Abénex Capital

Abénex Capital is a 100% independent structure for acquiring holdings in unlisted companies. Formerly known as ABN AMRO Capital France, Abénex Capital was the subject of an LBO by its three founding partners. Sharing the values ​​of entrepreneurs, Abénex Capital accompanies and is at the heart of their development projects. Sector of intervention: All sectors Capital investment: More than € 1 billion since 2000 Number of transactions: Over 59 Number of acquisitions made: Over 110 Abénex Capital is therefore one of the leading French investment capital in the mid-market segment in France.

Matthieu Balaÿ



Paul Bertrand



Paul-Stephane Bertrand



Vincent Brunswick


Hervé Claquin

Founding Partner


Christian Dorléac


Johann Dupont



Emmanuel Herbinet


Antoine Houël



Edouard Jeandey


Julien Keignart



Mathieu Mauhourat


Olivier Moatti

Managing Partner


Thomas Peretti



Antoine Schouman



Caroline Spriet



Sofiane Touhami



Jérôme Vandermarcq


Patrice Verrier

Managing Partner

35 past transactions


Venture Round in 2021
EDL provides IT solutions for public and private medical imaging services.


Venture Round in 2013
SURYS SAS manufactures devices/labels for security purpose. The company offers security solutions that provide responses from optical laminates to complete document personalization and authentication through software and mobile smart devices for traceability. SURYS SAS was founded in 1980 and is based in Bussy Saint-Georges, France. As of December 9, 2019, SURYS SAS operates as a subsidiary of IN Groupe.

Point Vision Group

Venture Round in 2012
Point Vision Group offers patients the possibility of making appointments in a very short time, mainly through an internet platform. It is the first group to respond on a large scale to the lack of ophthalmologists in France that generates average wait times of three months for an appointment. Point Vision industrialized the consultation process by segmenting the different stages and delegating non-medical tasks to technicians.

S.A.R.L. AC Environnement

Acquisition in 2018
S.A.R.L. AC Environnement provides real estate consultancy services.

Point Vision Group

Series C in 2014
Point Vision Group offers patients the possibility of making appointments in a very short time, mainly through an internet platform. It is the first group to respond on a large scale to the lack of ophthalmologists in France that generates average wait times of three months for an appointment. Point Vision industrialized the consultation process by segmenting the different stages and delegating non-medical tasks to technicians.


Acquisition in 2008
Groupe REPONSE is an interior design firm.

Outinord s.a.

Acquisition in 2006
Outinord is a designer, manufacturer and distributor of steel formwork for the building industry. Outinord offers wall forms, tunnel forms, table forms, and safety platforms.


Acquisition in 2020
AEROW SAS provides consulting, integration, and information management for businesses. It offers AEROW ECM offers engineering and document consulting to allow public and private organizations to manage digital documents and related processes; AEROW DIGITAL allows organizations to develop the digital strategy for exchanging information with the customers. The company also provides installation, configuration, development, and integration of (enterprise content management) ECM solutions. AEROW SAS was incorporated in 2004 and is based in Paris, France with additional locations in Brussels, Belgium; Geneva, Switzerland; and Mauritius.


Private Equity Round in 2017
Premista is specializing in intermediation in banking and payment services. Premista provides consolidation of credits and associated insurance products for individuals. Premista's loans allow customers to refinance their existing car, work, consumer and / or real estate loans into a single loan, with shorter maturities and longer terms than their existing debt structure. Premista prospects its clients with banking networks with its own sales network and on the internet. Central Finances is its main brand in this niche.


Venture Round in 2021
We help Real Estate Teams Convert dropped leads in their CRM into closed homes using artificial intelligence. We qualify, nurture and assist dropped leads to turn them into closed homes by becoming your secret weapon.

Square Management

Acquisition in 2017
Square Management operates as a management consulting firm. Square is an international consulting group in strategy, organization and operational consulting. In order to provide its customers with a real competitive advantage, Square, associated with the laboratories of the grandes écoles (HEC, ESCP Europe, University Paris Dauphine ...) has been developing for two years innovative research and development programs around its main businesses.

Dupont Restauration SAS

Venture Round in 2010
Dupont Restauration , undisputed leader in catering, while remaining a family-sized company, remains close to its employees. Dupont Traiteur, the event activity of Dupont Restauration, includes the VIP services of sports venues (cocktails, reception, buffet, sit-down meals), the management of the general public sales of some of these sites and the receptions activity (conventions of businesses, weddings, private events ...) on the Estate.

