Procuritas is a Nordic private equity house specialized in initiating, structuring and financing buy-outs. Founded in 1986, the company was the pioneer in introducing the concept of management buy-outs in the Nordic region. Procuritas advised funds have made 32 investments to date and fully realized 22.

Yana Augustsson

Investment Manager


Ian S. Barnett

Director and Investment Manager of the Procuritas Funds


Johan Conradsson

Co-Managing Partner


John Ashton Dare

Non-Executive Partner and Non-Executive Chairman


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Co-Managing Partner


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Shu Sheng

Investment Manager


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Cecilia Waldehorn

Investment Manager

Hans Wikse


33 past transactions


Acquisition in 2019
Cutters offers effective and quality sure haircuts for ladies and gentlemen. It is a new and unique drop-in concept based on three factors: efficiency, quality, and price. Efficiency is that haircut only takes fifteen minutes, quality in that they have some of the best hairdressers, and a fixed price of haircuts for 299 euros. The company do not offer services such as hair washing, head massage, and dyeing or striping of hair, but focuses on what they do. Cutters is a Norway-based company that was founded in 2015.

MedPro Safety Products, Inc.

Acquisition in 2020
MedPro Safety Products, Inc. operates as a medical device company. It offers VACUETTE PREMIUM Safety Needle System Tube-Touch, an integrated and multiple sample needle and safety shield; prefilled passive safety syringes; prefilled IV shuttles; and passive safety hypodermic syringes. The company was founded in 1995 and is headquartered in Lexington, Kentucky.

Disa India Limited

Acquisition in 2005
DISA Industries is a global manufacturer of moulding and shot blast equipment. DISA Industries offers complete foundry solutions. DISA Industries is a provider of innovative foundry technology and the world-leading supplier of complete foundry solutions and services as well as state-of-the-art moulding equipment.

Fidelix Oy

Acquisition in 2014
Fidelix Oy is a provider of building management systems and related building automation products.

Sofakompagniet ApS

Acquisition in 2017
Sofakompagniet ApS, a fast-growing online retailer selling directly to design conscious end consumers in ten countries, and Scandinavian Design, which serves furniture customers with quality design furniture. A large part of sales is towards the online channel.

Medpro Clinic Group

Acquisition in 2020
Medpro Clinic Group is a healthcare business that operates six innovative care centers and provides care with a personal service and high standards. Medpro Clinic's operations are run by a dedicated staff who are passionate about care with high quality and preserved integrity. Medpro Clinic Group is headquartered in Sweden.

Sonans Privatgymnas

Acquisition in 2011
Sonans Privatgymnas is a privately held company that includes the operation of colleges and universities. Sonans was founded in 1989 to offer education services to Private Candidates for their Norwegian Upper Secondary Schools exams. These candidates largely consist of students who need to improve their grades or broaden their curriculum in order to enable them to enter the higher education of their choice. Sonans offer both classroom and web based courses.


Acquisition in 2004
Ariterm is a supplier of bio mass heating systems for both domestic and commercial applications. For more than 100 years, we have manufactured boilers for heating and hot water production suited to our hard climate.

Farma Holding

Acquisition in 2011
The Farma Holding group provides pharmaceutical products and services to pharmacy chains, hospitals, and pharmaceutical industry. Farma Holding is headquartered in Norway.

Polarn O. Pyret

Acquisition in 2021
Polarn O. Pyret is a Swedish premium brand of children’s clothes best known for its high quality, functionality and unique design.

Lekolar AB

Acquisition in 2004
Lekolar AB is the market leader in the Nordic region in creating learning environments in schools and pre-schools by supplying educational products, furniture and equipment, consumables and arts & crafts materials. The business began life as part of BRIO over 40 years ago. In 2004, BRIO sold off its business area BRIO Educational, since when Lekolar has tripled its business, making it better placed to meet the purchasing demands of Nordic municipalities. Lekolar is active in Norway, Denmark, Finland and Sweden. Head office is located in Osby, in the south of Sweden, and the group has its own purchasing office in Shanghai, China.

