Unigrains operates as an investment arm of Unicéréales SA. Unigrains is a private equity and venture capital firm that specializes in mezzanine financings, turnarounds, growth capital, majority financings, succession and restructuring of shareholding. The firm is interested to invest at all the stages of a company's development, from early-stage to recapitalizations including buyouts. It targets investments in businesses engaged in the agribusiness, food processing, agriculture, agro-chemistry, agro-industry, biotechnology, restaurants, distribution, equipment, packaging, energy, consumer goods, and related services sectors. The firm focuses on investments in Europe with a focus on France, Spain, and Italy. Its typical investment ranges between €0.5 million ($0.67 million) and €25 million ($33.52 million) in companies with revenues between €10 million ($13.40 million) and €1000 million ($1340.88 million). The firm prefers to take minority stakes in its portfolio companies. It usually keeps its investments on average between five and seven years. The firm operates through a number of funds as well as affiliated companies such as Agrifigest-Alma. It can also provide loans. Unigrains was founded in 1971 and is based in Paris, France.

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Investment Director


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Director of International Business Development


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Financial Director

Maxime Vandoni


67 past transactions

RAGT Semences SAS

Private Equity Round in 2001
RAGT Semences SAS produces and sells grains and seeds to farms for farming and breeding applications in Europe.


Private Equity Round in 2015
Stoeffler manufactures and markets Alsatian charcuterie and delicatessen products in Alsace and the rest of France. Its products are mainly sold in hypermarkets and supermarkets in the self-service section. They also develop products for out-of-home catering, or for brands that distribute frozen products.

VIVESCIA Industries

Venture Round in 2014
Vivescia is an international agricultural cooperative group specializing in the production and processing of cereals. The company's farming and food divisions specialize in the processing of cereals mainly for food and bring together 12,000 farmers, with a total harvest of 4 million tonnes.

Daltys SA

Private Equity Round in 2017
Daltys markets and operates hot and cold drink, sweet and sandwich vending machines for businesses, the healthcare and the hotel & catering sectors. Daltys’ installed base of 55,000 vending machines makes it the leading operator in France, with over 18,000 customers. The company also develops coffee-shop and multi-service concepts for public spaces.

Traiteur de Paris

Venture Round in 2014
Traiteur de Paris produces frozen food and French delicacies. This includes delicacies (canapés, petits fours), individual desserts, part-cooked vegetables, and other top-quality culinary aids for the catering industry. It was founded in 1993 and is based in Cesson-Sévigné, France.


Venture Round in 2015
SAS Villebois produces and distributes wine. The company was founded in 2004 and is based in Saint-Aignan, France.


Venture Round in 2020
L'Angélys is a food production company that manufactures ice creams and sorbets. It offers a varied range of ice creams, full fruit sorbets, gourmet and gastronomic collections that are made with fresh and healthy ingredients, enabling consumers to enjoy gluten-free ice creams. The company was founded in 1996 and is based in Fontcouverte, France.


Venture Round in 2009
ECOVEGETAL specializes in vegetal roofing and permeable surfaces. It has been the natural reference for professionals for revegetation of roofs, car parks, and soil stabilization, especially equestrian floors. The company was founded in 2000 and is based in Broué, France.


Private Equity Round in 2014
NORIAP S.C.A., an agricultural cooperative group, producing seeds, crops, and animal feed. The company was incorporated in 1984 and is based in Boves, France.


Private Equity Round in 2016
CARSO Group specializes in bio-analysis. The CARSO Group was created in 1992 by Neptune Technologies in association with the CNRS, for the analysis of dioxins in high resolution mass spectrometry. In 1997, CARSO took over the water and asbestos analysis activities of the Pasteur Institute in Lyon. Then during the 2000s, CARSO completed its analytical know-how, either through specific external growth (takeover of the Algade radioactivity analysis laboratory at Areva, the SOCOR laboratory at EDF, the IGNA laboratories, ITGA ...) or by internal R & D developments allowing to offer its customers a very wide range of analytical services and associated services.

