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European Investment Fund

EIF was founded in 1994 to support Europe's small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) by enhancing their access to finance. EIF designs and develops venture capital and guarantees instruments which specifically target this market segment. Venture capital is behind many of Europe’s innovative SMEs but it requires a complex ecosystem to thrive. This is why some geographies have a dynamic venture capital scene and others have none. Many components make up a successful ecosystem: Venture capital investment f low attracts talented entrepreneurs which can give rise to serial entrepreneurs willing to re-invest their money, which creates demand for bigger funds able to growth-finance SMEs, an established exit ecosystem and the inflow of even more talent. The EIF has played a significant role in the growth of a venture capital market in Europe. By taking cornerstone investments in funds we catalyse further investments and ‘crowd in’ private investors thus nurturing the development of an ecosystem. Our engagement in the European equity (both venture capital and private equity) arena has evolved from around EUR 60m across 22 deals in the first year of EIF operations to around 146 transactions, reaching more than EUR 3.3bn in 2017. Today, due to such developments, the EIF has more than EUR 14bn of assets under management in its equity investments portfolio, just at a time when European venture capital is finally turning into a demanded and attractive asset class, generating exits and delivering healthy returns for investors. Above all, we see the venture capital industry strongly supporting innovative European entrepreneurs that are at the forefront of global disruption, primarily in technology (ICT) and life sciences, but also across various other sectors.

Simon Buhl

Investment Manager


Filipe Cartaxo

Alternate Director


Ulrich Grabenwarter

Deputy Director, Equity Investments


John Holloway

Director, Private Equity Investments


Matteo Squilloni

Head of Southern Europe - Equity Investments - Lower Mid-Market


Piyush Unalkat

Principal, Equity Investments and Head of Technology Transfer and IP Investments

Johannes Virkkunen

Head of ICT Investments, Venture Capital

25 past transactions


Venture Round in 2023
October mission is to empower businesses to thrive by simplifying and democratizing their funding. October was born in France at the end of 2014, under the name Lendix, thanks to a new regulation opening up the banking monopoly. Today we operate as a pan-European lending platform with offices in France, Spain, Italy and the Netherlands.


Seed Round in 2013
Reposito is develops smart phone applications for digitization, storage, and on-line management of receipts.


Venture Round in 2021
Evologic is working as hub between problem focused users and technology oriented experts. By forging high tech approaches into user-friendly applications Evologic provides sustainable solutions for everyday problems of the industrial and private sector.


Venture Round in 2023
Delmic B.V. manufactures correlative light and electron microscopy solutions. Its products include SECOM which is used for integrating fluorescence and electron microscopy; SPARC, a high-performance cathodoluminescence detection system; and Delphi, a fluorescence and scanning electron microscope. Delmic B.V. also develops software to navigate the integrated microscopy systems. The company was incorporated in 2010 and is based in Delft, the Netherlands.

Gecko Biomedical

Series B in 2019
TISSIUM is a privately owned medical device company based in Paris, France that is dedicated to the rapid development and the commercialization of revolutionary biodegradable sealants and adhesives for wound closure in the field of surgery, with a key focus on minimally invasive surgery. TISSIUM is developing products that are non-toxic, bind strongly to tissues and deliver ‘on-demand’ wound closure within the ‘wet’ and dynamic environments in the body. The Company’s technology and products are based on world-class research and intellectual property from the laboratories of Robert Langer (MIT) and Jeff Karp (Brigham & Women’s Hospital). Gecko was founded in 2013 and is backed by leading healthcare investors Omnes Capital, CM-CIC and CapDecisif Manangement.


