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NSV works with corporate partners to invent their futures. The practice includes a strategic investment arm and a consulting arm. Through NSV’s proprietary venture scanning process, corporate partners gain insights on opportunities and threats to their business based on the latest trends from the startup ecosystem. NSV works with corporate partners to turn insights into new business opportunities through a lean incubation practice and through business development activities. NSV has also been incubating and seed funding startups since 2002.

Masami Kato


Midori Lucas

Director Of Operations

Hiroshi Menjo

Managing Partner

12 past transactions


Series A in 2007
SingleFeed, a startup that helps online merchants to submit, manage, and optimize product listings on sites like Google Product Search, PriceGrabber and others.


Series A in 2000
Artmachine isn't your typical technology startup. They're experts in the brand deployment business, with 10+ years of supporting the communications needs of major clients like Apple Computer, E*TRADE, PeopleSoft, Wells Fargo, SGI, and many more. Their investors and board of directors consist of some of the biggest names in the new media industry. And their growing staff is made up of veterans of graphics and design, professional services, and Internet technology. It's a unique combination of strengths that results in a highly focused, customer-oriented service built on cutting-edge technology designed to grow with your needs.


Series A in 2000
Metagraphic provides content management services for marketing groups, advertising agencies, and graphic design firms. It is based in Palo Alto, California, United States.

Aggregate Knowledge

Seed Round in 2006
Aggregate Knowledge (AK) is the only media intelligence company that offers advertisers and agencies an exact science to pinpoint where to reach highest performing customers in a single platform. AK’s patented media intelligence platform (MIP) is the only data management solution that combines both media and audience data, enabling marketers to most effectively allocate media dollars, resulting in increased reach, higher sales and dramatically improved media spend efficiency.

AdYouNet Technologies Ltd.

Venture Round in 2008
AdYouNet Technologies Ltd. provides online advertising services. It develops a customer relationship management advertising application over the Web that enables advertisers to reach one-to-one identification of targeted users. AdYouNet Technologies Ltd. was formerly known as Webbi. The company was founded in 2007 and is based in Kiryat Gat, Israel.

BroadWare Technologies

Series A in 2003
As of June 11, 2007, BroadWare Technologies, Inc. was acquired by Cisco Systems, Inc. BroadWare Technologies, Inc., a network video systems company, engages in the development and delivery of platforms and end-to-end browser-based solutions for collecting, recording, routing, and managing live and archived surveillance video. It offers Media Platform, a suite of server-based technologies for management, distribution, and storage of video surveillance data in a network environment; and Application Server, which enables users to determine levels of authority for viewing cameras, creating or viewing archives, and controlling movable cameras. The company offers Command Server, a digital matrix switch that allows each operator and intelligent application to control the video being displayed on various monitors; and Media Server that enables distribution, archiving, and management of video feeds. In addition, BroadWare Technologies provides specialty professional services, education and training, and support services. The company provides its products for use in applications, such as military bases, unmanned vehicles, embassies, corrections, border control, perimeter montoring, law enforcement, airports and seaports, homeland security, traffic montoring, and public infrastructure montoring, as well as corporate security, retail, public transit systems, gaming, health care, colleges and universities monitoring, petro-chemical, utlitites, and financial services. It serves airports and seaports, transportation systems, and various federal agencies and military branches. The company, formerly known as Graham Technology Solutions, was founded in 1995 and is headquartered in Santa Clara, California.


Series A in 2006
Producer of local online entertainment guides

My Digital Life

Seed Round in 2008
My Digital Life is a startup attempting to bridge the gap of personal information and preferences across all devices and services. It works with mobile, consumer electronics, and online services.

Morrow Optics

Angel Round in 2022
Our view is a world where nothing is missed and one pair does it all. Because there’s more to see than ever before, and you deserve to see the bigger picture without edges or limitations. Our story starts with Jelle De Smet and Paul Marchal, two pioneers who with combined experience in electronics and nanotechnology invented the Autofocal lens. They saw a better way, where ageing eyesight is no longer a burden and progressive lenses were a prequel. And so Morrow was founded in 2016 — followed by years of research, development and meticulous fine-tuning. We now launch our flagship Autofocal Eyewear that combines Active Liquid Crystal and a two-layer corrective lens to transform your vision — both near and far — at the touch of a button. In our eyes, independence is a state of mind. It’s the unshackled freedom to do what you want and on your own terms, whilst always improving. Discover why there is always mor’ to see.


Seed Round in 2008
Eyeonix is a stealth machine vision startup (complete without website) that is funded by NetService Ventures. Here is [the listing](http://www.nsv.com/eyeonix.html) on the NetService Ventures portfolio: "Eyeonix has proprietary "machine vision" technology that recognizes objects even in low quality photographs based on catalog-images in its databases. This enables true visual search to supplement and even replace language-based search. A consumer could take a picture of a shoe, for example, and find a match for that very shoe in a product catalog on the internet with great precision. Trying to search for a particular shoe just using words (if one doesn't have a catalog number) is almost impossible. "


Seed Round in 2005
Producer of local online entertainment guides


Seed Round in 2007
TubeMogul is the leading enterprise software company for digital branding. The world’s largest brands and agencies unify their video advertising on TubeMogul’s programmatic platform. By using a single, integrated solution, TubeMogul’s clients gain control over their video spend, simplify their workflow and verify the success of their campaigns. Founded in 2006, TubeMogul is based in Emeryville, California with offices across North America, Europe, Asia and Australia.