Caussade Semences Group

Private Equity Round in 2019
Caussade Semences Group specializes in the production and marketing of field seeds. This includes corn, sunflower, rapeseed, straw cereals, soybeans as well as other forage, protein, and plant cover crops that are adapted to every combination of soil and climate conditions and the new agro-environmental requirements of the agriculture industry.


Venture Round in 2017
Vegafruits is a cooperative specializing in Mirabelle de Lorraine. It brings together more than 200 producers, 600 hectares of orchards, and a production capacity of around 8,000 tonnes of fruit per year. It was founded in 1991 and is based in Saint-Nicolas-de-Port, France.

Cristal Union S.C.A.

Private Equity Round in 2019
Cristal Union is an agro-industrial cooperative group which is among the leading European producers of sugar and alcohol.

Cap Seine

Private Equity Round in 2014
Cap Seine is a manufacturer and distributor of agricultural products.

Brioche Pasquier

Venture Round in 2007
Brioche Pasquier is a manufacturer of baked goods and pastries. The company produces brioche bakery, bakes delicious brioche classics using family recipes. It was established in 1974 and is based in Les Cerqueux, France.

Innatis Group

Private Equity Round in 2020
Innatis Group specializes in the production, packaging, and marketing of apples, pears, summer fruits, oranges, and kiwis. It was established in 1954 and is based in Ecouflant, France.


Private Equity Round in 2011
Ekkia S.A.S distributes products for horses and horse riders in France and internationally. The company offers saddles, saddle equipment, bridles and training aids, bits, grooming equipment, rider equipment, technical rider closing products, and sportswear; outing and driving products; sheets, rugs, and travelling protection products; and head collars, ropes, horse boots, bandages, and over-reach boots. It sells products through specialized retailers. Ekkia SAS was formerly known as Ukal Equitation SAS. The company was incorporated in 1966 and is based in Haguenau, France.


Venture Round in 2006
Oceol offers multi-agricultural products designed to promote efficiency in crop cultivation. Its products include grain, raw tobacco, seeds, animal feeds, and the production of bioethanol that are distributed in the wholesale market, enabling clients to get agricultural raw materials at an affordable rate. It was founded in 2006 and is based in Montardon, France.

Weishardt Holding SA

Venture Round in 2011
Weishardt Holding SA manufactures pig skin, bovine hide, and fish gelatins for pharmaceutical, edible, and technical applications.


Private Equity Round in 2017
Boortmalt produces and sells barley malts for breweries and distilleries around the world as well as for micro-breweries and distilleries.


Venture Round in 2015
Burgard is a snacking and catering company that offers industrial bakery and salty snacks. Since 1935, the Burgard family had operated a traditional artisan bakery in the Grand Rue de Strasbourg, before devoting themselves exclusively to the manufacture of fresh pretzels and aperitif biscuits in the 1950s. With the development of sales, the bakery moved several times to finally, set up in Hoerdt, in premises large enough to ensure a high level of production, without compromising on quality.

Bouvet Ladubay

Acquisition in 2015
Bouvet Ladubay is a french wine maker.


Acquisition in 2016
Bontoux S.A.S. produces and develops aromatic ingredients for the production of fragrances, flavors, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, etc. It offers concretes/absolutes, essential oils, esters, flavors, floral water, infusions, natural derivatives, natural isolates, oleoresins, reconstitution solutions, and resinoids. The company was founded in 1898 and is based in Saint-Auban-sur-l'Ouvèze, France with has production sites in Madagascar, Spain, and Italy.

Genuine Coconut

Private Equity Round in 2017
Genuine Coconut, a Fresh organic raw coconut water. Refreshing healthy, isotonic and rehydrating natural drink. Our coconuts are organically grown in Thailand. The first and genuine certified organic coconut.