Series C in 2021
From smartphones to connected cars, location data is changing the way we live and the way business happens. CARTO is the platform that turns spatial data into more efficient delivery routes, better behavioral marketing, strategic store placements, and much more. Data Scientists, Developers, and Analysts solve spatial problems using CARTO’s data and analysis to understand where and why things happen, optimize business processes, and predict future outcomes through the power of Spatial Data Science. Backed by leading VC firms Accel Partners, Salesforce Ventures, Earlybird Ventures, and Kibo Ventures, CARTO is the world’s leading Location Intelligence platform. Founded in 2012 by an environmental scientist and visualization experts, CARTO is headquartered in New York City with offices in Madrid, Seville and Washington DC. CARTO has a team of 130 employees, a portfolio of 2,500 customers including BBVA, BCG, New York City, and Twitter and more than 350,000 users around the globe - and has regularly been recognized by Gartner and Forrester for its innovation in the Location Intelligence space.


Series C in 2020
ICEYE Oy provides real-time access to imagery through optical imaging technology. It enables users to monitor illegal fishing, oil spills, storm damage, and forest growth; monitor crops growth, storm damages, and pest movements; map other planets for resources and ensure exploration safety; monitor flood damage, receive real-time mapping for aid activities, and conduct maritine search and rescue; and monitor port or storage activity, monitor sea ice and icebergs, track pirate vessels, and view highway activity. The company was founded in 2014 and is based in Espoo, Finland.


Debt Financing in 2020
Seekyo SAS is a biotechnology company that engages in the development of treatment options for cancer patients. The company develops smart molecular systems for transport of potent anticancer agents; recognition of malignant specificities; and controlled release of parent drug. It also develops antibody drug conjugates and small molecule drug conjugates that target either cancer cell surface markers or tumor microenvironment hallmarks. Seekyo SAS was founded in 2018 and is based in Poitiers, France.


Series A in 2020
AGRIVI is a global agritech company that supports agri-food value chain with digital agriculture technologies. AGRIVI's market leading farm management platform is used by customers in 100+ countries.

4D Sight

Pre Seed Round in 2020
4D Sight is a deep advertising platform for live stream gaming and sports content. Our technology embeds ads into the content in a way that feels natural to the game environment.

Pantherna Therapeutics GmbH

Seed Round in 2019
Pantherna Therapeutics is a privately-held biopharmaceutical Company developing first-in-class therapeutics for vascular diseases. Pantherna’s innovative technology platform is based on advanced nanoparticles for the delivery and expression of therapeutic mRNA drugs in the endothelium. Pantherna is based in Hennigsdorf (Brandenburg) close to Berlin, Germany.

LendInvest Capital

Series C in 2018
LendInvest operates an online marketplace for property lending and investing. Its online marketplace platform lets everyday investors access various types of asset classes; and underwrites and pre-funds various investments. LendInvest also offers short-term property finance, such as bridge loans, development loans, and buy-to-let loans. Christian Faes and Ian Thomas founded it in 2008, with its headquarters in London in the United Kingdom.


Seed Round in 2019
In 2018, gini officially launched their personal financial management (PFM) app with the mission of making it easy for anyone to be great at managing their finances. gini automatically syncs 3,000 banks in 60 countries, and to empower close to a hundred thousand users around the world to have a stress-free financial life. With this unique experience, gini has extended their footprint to B2B sector by helping financial institutions understand their customers better, using data. Banks, lenders and other FIs are using gini’s data enrichment technology to provide engaging experiences to their customers - increasing loyalty and sales. The cutting edge data-driven solutions help banks and businesses better understand unstructured big data, gain greater insight into customers’ lives and deliver a personalised digital banking experience.

Worldcoo, S.L.

Seed Round in 2019
Worldcoo is the European social company based in Barcelona, aimed at funding NGO solidarity projects through omnichannel committed companies (ecommerce, banks or retailers). In ecommerce, it achieves that by integrating a check-box in ecommerce’s shopping cart, which allows customers to donate 1€ while performing any online transaction. Its goal is to help people in need and make together a better world. Worldcoo was founded on 2012 and is based in Barcelona, Spain.


Debt Financing in 2018
MedLease specializes in financing solutions for healthcare SMEs, young healthcare professionals and patients. Doctors, partnering clinics and MedLease all share the same end customer – the patient. The company strives to achieve synergy via helping young professionals improve their qualification, financing smaller clinics purchase modern machines for treatment/diagnostics and provide the patients with reliable and transparent socially responsible healthcare financing solutions. MedLease believes that this synergy based business model provides trickle down effects that benefits and improves the quality of life of the end customer.

