Accent Equity Partners

Founded in 1994, Accent is a private equity pioneer in the Nordic region. Since the start, funds to which Accent Equity Partners AB has been an advisor have invested in 60 companies and divested 43 of them. Accent Equity Partners AB has served as an advisor to six funds with managed assets in excess of EUR 1 billion. The Accent Equity 2008 fund's objective is to develop the portfolio companies into Nordic, European or global players via enduring improvements of the companies' business operations and strategic positions. Based in Stockholm, Accent Equity Partners AB has a staff of some fifteen investment professionals with backgrounds in both industry and finance.

Claes Bodell

Partner and Investment Manager


Oscar Claeson

Associate Partner


Martin Dryden

Director of Accent Equity Funds


Emmanuel Ergul

Partner and Certified Leasing Officer


Carl Fürstenbach

Partner and Investment Manager


Marcus Jennekvist

CFO and Director


Ian Lambert

Director of Accent Equity Funds


Caroline Brandt Lilja



Sofia Nyrén



Jan Ohlsson

Founder and Chairman


Lowe Rehnberg



Jacqueline Richomme

Director of Accent Equity Funds


Victoria Scheer


Niklas Sloutski

CEO and Partner


Mikael Strand

Associate Partner

Daniel Thonestad

CFO and Partner


Martin Tisell

Partner and Investment Manager


Tommy Torwald

Associate Partner


Jon Trigg

Director of Accent Equity Funds


Daniel Winberg

Partner and Investment Manager


Benny Zakrisson

Partner and Investment Manager


David Zytomierski


26 past transactions

Tommy Nordbergh Åkeri AB

Acquisition in 2016
TNÅ has offered efficient and flexible transport solutions for temperature controlled goods on the Swedish market since 1963. Today, TNÅ is a market leading and independent supplier of temperature controlled transports to Swedish food retailers and producers. The company’s truck fleet is exclusively running on renewable biofuel.

Steni AS

Acquisition in 2013
STENI AS is a leading global company producing facade solutions to the market. STENI's high-quality facade solutions will give the building a unique and enduring architectural expression. A sea of available surfaces, from colourful and smooth in different gloss levels, to surfaces of chrushed stone in a variety of shades and grades. In addition we offer printed surfaces to create an individual design.

Candyking Holding AB (publ)

Acquisition in 2007
Candyking Holding AB (publ) sells, markets, and exports confectionery and natural snacks products in Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Poland, and internationally. The company offers confectionery products under the concept and brands of Candyking, Karamellkungen, Premiyum, and Candyking Favourites; and natural snacks products under the Parrot’s brand. It operates approximately 10,000 retail outlets. Candyking Holding AB (publ) was founded in 1984 and is headquartered in Solna, Sweden.

S:t Eriks AB

Acquisition in 2014
S:t Eriks is a producer of prefabricated concrete products. The company operates ten production sites. S:t Eriks’ activities are organised into three divisions: Paving, Infrastructure Products, and Natural Stone.

Nordic Shelter Solutions

Acquisition in 2008
Nordic Shelter Solutions is a leading Nordic supplier of shelter solutions such as halls and tarpaulins. The company’s customers are found in the building and industrial sectors. NSS Group offers a modern and flexible range of products designed for the harsh Nordic climate and an international concept for logistics and procurement.

BakeMark Sweden

Acquisition in 2005
The bakery products and food ingredients supplier BakeMark Sweden.


Acquisition in 2015
Akademibokhandeln is Sweden's leading bookstore chain with 107 stores across the country. In our stores you can get reading tips and inspiration, visit author talks and signatures, bring the children on storytelling and collect well-deserved Readborg Brands. You can pick and choose from a wide range of books, paper and office supplies. If you need help choosing, we are available at the store near you. You can also buy your books through Akademibokhandelens e-handel, at


Acquisition in 2021
Triarca is one of the leading Scandinavian suppliers of high-quality outdoor enclosures used primarily in power distribution, communication technology, and e-commerce parcel lockers.

Oral Care AB

Acquisition in 2017
Oral Care AB offer dental care there and when you need it. At the clinic or at home. Our goal is to have Sweden's most satisfied customers. And that they stay alive. Most of us do not spend much time choosing where we want our dental care. Some shoot on it and wait for it to be really needed and then you want to quickly get the time. The fact that teeth and oral health affect our other health and well-being are not as many as think about. With Oral Care, the choice is easy. Click on the image and read more about what we can offer you!

Crem International AB

Acquisition in 2007
Crem International is a global company of recognized prestige in the production of professional coffee machines, adding more than 100 years of combined experience in the market and sales in more than 90 countries. Crem International develops, manufactures and markets coffee machines under three strong brands – Coffee Queen, Expobar and Spengler – for offices, coffee shops, cafés, restaurants, catering and convenience.