La Tourangelle

Venture Round in 2016
La Tourangelle is a manufacturer of artisanal taste oils. It offers authentic, delicious, and sustainable vegetable oils for the whole family. La Tourangelle is a French oil mill since 1867 located in the heart of the Loire Valley.

MAS Seeds

Venture Round in 1991
MAS Seeds specializes in the production of high-quality seeds and sustainable farming solutions for farmers around the world. MAS Seeds is the subsidiary of MAÏSADOUR Group in South-West France and one of the leading hybrid seed companies in Europe. With 70-year experience in the seed business, today, MAS Seeds is structured around three professions: hybrid breeding (maize, sunflower, and oilseed rape), seed production, and commercialization.

Maître Prunille S.A.S.

Private Equity Round in 2016
Maître Prunille distributes and markets dried fruits and soft fruit products. It processes prunes, soft fruits, and dried fruits, develops specifications for orchard management, harvesting, and drying, and distributes through partnerships with the major players in off-home catering and agro-food industries, enabling customers with consistent organoleptic fruit quality and complete traceability for the best fruit. It was founded in 1988 and is based in Casseneuil, France.


Venture Round in 2018
Demarne operates as a wholesaler of fish and seafood. The company was incorporated in 1929 and is based in Rungis, France. Demarne operates as a subsidiary of Charly Guennec Entreprises SA.

Fromage Ermitage

Venture Round in 2015
Fromage Ermitage offers a wide range of cheeses, to be enjoyed cold or hot, with friends and family. For nearly 90 years, the Fromagerie de l'Ermitage has developed while preserving its culture, its cheese-making tradition, and its know-how.


Private Equity Round in 2016
Terrena is the third French agricultural and agrifood cooperative (behind InVivo and Sodiaal) and the 14th worldwide cooperative . The Group gathers over 22,000 farmers and 2 million hectares of agricultural lands. Terrena operates in more than 400 sites in France and 63 agrifood locations in Europe.


Private Equity Round in 2017
The DE SANGOSSE Group and its collaborators cultivate their know-how in the fields of plant protection and nutrition, seeds, pest control, garden and green spaces.At the same time designer, manufacturer & supplier in key activities as in niche markets, present on all continents, DE SANGOSSE adapts to the needs of each of its customers.

Coopérative Capel Bovidoc

Private Equity Round in 2012
Capel is an agricultural production and breeding cooperative that uses all the skills of its employees to promote their productions.The Capel Group reflects the diversity of productions and expectations of its territory through areas of activity: an animal production division: palmipede, cattle, sheep, and pork, a distribution division: agricultural professionals and the general public The Group Capel cooperative.

Groupe CAPL

Private Equity Round in 2014
Groupe CAPL is serving regional agriculture. It is present in the collection, supply, and service activities through a network of more than 60 technical sales representatives and 45 sites. With a consolidated turnover of 100 million euros and more than 400 employees, it is firmly established, it is a major player recognized in its territory.


Acquisition in 2021
Eurogerm SA is a company specializing in manufacture and marketing of flour correctors.


Private Equity Round in 2013
Sevépi is an operator of an agricultural cooperative. The company offers ISO 9001 certified organic farming procedure results in the production of non-genetically modified crops and produce. Moreover, it is also engaged in delivering a full range of products in the seeds, fertilizers, crop protection products, livestock feed, and agricultural equipment sectors.

Moret Industries Group

Private Equity Round in 2014
Moret Industries has over 150 years become a major world player in primary and secondary processing in the agro-industry. The group has more than 700 employees in 8 countries (France, Germany, Belgium, UK, Canada, Argentina, Mauritius and China) and has a turnover of € 200M, mainly from exports. The diversification strategy that began 30 years ago has enabled the group to acquire a portfolio of various technologies, know-how and recognized expertise, enabling it to assist its clients from the design and manufacture of equipment to turnkey project management and the provision of associated services. Moret Industries offers high-performance and innovative solutions in the fields of sugar, the environment, alcohol and bioconversion, drying, granulation and energy savings thanks to its main brands Maguin, Interis, VetterTec, Promill and De Smet Engineering & Contractors.