Perimeter Protection Group

Acquisition in 2011
Perimeter Protection Group operates as a manufacturer of products and systems for perimeter security. we offer our customers solutions for a variety of areas. With over 60 years of experience, companies in five countries and worldwide distributors it is our aim to offer everything from one source - from individual products through to complete security concepts.

Norvida AB

Acquisition in 2006
Norvida AB supplies imported meat products. Norvida AB provides cut and prepared meat products from manufacturers.

Team Olivia AB

Acquisition in 2008
Team Olivia is a company specializing in personal assistance for functionally impaired individuals and elderly care services.It offers help to people with disabilities to get the highest possible quality out of life. The company is started by the entrepreneur couple Åsa and Karsten Inde. The main area has, from the adolescence in 2001, been providing assistance to people with various disabilities (LASS). Team Olivia is based in Danderyd, Sweden.

Oral Care AB

Acquisition in 2010
Oral Care AB offer dental care there and when you need it. At the clinic or at home. Our goal is to have Sweden's most satisfied customers. And that they stay alive. Most of us do not spend much time choosing where we want our dental care. Some shoot on it and wait for it to be really needed and then you want to quickly get the time. The fact that teeth and oral health affect our other health and well-being are not as many as think about. With Oral Care, the choice is easy. Click on the image and read more about what we can offer you!

Dybvad Stålindustri

Acquisition in 2017
DSI Freezing Solutions is a manufacturer of high-quality plate freezers. DSI is a global leader in plate freezers used for rapidly freezing e.g. fish, meat, animal feed, and juices.

Osby Glas AB

Acquisition in 2012
Osby Glas is a glass company with the manufacture of insulating glass, wholesale movement and glass processing. At the start, the business focused on crockery and ornamental glass, but in 1940-60 the business gradually shifted to building glass.


Acquisition in 2012
Contex develops, manufactures, and markets large format scanning and large format imaging solutions. It helps people to share, store, and enhance paper plans and creative drawings digitized.The company offers HD, SD, and IQ series scanners for various document types, such as CAD and engineering, documents to archive, maps and GIS, and artwork and photos. Contex was founded on 1923 and is based in Alleroed, Denmark.

Duett AS

Acquisition in 2015
Daldata AS provides accounting software and cloud services.

Strandberg Guitars

Private Equity Round in 2021
Strandberg Guitars develops guitars with a low-weight, ergonomic design that makes it possible to play them longer and better.

Wermland Paper AB

Acquisition in 2003
Wermland Paper AB manufactures and supplies kraft- and sack paper. Wermland Paper was formed in late 2003 by a merger between Bäckhammar and Åmotfors Bruk. Both founded during the 19th century. Our business is focused on unbleached kraft paper of Scandinavian fiber. We develop the solutions of specialty paper in the future and are within chosen niches of market leaders in Europe and globally.

Zone A/S

Acquisition in 2006
Zone A/S is a supplier of interior products for home ware, furniture and lifestyle stores. Zone Company Denmark has developed from being a pure trading house and wholesale business to being an international trade and design company with the strong brands Zone Denmark and Galzone. The company is known among customers and cooperating partners as an innovative and service minded organisation.

Nature Planet ApS

Acquisition in 2019
Nature Planet ApS manufactures and supplies soft toys and gift products. The company offers soft toys, oeko tex toys, truck toys, printed mugs, printed pillows, bottles, key chains, key rings, wallets, shirts, caps, socks, bags, bracelets, and stationery products. The company offers its products through retail stores in the United Kingdom, France, and Denmark; and distributors. The company was founded in 2005 and is headquartered in Middelfart, Denmark.