Impact Partners Nordic

Series A in 2015
We finance the scaling up of companies developing significant social impact and assist our portfolio through our offices in Paris, Copenhagen, Frankfurt & Barcelona. Our investors: European Investment Fund (EU), BPI France, BNP Paribas, JP Morgan Chase, HSBC, AXA, Vivendi, Bouygues, Ardian, SWEN Capital Partners, CNP Assurances, Crédit agricole and more. Founded in 2007, we are a pioneer and a leading social impact fund in Europe. IMPACT was created out of our conviction that financial and social performance must be integrated. By supporting entrepreneurial projects that generate impact, we aim to contribute to greater social and economic inclusion, and affirm that private equity can also take the form of impact investing. We invest in healthcare, edtech, circular economy, wellfaretech, cobots for people, healthrobotics and more. We are especially interested in companies that make an impact within education, for people with disabilities or create inclusive jobs in urban deprived areas.

Telecom Italia

Post in 2019
Telecom Italia offers technological infrastructures and platforms in which voice and data are converted into advanced telecommunications services - as well as the latest ICT and Media solutions. These tools cater for the Group's as well as the country's growth.


Venture Round in 2020
Finiata provides finance platform to SMEs, freelancers, and the self-employed. The company provides credit to its own customers. Finiata provides invoice factoring (or invoice financing) whereby companies secure credit by selling outstanding invoices to a third party at a discount. The company is based in the United States.

One planetcrowd

Venture Round in 2020
Oneplanetcrowd since 2012, the first sustainable crowdfunding platform in the Netherlands. Through the platform, entrepreneurs finance the development of their innovative products and services with resources from 'the crowd'. Projects on Oneplanetcrowd contribute to a more sustainable or more social world.

Amphista Therapeutics

Series A in 2020
Amphista Therapeutics operates as a biopharmaceutical company creating first-in-class cancer therapeutics that harness the body's natural processes to selectively and efficiently degrade and remove disease causing proteins.


Seed Round in 2019
MIPISE is the leader in the creation of white-label Crowdfunding platforms. MIPISE supports the digitalization of financial services. MIPISE also offers collaborative tools for mobilization. Leader in the creation of white label Crowdfunding platforms, MIPISE has developed a modular and customizable technical solution with an integrated payment system that supports in the engagement of communities and in the fully dematerialized and digitalized management of activities.

Middlegame Ventures

Funding Round in 2020
Middlegame Ventures (MGV) is a FinTech​ Venture Capital firm investing in early stage growth businesses focused on Financial Innovation.

SET Ventures

Funding Round in 2019
Since 2007, Amsterdam-based SET Ventures has invested in European technology companies that impact the future of the energy system. SET Ventures focuses broadly on innovative energy generation, energy distribution and storage and energy efficiency. SET Fund III provides early growth-stage capital to ventures that shape the energy system transition through smart software and services-based business models.

Offr Limited

Seed Round in 2020
Offr Limited develops, owns, and operates a platform for residential and commercial agents that helps in the buying and selling of property. The company’s platform enables buyers to make private offers, bid in auctions, book viewings, upload proof of funds, download legal documents, and digitally sign contracts. Its products include Offr, docusign, stripe, and AWS. It serves agents, buyers, sellers, and solicitors. The company was incorporated in 2017 and is based in Dublin, Ireland with additional location in London, United Kingdom.


Debt Financing in 2019
MedLease specializes in financing solutions for healthcare SMEs, young healthcare professionals and patients. Doctors, partnering clinics and MedLease all share the same end customer – the patient. The company strives to achieve synergy via helping young professionals improve their qualification, financing smaller clinics purchase modern machines for treatment/diagnostics and provide the patients with reliable and transparent socially responsible healthcare financing solutions. MedLease believes that this synergy based business model provides trickle down effects that benefits and improves the quality of life of the end customer.