Grand Frais

Private Equity Round in 2011
Grand Frais Gestion SAS owns and operates a network of stores that sell fresh products in France and Belgium. It operates stores that offer fruits and vegetables, mushrooms, and aromatic herbs; grocery stores that sell seasonings and condiments, dried fruits, aperitif products, and sweet products, as well as cereals, pasta, and vegetables; cheese shops that offer milk, cream, and eggs, as well as cow, goat, and sheep cheeses; a butchery that sells various types of meat products; and fish shops that offer seafood and shellfish, whole fish, and fish fillets. The company was incorporated in 2007 and is headquartered in Givors, France.


Acquisition in 2020
Inlog develops and sells blood bank and hospital software solutions. In Log SAS including the EdgeSuite™ software solutions, such as EdgeBlood™, EdgeCell®, EdgeTrack™ and EdgeLab™, as well as the SapaNet™ software solution.

LP Promotion SAS

Private Equity Round in 2017
LP Promotion SAS provides rental and leasing services for properties including homes and residences. The company also provides real estate services including real estate prospection to management, via the design and the marketing of real estate goods. LP Promotion SAS was founded in 1996 and is based in Toulouse, France.

AES Chemunex

Acquisition in 2003
AES Laboratoire has products spanning applications for the food, pharmaceutical, and cosmetic industries. The company’s offerings include a complete portfolio of conventional and novel culture media, rapid microbiology testing methods, and laboratory instruments, as well as cytometry for the detection of microorganisms, with an innovative range of flow cytometers and a solid-phase cytometer, ChemScan RDI. The company also provides a range of services, as well as software for laboratory monitoring and metrology.

De Dietrich

Acquisition in 2012
De Dietrich is a manufacturer of quality process equipment.


Acquisition in 2011
Vulcanic SA designs, manufactures, and sells electrical heating and cooling solutions. The company offers liquid heating solutions, such as screw plug immersion heaters, flange immersion heaters, liquid circulation heaters, and temperature control units; gas heating solutions, including wall-mounted air heaters, duct heaters, high temperature generators, and radiators; and solid heating solutions, which include heating cartridges and high flux rods, band heaters, infrared generators, and strip heaters. It also offers cooling solutions, such as air conditioning units, air/water exchangers, industrials chillers, and dehumidifiers; temperature measurement solutions that include thermostats and temperature safety cut outs, electromechanical thermostats, pt100 sensors and thermocouples, and sealing glands; and temperature control and power supply solutions, including temperature controllers, static power units, controllers, and power and control cabinets. It serves food and beverage, oil and gas, railway, power generation, aeronautics, petrochemical, industrial process, chemical pharmaceutical, nuclear power generation, automotive, marine, environment, and facility management industries through sales representatives worldwide. The company was founded in 1973 and is based in Neuilly sur Marne, France. It has locations in Antwerpen, Belgium; Metz, Neuilly sur Marne, and Saint Florentin, France; Hanau and Sonneberg, Germany; Jakarta, Indonesia; Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; Moscow, Russian Federation; Montornes del Valles and Torrelavega, Spain; Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates; and Norwich, United Kingdom. Vulcanic SA is a former subsidiary of Dynaction SA.

Europa Group

Private Equity Round in 2017
Europa Group is a group whose services provide support for the various needs which scientific and medical communities are obliged to face up to every day: events, education, publishing, digital, housing, meetings. Europa Group today counts 260 staff across 3 continents, all committed to helping and unite thousands of professionals in many fruitful ways every year.

Protection One

Acquisition in 2003
Protection one is much more than a security company – it’s a state of mind and a philosophy! In fact, most of their founding employees are still here and, with an average seniority of more than 10 years, their employee loyalty is remarkable. That means that the person advising you today will still be here tomorrow!

Blanchon Group

Acquisition in 2019
Blanchon Group is a wood maintenance products through its complete ranges for professionals and individuals.The Blanchon Group manufactures 7000 references marketed through the Blanchon brand in professional stores and Syntilor in DIY stores. The Blanchon Group also produces PVC floor polishes that it sells to world leaders in flooring. Present in several countries in Europe and in large export markets, the Group generates nearly 30% of its business outside France thanks to the reputation of its brands and the quality of its products.