King Oscar AS

Acquisition in 2010
King Oscar AS operates as a canned seafood company. While sardines have always been King Oscar’s flagship product, the company tins a variety of award-winning seafood favorites including brisling and Baltic sardines, mackerel, herring, tuna, salmon, cod, and specialty items, as well as fish salads and fish pâtés. In the USA, the product line includes world-famous brisling sardines, anchovies, and kipper snacks.

Expan AS

Acquisition in 2004
Expan AS manufactures and markets light concrete wall products and construction material. EXPAN is the industry's strongest partner in element solutions for greenhouses in light concrete and concrete - from idea and organization to the finished raw house. We are the total supplier of wall elements and deck elements for the entire house and have the will, the ability and the capacity to make the construction process as quick and easy as possible.


Acquisition in 2009
Däckia is a provider of tyres, tyre changing and tyre storage services to private and corporate customers in Sweden. Its network spans from Ystad in the south to Kiruna in the north of Sweden. The Däckia chain consists of 66 fully owned tyre service stations and over 50 additional partner operated stations across Sweden.

KGH Customs AB

Acquisition in 2007
KGH provides a wide range of customs services in the Nordic region and Europe including customs declarations, consulting, trade compliance, education, software, border control & fiscal representation. Headquartered in Gothenburg, it has operations in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany, Austria, France and Italy. The independent customs services market is forecast to grow due to the underlying growth in trade, increased outsourcing from importers and exporters and market share gains from freight forwarders.


Acquisition in 2014
Pierce is an e-commerce operator with online retail brands within the motorcycle and snowmobile industry. The company;s mission is to help petrol-heads around the world to improve rides, challenge friends, and pursue the passion. It engages in the online retailing of motocrosses, motorcycles, and snowmobiles in Europe. The company was founded on 2009 and is based in Sweden.


Acquisition in 2016
Dantherm is a market-leading supplier of energy-efficient climate control solutions for telecom customers across North America. They operate within two main business areas - electronics cooling for telecom and electronics cooling for the industrial sector. They command a significant market position in USA, Canada and Mexico - all of which have enabled us to build a significant base of loyal customers. They take pride in engineering reliable solutions that generate substantial energy savings, extend the service life of sensitive electronic equipment, and provide our customers with the much desired uptime in their telecom networks and electronic equipment. They believe that innovation is the key to supplying our highly competitive thermodynamic solutions and they continuously strive to challenge our status quo.

Gram Equipment A/S

Acquisition in 2010
Gram Equipment developed into one of the suppliers of equipment and solutions for the ice cream industry worldwide. This position was strengthened in 2014 when Gram Equipment acquired Waukesha/Cherry Burrel (WCB). With the acquisition the combined resources and talent of the two companies allowed for the continued supply of the very well-respected brand and quality products. Gram Equipment is now the global leading supplier of advanced equipment and process installations for industrial ice production.


Acquisition in 2016
SEM AB develops and manufactures electronic ignition systems and control systems for car engines, natural gas engines, and small engines. The company offers products ranging from ignition systems and control units for small one cylinder handheld two stroke engines to systems for ignition and monitoring large industrial high power eighteen cylinder genset natural gas or biogas engines, as well as solenoids, injector stators, heat exchangers, and sensors. It serves manufacturers of cars and heavy vehicles, as well as producers of handheld equipment, such as chainsaws and trimmers in Sweden and internationally. The company was founded in 1915 and is based in Åmål, Sweden with production facilities in Åmål, Sweden; and Suzhou, China. SEM AB is a former subsidiary of Trention AB (publ).

Scandinavian Designs

Acquisition in 2017
Scandinavian Design provides upholstered furniture, mainly sofas, to international design focused companies. Sofa Company is an online retailer providing affordable design furniture through their online retail and has showrooms in ten countries.

Waterjet Entreprenad

Acquisition in 2010
Waterjet Entreprenad operates as a water automation and industrialization company. The business focuses on repairs and maintenance of concrete-based infrastructure, such as bridges, car parks and hydroelectric plants with watercraft. In addition, we are active in the market for industrial equipment cleaning using water blasting.