Cadence Design Systems

Cadence Design Systems, Inc. (Cadence) develops electronic design automation (EDA), software, hardware, and silicon intellectual property (IP). Cadence licenses software and IP, sells or leases hardware technology and provides engineering and education services worldwide to help manage and accelerate electronics product development processes. The Company’s customers use its products and services to design and develop complex integrated circuits (ICs) and electronics systems. The Company combines its products and technologies into platforms for four design activities: Functional Verification; Digital IC Design and Implementation; Custom IC Design and Verification, and System Interconnect Design. It sells software using three license types: subscription, term and perpetual. In June 2010, Cadence acquired Denali Software, Inc. (Denali). In May 2011, it acquired Altos Design Automation, Inc. On July 11, 2011, the Company acquired Azuro, Inc.

Lip Tan

President and CEO

Past deals in Embedded Systems

Integrand Software, Inc.

Acquisition in 2020
Integrand Software provides electronic design software used to design high frequency, RF and Mixed Signal complex integrated circuits (ICs) for the global semiconductor and electronics industries. Their advanced EM simulation tool, EMX®, allows designers to accurately and efficiently simulate large RF circuit blocks, characterize the behavior of passive components and analyze the parasitics due to interconnect. EMX shortens design cycles and bring to market substantially better products with less risk. In short, EMX is very accurate, very fast and very easy to use.

Ineda Systems

Series A in 2013
Ineda Systems is a startup company that was created by industry veterans from the US and India with the ultimate goal of becoming a leader in developing low power SOC’s for use in both consumer and enterprise applications. The advisory and management team has world-class experience of working in both blue-chip companies as well as fast-paced technology start-ups. Ineda's expertise is in the area of low-power SOC/IP development, architecture, and software that is necessary to design silicon and systems that would be of use in future applications. Their products will address the wearable platforms from a ground-up manner including vertical engineering of the wearable device: silicon, system, software, application ecosystem. In addition, they will enable the ecosystem with API’s and the application development framework. In combination with their leading-edge technology Ineda silicon will be the first in the world with power usage in the envelope required by wearable devices.


Series F in 2007
Software and consulting services to ip, semiconductor and electronics companies


Series E in 2003
Software and consulting services to ip, semiconductor and electronics companies

Verplex Systems

Acquisition in 2003
Verplex Systems, Inc. is an electronic design automation (EDA) company.

Hier Design

Series B in 2003
Hier Design Inc. develops, markets, and supports hierarchical floor planning and analysis software for design of ultra deep sub-micron, multi-million gates, and Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGA).

Ambit Design Systems

Acquisition in 1998
Ambit produced tools for system-on-a-chip (SoC) technology, designed to put the functions of different computer chips on one microprocessor.

High Level Design Systems

Acquisition in 1996
HLDS developed, marketed, and supported electronic design automation software for the design of high-density, high-performance integrated circuits.

Tangent Systems Corporation

Acquisition in 1989
Tangent Systems Corporation, handled the physical design of semi-custom integrated circuits. In September 1984 entered the electronic design tool market by investing more than $5 million for a 50% share of Tangent Systems, a two-month-old firm specializing in computer-aided engineering (CAE) software. In April 1988 Intergraph acquired an additional 32 percent of Tangent Systems for $3.5 million. The deal included the company's additional acquisition of six percent of Cadence Design Systems, Inc. By March 1989 Intergraph changed course entirely, deciding to exchange its 82 percent Tangent ownership for shares in Cadence Design Systems.

Integrated Measurement Systems

Acquisition in 1989
Integrated Measurement Systems, Inc. manufactures integrated circuit validation systems. The IMS Division continues to market, sell, service and support its line of engineering validation test systems.