Stef SA

Post in 2013
Stef SA, formerly known as STEF-TFE SA, is a France-based company primarily engaged in the transportation of refrigerated and frozen goods.

Groupe Limagrain Holding SA

Private Equity Round in 2011
Limagrain, an international cooperative group created and directed by French farmers, moves agriculture forward to meet food challenges. As a creator and producer of plant and cereal varieties, the Group markets field seeds, vegetable seeds and cereal products intended for farmers, growers, home gardeners and for agri-food industrialists and consumers.

Senalia Union

Venture Round in 2014
Senalia provides port storage and logistics services. It operates the largest grain and agro-industrial port terminals in the port of Rouen, with a total capacity of over 800,000 tonnes. In 2015/16, Sénalia handled more than 8.5 million Tons. The loading of ships, a historical profession alone represents 5.2 million tons. Sénalia relies on its members, who represent nearly 60% of the French cereal collection, and on a solid financial structure to develop its services both for the export of cereals and for the processing of agricultural products.


Private Equity Round in 1995
Cooperl Atlantic Arc is a French food company that specializes in pig production. Cooperl was born in 1966 from the association of 24 breeders from the region of Lamballe, in Brittany, under cooperative status.

Roger Descours Group SAS

Venture Round in 2018
Roger Descours is a producer and retailer of fruits. Its services include chestnut processing and commercialization of frozen fruits, providing consumers with quality fruit production. It was founded in 2006 and is headquartered in Saint Barthelemy Le Meil, France.

Sill Entreprises

Private Equity Round in 2014
Sill Entreprises is a privately held company that produces dairy products, fruit juices, soups and ready meals.

Loyez Woessen

Venture Round in 2021
Loyez-Woessen distributes dairy products. The Company offers butter and related goods, as well as packing and distribution services.

Biscuits Bouvard S.A.S

Venture Round in 2015
Biscuits Bouvard is a manufacturer of sugar and chocolate biscuits for distributor brands. The company is committed to more balanced more organic products and especially good for the consumers. It offers its own brand of biscuits as well as manufactures baked products for other brands. Established in 1902, the company is headquartered in Ceyzériat, France.

Advitam Group

Private Equity Round in 2012
Advitam Participations engages in the distribution of grains and agricultural machinery. The company was incorporated in 1989 and is based in Saint-Laurent-Blangy, France.

Groupe Sica Atlantique

Venture Round in 2017
Sica Atlantique provides logistics for liquids, agricultural products, and other regional agricultural supplies at the ports. It was founded in 1957 and is based in La Rochelle, France.

Moulins Dumee

Private Equity Round in 2014
Moulins Dumee is a producer of bread products.

Champagne Taittinger

Venture Round in 2013
Champagne Taittinger produces alcoholic drinks such as champagnes, wine, and other drinks to consumers. It was founded in 1932 and is based in Reims, France.

Louis Royer SAS

Private Equity Round in 2015
Cognac Louis Royer traces its history back to the year 1853 and is known for a wide range of quality cognacs and Pineau. Creating cognacs from all six terroirs of the Cognac growing region, the offices and cellars of Louis Royer remain in the town of Jarnac on the banks of the Charente River where they were set up over 150 years ago. Very much continuing with the traditional methods championed by the cognac house’s namesake, Louis Royer boasts five generations of family experience and skill that continue to produce a full range of cognacs distributed on a worldwide scale.

Arterris SCA

Private Equity Round in 2016
Arterris is a French agricultural cooperative whose territory covers the Occitanie and Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur regions. It brings together more than 25 000 farmers with broad know-how, stemming from different regions and cultures.

Compagnie Fruitiere

Private Equity Round in 2015
Compagnie Fruitiere producer in Europe and as well as the major fruit producer in the Africa-Caribbean-Pacific region, specialised in the production, transport and distribution of fruit and vegetables.. It produces, transports, ripens and markets more than 900,000 tonnes of fruit and vegetables, including 750,000 tonnes of bananas in Europe and throughout the world.


