Mutual Capital Partners

Mutual Capital Partners is a venture fund investing in rapidly growing technology businesses generally located in the Midwest. Our investors are successful executives from across the U.S. and we've combined the best elements of an angel fund into a committed capital, professionally managed venture fund.Due to the lack of venture capital in the Midwest, we created MCP in 2004 to lead or co-lead investments in promising companies looking for capital. Management is a key focus for us and we work with our 100+ investors in our funds to assist us in due diligence, customer introductions, and ongoing advice and counsel to our portfolio executives. MCP is committed to entrepreneurialism working with angel funds, economic development entities, and entrepreneurs to assist them through the capital continuum. We respond to all potential investments within five business days and try to provide feedback or introductions to all companies contacting us.

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Mutual Capital Partners


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Co-Founder and MD

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Mutual Capital Partners and Access Ventures Fund

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