advise, guide, and motivate our clients to implement solutions that simplify their lives.

AFI Wealth Strategies

Acquisition in 2021
AFI Wealth Strategies is a wealth management firm located in Green Bay, Wisconsin.AFI Wealth Strategies offers a team approach to financial planning, offering you a broader scope of expertise than you will likely find in any one person.

Pinnacle Investment

Acquisition in 2018
Pinnacle Investment Management Inc. is a comprehensive wealth management firm committed to helping clients improve their long-term financial success. We help them grow, and conserve their wealth and optimize their financial decsions. We specialize in financial planning, investment management and retirement planning.
Traust Sollus Wealth Management is a boutique wealth management firm emphasizing sophisticated financial planning, investment management and tax planning strategies for high net worth individuals.

Ray Mignone & Associates

Acquisition in 2017
Ray Mignone Associates, a provider of financial planning and investment management services.

Dragon Financial Group

Acquisition in 2019
Dragon Financial Group is a private investment firm based in San Mateo, California. As of January 3, 2019, Dragon Financial Group operates as a subsidiary of Mercer Advisors Inc.

Regent Wealth Management

Acquisition in 2019
As of August 14, 2019, Regent Wealth Management Group operates as a subsidiary of Mercer Global Advisors Inc.
Confluence Financial Advisors, LLC provides wealth management consultation and retirement plan services to its clients. The company was founded in 2015 and is based in Boulder, Colorado. As of March 7, 2019, Confluence Financial Advisors, LLC operates as a subsidiary of Mercer Global Advisors Inc.

AL Hewitt

Acquisition in 2019
AL Hewitt is a financial service firm.

Fabian Wealth Strategies

Acquisition in 2016
Fabian Wealth Strategies, a registered investment advisor, is managed by Doug Fabian. With our unique combination of asset management and investor education we have created a highly-effective wealth management firm.

Kays Financial Advisory

Acquisition in 2021
Kays Financial Advisory provides full-time wealth management and comprehensive financial planning services to individuals and families. Kays Financial Advisory has designed our services to grow and protect our clients' wealth by delivering a high level of personalized service and expertise. We exist to help our clients make smart decisions about their money to achieve their financial goals.

Beacon Wealth Management

Acquisition in 2018
BWM was founded in 2002 by Founder and CEO Mark Germain, CFP®, MBA, ADPA® and he and his six staff members will continue their journey with Mercer Advisors. BWM today provides comprehensive financial planning and investment management services to its 170 clients and households.

Adam Financial Associates

Acquisition in 2019
Adam Financial Associates, Inc., based in Boca Raton, Florida, has been serving clients in Florida and across the country for over twenty years. Their firm specializes in providing customized, on-target financial planning and wealth management services to individuals wanting to build a better and more secure financial future. Many of their clients are women, couples, and people who want to enjoy a confident, fulfilling retirement.

FIM Group

Acquisition in 2018
FIM Group has served clients as a global investment manager and financial planner since 1984. Their mission is to ensure that their clients have the resources they need to support the quality of life they desire. They believe in long-term investing that adopts a disciplined investment process. They emphasize protecting and sustaining their clients' wealth every bit as much as growing their assets.

Kanaly Trust Company

Acquisition in 2016
Kanaly Trust Company is a privately owned investment manager. It also provides financial planning, wealth management, and trusts and estate planning services to its clients. The firm typically provides its services to high net worth individuals, estates, and families. It manages separate client-focused equity and fixed income portfolios. The firm invests in the public equity, fixed income, and real estate markets of the United States. Kanaly Trust Company was founded in 1975 and is based in Houston, Texas.

Murray & Co.

Acquisition in 2018
Murray & Co. is a privately owned and independent registered investment advisor. The firm was founded in 1999 with the purpose of providing high quality investment counseling and portfolio management on a customized basis for each client. Clients include high net worth individuals and families, endowments, non-profit foundations and corporate pension funds. Murray & Co. Asset Management, Ltd. offers investment advisor services in states where it is lawfully registered to conduct business.

Jackson Financial Management

Acquisition in 2019
Jackson Financial Management is a large wealth management firm serving high net worth households throughout the United States.

Pegasus Advisors, LLC

Acquisition in 2016
Pegasus Advisors, LLC provides financial, tax, and investment planning and advisory services to individual and business clients in Texas. Its services include financial goal planning, risk management, estate planning, tax planning and preparation, portfolio analysis, investment allocation and implementation, retirement planning, cash flow planning, education funding, business planning, and ongoing consultation. The company was founded in 2000 and is headquartered in Dallas, Texas. As on November 3, 2016, Pegasus Advisors, LLC operates as a subsidiary of Mercer Advisors Inc.
Sigma Investment Management is an investment management company.

