Capital-E is an Antwerp-based venture capital firm founded in 2006 that specializes in early-stage investments in companies developing electronics, industrial, consumer goods, and technology solutions across Western Europe. The firm provides early stage capital to companies with unique selling propositions based on enabling electronics or advanced materials, leveraging its relationship with IMEC, the largest independent research center in micro- and nano-electronics in Europe. With a focus on micro and nano electronics, nanotechnology, and advanced materials, Capital-E invests in a variety of sectors including image sensors, machine learning, artificial intelligence, green energy, communication, semicon processing, and metrology. They seek to invest between €0.25 million to €1 million per company, scaling up to €7.5 million per company over multiple rounds, and are actively involved in the management of their portfolio companies.

Sofie Baeten

Managing Partner

Lou Hermans

Partner at Capital-E

Robert Jelski

Venture Partners

Ruud van der Linden

Venture Partners

Pascal Vanluchene

Venture Partner. Co-Founder of Capital-E

Marc Wachsmuth

Managing Partner, Co-Founder of Capital-E

Past deals in Embedded Systems


Venture Round in 2010
eoSemi is an emerging privately-funded semiconductor product company based in South Yorkshire. Shrinking electronic systems are placing significant pressure on traditional timing and frequency devices to reduce in size without compromising performance - something they cannot do easily or cheaply. eoSemi is a new technological transformation. It meets head-on the challenges of size-vs-performance, with an enabling technology that allows for creation of far more compact designs, and that facilitates new classes of product and application.