Venture Round in 2017
Océalia in the diversity of its productions, plant crops, livestock, viticulture, our Group also carries various subsidiaries: garden centers, long-distance transport, production and marketing of popcorn, bottling and marketing of local wines, cognac and pineau , animal feed. With its values,


Private Equity Round in 2017
Axéréal est un groupe agro-industriel de 4000 collaborateurs présents dans 13 pays (France, Belgique, Royaume Uni, Irlande, Ethiopie, Inde, Algérie, Bulgarie, Croatie, Hongrie, Roumanie, Serbie, Slovaquie). 350 métiers, 6 branches : Métiers du grain, Meunerie, Malterie, Négoce international, Nutrition animale et Activités spécialisées.

Agrial S.A.

Private Equity Round in 2014
Agrial is one of the leading French agricultural and food-processing cooperative groups. It now comprises 14,000 farmer members and is expanding its food-processing activities into Europe, Africa and the United States.

Bioline AgroSciences

Private Equity Round in 2018
Bioline AgroSciences Ltd produces and markets a wide range of invertebrate biological control organisms which are used for control of insect pests in a variety of crops.

Malteurop Groupe S.A.

Private Equity Round in 2009
Malteurop is a global leader of the malt industry. Malt, and mainly barley malt, is an essential natural ingredient for brewers and distillers. Malteurop has a global reach and is locally engaged with all malt markets. The group is present in 14 countries on 4 continents with 27 plants. Malteurop positions itself as the integrator of the barley-malt-beer value chain. As the brewer’s key partner, Malteurop secures access to raw materials, manages price risks and develops new varieties of barley.


Private Equity Round in 2016
Deleplanque is a privately held company that produces and distributes a range of seeds, mainly for sugar beets, cereals and rapeseed.


Private Equity Round in 2018
Armbruster focuses its activity around the collection and trading of cereals (corn, wheat, barley).

ABCD Nutrition

Venture Round in 2013
Nutrition has been a leader in the manufacturing and marketing of organic and gluten-free products. The company is particularly present in supermarkets and specialty stores through its own brands: "The Céliane Recipes", "Viadelice" or "Moulin Amhara."

Dauphinoise Group

Private Equity Round in 2012
Dauphinoise Group engages in the production and distribution of seeds, grains and other related agricultural products.


Private Equity Round in 2017
Nutrisens Medical produces and sells nutritional products, dehydrated food, and sterilized meals. The company offers supplemented desserts, drinks, bread, biscuits, and sweets; preparations to supplement food; and enriched drinks and creams, thickened water, plats, main meals, fruit purée, preparations to make up, and high-protein drinks online. It provides products for age-related illnesses, chronic and acute conditions, food allergies, and well-being and fitness. The company was founded in 2014 and is based in Francheville, France.

Eurial GIE

Private Equity Round in 2012
Eurial is a company specializing in milk collection , cheese processing and other dairy products. The cheeses and other products dairy of Eurial plants are designed for both industrial and for direct consumption: Hypermarkets and supermarkets / supermarket , restaurant and catering , wholesalers , manufacturers , consumers .

Tournus Equipement, S.A.S.

Private Equity Round in 2019
Tournus Equipement manufactures stainless steel environments for professional kitchens and supermarket fish counters. It offers mobile, modular, and customizable professional kitchens; regeneration ovens, pans and grids, warmers, sterilizing cabinets, gutters and floor drains, trolleys, containers, insect-killers, fish counters, wash-basins, dishwashing equipment, kitchen units, catering units, sinks, units, dustbins, shelving products, temperature reheating products, warming cabinets, coolers, and tables; self-service lines for meal distribution; custom equipment; and bins and tables for loading and unloading dishwashers.

Triskalia SCA

Private Equity Round in 2013
Triskalia is a agricultural and agri-food cooperative in Brittany, supports farmers in the development of their profession and enhances their production.