M.J. Smith and Associates

Acquisition in 2020
M.J. Smith and Associates helps clients create financial and life plans that reflect their unique situations while supporting and celebrating their hopes and goals.
Duckworth Wealth Advisors is a team of tax and planning professionals providing wealth management. Duckworth Wealth Advisors, Inc., a Newport Beach, CA-based family office offering investment management, financial planning, estate and tax planning, and corporate trustee services managing.

Hart Capital Management, Inc.

Acquisition in 2021
Hart Capital Management, Inc. is an employee owned hedge fund manager. The firm provides its services to individuals, high net worth individuals, pension and profit sharing plans and corporations. It manages separate client-focused equity and fixed income portfolios. The firm primarily invests in public equity and fixed income markets. The firm also invests in mutual funds and exchange traded funds. It invests in value stocks of companies to create its portfolio. The firm employs absolute return strategy. It employs fundamental analysis to create its portfolio. The firm conducts in-house research to make its investments. Hart Capital Management, Inc. was founded in 1998 and is based in Spokane, Washington with additional office in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. As of December 31, 2020, Hart Capital Management, Inc. operates as a subsidiary of Mercer Global Advisors Inc.

Novos Planning Associates

Acquisition in 2017
A New York City-based investment advisory firm.

Arbor Asset Management

Acquisition in 2019
Arbor Asset Management is an established and highly respected firm—a very attractive business in a dynamic and growing market.

Pinnacle Wealth Solutions

Acquisition in 2021
Pinnacle Wealth Solutions helps in financial and wealth planning for their clients and families for future plans. Pinnacle Wealth Solutions has been committed to one mission empowering their clients and families to live every day to the fullest while helping them to achieve their dreams of tomorrow. Whether advising on everyday spending, retirement planning, investments, insurance, college savings, or any other financial need, their passion is to provide exemplary care to achieve financial freedom. Pinnacle was founded in 1985 by G. Carl Mahler, Jr., CFP® ("Carl") focusing on delivering comprehensive wealth management services to their high net worth (HNW) clients.

McGee Wealth Management

Acquisition in 2021
McGee Wealth Management is committed to your personal success and quality of life, whatever phase you're in. We're proud to share our decades of financial planning, wealth management, insight, and understanding to help you realize your dreams.

Republic Wealth Advisors, LLC

Acquisition in 2019
Republic Wealth Advisors is a registered investment advisory firm offering customizable investment management and wealth management advice for individuals, families, and institutions.

Physicians Financial Advisors

Acquisition in 2019
Physicians Financial Advisors operates as a boutique RIA. Physicians Financial Advisors provides comprehensive wealth management services to its high net worth, physician focused clientele.

Blue Moon Wealth Advisory

Acquisition in 2017
Their approach to wealth management goes well beyond just managing client portfolios.Their service model includes a detailed retirement planning analysis, the reviewing of tax returns for outlining tax strategies, and managing estate planning documents to ensure a smooth transition to the next generation. Their executive clients receive guidance on exercising their stock options and their small business owner clients lean on us to help with finalizing succession plans to sell their company.They like to be fully engaged with their all clients and their families.

Rowland Carmichael Advisors

Acquisition in 2021
Rowland Carmichael Advisors is a respected wealth management firm.RCA in 1986 delivering comprehensive wealth management services to its high net worth (HNW) clients, including a robust retirement plan service business and attendant corporate clientele.

McDermott Advisory Group

Acquisition in 2018
McDermott Advisory Group, a respected RIA firm. McDermott provides a full complement of financial planning, investment management, and related services to its affluent and high net worth clients.
Atlanta Financial Associates' main objective is to help the clients to achieve Financial Independence Together(FIT). FIT process has altered and enhanced the path to wealth for hundreds of families from retirees, physicians, divorcees, executives, business owners, and young professionals. Financial Independence Together is a systematic and organized analysis and roadmap to guide through the current situation as well as the family’s financial wellness for decades to come. Atlanta Financial Associates offer comprehensive wealth management services through its Fit Process that includes customized financial planning, investment management, and ongoing advice and solutions to help optimize your overall financial picture and plan for the future.

Wealth Design Services Inc.

Acquisition in 2017
Wealth Design Services Inc. offers financial planning services to individuals and families, including investment management, estate planning, cash flow management, tax planning minimization, benefit analysis, and insurance planning services. The company was founded in 2004 and is based in Rochester, New York. As of July 12, 2017, Wealth Design Services Inc. operates as a subsidiary of Mercer Advisors Inc.

Personal Financial Advisors

Acquisition in 2020
Personal Financial Advisors provide planning and wealth management services to individuals and families.