PreSeed Ventures

PreSeed Ventures are the preferred travel companion for trailblazing founders when they set out on the journey of transforming startup dreams into successful businesses. Founded in 2000 they have an exceptional track record of spotting, fostering and financing tomorrow’s winners in syndication with top-tier investors locally and globally. Inherently to the name PreSeed Ventures operates at the earliest stages, where founders need professional support more systematically than most BAs can offer but where the risk prevents most VCs and other institutional investors from engaging. With the experience from hundreds of startup journeys, pre-seed funding is more than a risky investment stage to the powerhouse of experts behind PreSeed Ventures, it is where they passionately excel in supporting and nurturing the growth of promising startups on the rise. PreSeed Ventures has grown out of the technological research environment at Denmark’s Technical University, DTU. In 2020 they launch their first full blown commercial venture fund, yet continuing to be a subsidiary company to the university.

Martin Haislund Andersen


Richard Breiter

Co-Founder and General Partner

Alexander Clarke

Investment Manager


Peter Egeoved

Investment Director

Marianne Hyltoft

DeepTech Fund Director

Anders Kjær

DeepTech Fund Director

Mads Klarskov Petersen


Christel Piron



Alberte Katrine Schmidt

Investment Manager

Helle Uth

Co-Founder and General Partner

Alexander Viterbo-Horten

General Partner

Anders Bach Waagstein

Investment Director