Acquisition in 2013
RG Safety Group is the French leading specialised distributor of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Bringing together old companies created in the 1950s and more recently, under the leadership of a parent company RG SAFETY, the RG Group offers a perfect homogeneity both in terms of organization and diversity Offers and services. Experience, responsiveness and a desire to make progress have placed RG Group among the leaders in the distribution, design and manufacturing of PPE in Europe.

2cv Mehari Club Cassis

Private Equity Round in 2013
2cv Mehari Club Cassis is recognized for the excellence of the quality / price ratio of its parts, the quality of its renovations and reconstructions, its unique offer of services and the support of its customers, whether private or professional.

Groupe Silvya Terrade

Acquisition in 2018
Groupe Silvya Terrade owns and operates a network of schools focusing on aesthetics, cosmetics, perfumery, and hairstyle. It offers training in fields of beauty therapy, makeup, nail art, perfumery, spa and body care, cosmetics, and fashion. Groupe Silvya Terrade was founded in 2016 and is based in Lyon, France.

Groupe ADF SAS

Private Equity Round in 2018
Groupe ADF, a leading provider of industrial engineering and maintenance services, employs 3,900 people in 14 countries, across 4 continents. Specialising in three business lines – engineering & expertise, the supply of production and testing equipment, and production & maintenance services – Groupe ADF serves the Aeronautics, Space & Defense – Industry – Energies – Oil & Gas sectors. In 2016, Groupe ADF acquired Latécoère Services, which was subsquently renamed LATESYS in early 2018. After a record-breaking year, Groupe ADF is expecting to record sales of €411m in 2017.

Groupe Score

Acquisition in 2004
Groupe Score is a independent providers of foodservices in France.


Acquisition in 2016
Cisbio Bioassays, a life sciences company, develops various assays and reagents for pharmaceutical, biotechnology, academia, and contract research organizations worldwide. It offers G-protein coupled receptor (GPCR), a homogeneous time-resolved fluorescence (HTRF) cellular platform solution; kinases and cell signaling solutions, such as assays for covering various needs for monitoring kinase targets; and a line of HTRF epigenetic toolbox reagents and kits for high throughput screening and investigation of epigenetic targets.

Groupe Retif Developpement SAS

Acquisition in 2002
Groupe Retif Developpement SAS engages in the distribution of equipment and supplies to small and medium-sized distribution companies. Groupe Retif Developpement SAS offers materials, packaging products, decorations, stationery, labeling, lighting, disposable items, and maintenance products for shops.

Buffalo Grill S.A.

Acquisition in 2008
Buffalo Grill is the leading casual dining chain in France with over 350 western-themed restaurants (including 100 franchised). The Company was founded in 1980 and has grown to be one of the most recognised restaurant brands in France, employing over 5,000 people and serving 30 million meals per annum. Buffalo Grill has a loyal customer base attracted by a varied and affordable menu centred around beef dishes. Its restaurants are primarily based in retail parks and in medium-sized city outskirt locations and are frequented for a wide variety of occasions.

Groupe Hild

Acquisition in 2011
Hild is a privately held company that distributes and manufactures rainwater drainage systems and gas flue systems.


Acquisition in 2019
Tartefrais is a manufacturer of pastries and fresh cakes.

Hygeco SAS

Acquisition in 2017
Hygeco SAS manufactures products for the funeral and medical sectors worldwide. The company offers anatomy, pathology, and laboratory products; autopsy and laboratory products; body bags; cold chambers and trolleys; funeral equipment; hygiene products; thanatopraxy embalming products; and urns. It also provides post mortem assistance; assistance in the event of disasters; and transport of deceased persons. The company was founded in 1887 and is based in Garges-lès-Gonesse, France.


Venture Round in 2002
Essege is a distributer of portable liquid fuel radiators.

Ikos Consulting

Acquisition in 2018
Ikos Consulting, a technology consulting company, specializes in railway engineering. The company offers signaling and control systems, telecommunications, power and electrification, civil engineering and tracks, and rolling stock for railway industry. It also offers instrumentation and control systems; telecommunications; electrical networks are essential for linking energy generation and consumption; and various infrastructures involving fuel extraction, energy generation, and the enrichment and refining of combustibles require a major amount of equipment and machinery, which can include mechanical, thermodynamic, hydraulic, and electromagnetic machinery. The company was founded in 2005 and is based in Paris, France with branches in Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, the United Kingdom, the United States, and Canada.