Acquisition in 2019
Gotessons develops and manufactures products with a high degree of functionality, design and innovation for an ergonomic and comfortable work environment.

Rydells Försäljning

Acquisition in 2017
Rydells, is a flower wholesaler, specialised within flowers for grocery stores. The operations are conducted in the Mälaren Valley, Södermanland, Östergötland and on Gotland, and the flowers are sourced from the company’s own cultivation in Vallentuna and from local growers and gardens.

Textilia AB

Acquisition in 2014
Textilia AB is offer rental and laundry of personal clothing and textiles. Textilia offers smart, eco-friendly and cost-effective textile service solutions for quality-conscious customers in the care, hotel and industry sector in the Nordic region. This means, among other things, that we daily wash and deliver 100 tonnes of workwear and textiles all over the country and make many hard-working people feel professional pride and dignity in the midst of a tough reality.
Corvara Industri- & skadeservice is a company that was acquired by Accent Equity Partners in 2011.

Cervera AB

Acquisition in 2015
Cervera AB owns and operates cooking, serving, and decorating accessories retail stores. The company provides glassware, porcelain, table cutlery, kitchen, and home furnishings. It also retails lighting and furniture products for the kitchen and dining area. The company was founded in 1987 and is based in Stockholm, Sweden. Cervera AB is a former subsidiary of ICA Gruppen AB.

BrenderUP Group AB

Acquisition in 2014
BrenderUP Group develops and manufactures trailers for private, semi-professional, and professional areas of use in Europe. The company also offers trailers for consumers with basic transport needs; and boat trailers for consumer transport needs. In addition, it provides trailer rental services; and lease options to petrol stations and other rental providers of trailers to consumers.


Acquisition in 2011
Autotube is completely owned by the Swedish company Investment AB Latour. They operate with a quality system certified according to ISO9001, ISO/TS16949 and Ford Q1. Their early adaption to the ISO14001 standard is one evidence of their environmental awareness and care.


Acquisition in 2017
Stål & Hyr is a rental provider of machinery, tools and equipment, mainly to companies within the construction industry. The company also offers services related to construction sites and equipment; including planning and training, installation of e.g. fencing, temporary heating and electricity, and modular space. Stål & Hyr has a well-known brand, representing a high level of service and availability, as well as a broad product range.

Eurowrap Group

Acquisition in 2014
Eurowrap is a suppliers of gift roll wrap, gift bags, greeting cards and associated products. The company’s products are primarily sold to a large number of leading European retailers. The company has a high penetration among high-growth discount retailers and the vast majority of the products are bespoke and customer-specific.

Nordic Traction

Acquisition in 2015
Nordic Traction provide chains and tracks for forestry and agricultural machinery. NordChain is the new leading brand for traction chains in Sweden. With chains like Megastud, Superstud and Piggelin Flex you can see that they are the well-known “Gunnebo-chains” that have changed their name to NordChain. With the new name we want to highlight our Nordic roots with product development and management in Sweden and production in Finland. Both countries, Europe’s biggest markets for traction chains.

Thor Shipping & Transport AB

Acquisition in 2018
Thor Shipping & Transport is a logistics company founded in 1994, covering all aspects of transport by land and sea. The company is active within forwarding, agency, stevedoring and short sea shipping. The wholly-owned subsidiary S.U.N. Line operates 4 vessels between Sweden, Belgium, Netherlands, UK, and Finland.


Acquisition in 2016
Inteno is an innovative solution supplier within the telecom and broadband industry, and has operated in this market for more than 25 years. During the past 15 years, our focus has been on developing and delivering innovative gateway products and solutions to operators and network owners.

Eco Log Sweden AB

Private Equity Round in 2017
Eco Log Sweden AB manufactures forestry machines. It offers harvester, forwarders, and forwarder heads; and customized machines. The company also provides apparel for men; and cooling bags, belts, USB memory sticks, key lanyards, soup cups, ink pens, grill forks, coffee cups, backpacks, seat covers, sticker forwarders, and sticker harvesters. Its products are available through a network of dealers in Australia, Austria, Canada, Chile, Czech Republic, Estonia, France, Finland, Germany, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, and the United States. The company was founded in 2004 and is based in Söderhamn, Sweden.


Acquisition in 2017
S-Blommor i Stockholm is specialised on flowers and accessories for grocery stores in the Mälaren Valley. Owns a proprietary production plant for bouquets and arrangements. The company also operates five florist stores in Stockholm under the brand Blomsterpassagen.

San Sac Group AB

Acquisition in 2014
San Sac Group provide solutions for sorting and recycling waste materials that improve business efficiency, contribute to a cleaner working and natural environment; generating the best total waste handling economy. San Sac Group offer an innovative range of systems that promotes sorting at source and make waste management more profitable. From pre-sales advice, through the selection process to after sales support, we take care of our customers all the way.