VEB Ventures

OOO VEB Innovations is a venture capital arm of State Corporation Bank for Development and Foreign Economic Affairs (Vnesheconombank) specializing in venture capital and debt investments. The firm seeks to invest in high technology projects of the Skolkovo Foundation. It seeks to invest in space and telecommunications, biomedical technologies, energy efficient technology, information and computer technologies, and nuclear technologies. Within space and telecommunications, the firm focuses on terrestrial mainline communications, mobile communications and data transmission, space communications, projects aimed at developing production of the means of communication and telecommunication, development of industrial space technologies, development of functional space technologies including software, and projects aimed at creating mission-oriented space systems. Within biomedical technologies, it focuses on computer modeling for the pharmaceutical industry, new healthcare methods and technologies for combating pandemics, novel pharmaceuticals, drug delivery systems, personalized medicine, medical equipment, devices, implants and materials, and medical radiology. Within energy efficient technology, the firm focuses on efficiency improvement in the field of renewable energy sources, energy metering technologies, materials, engineering solutions and technologies improving industrial energy efficiency, materials and technologies reducing energy loss in heat distribution networks and electric power transmission systems, and materials and technologies optimizing energy consumption by industrial and residential objects. Within information and computer technologies, it focuses on cloud computing, new methods of information storage, processing, and transfer, analytics software, images, video and voice recognition and processing, mobile applications, Web X.0, and IT security. Within nuclear technologies, the firm focuses on radiation technologies, technologies for the development of new properties of materials, mechanical and instrumentation engineering technologies, novel microelectronics technologies, designing and construction of complicated objects, complex objects modeling and engineering, and nuclear science technologies. It seeks to invest in companies based in Russia. The firm seeks to invest in the form of equity and loans. It can co-invest in projects obtaining grants of the Skolkovo Innovation Center. The firm will co-invest only with grants of the seed and start-up stages. OOO VEB Innovations is based in Moscow, Russia.

Veronika Fidler

Senior MD


Maxim Naumov

Senior Investment Director


Ivan Persiyanov

Senior Investment Director


Dmitry Politov

Senior Investment Director


Georgy Shestakov

Senior Investment Director


Artem Zakharchenko

Senior Investment Director

17 past transactions

GlobalLab LLC

Series A in 2013
GlobalLab can be used in school curriculum and/or in extracurricular after-school activities. The complete list of investigations may be too much for one teacher and class. We suggest that teachers choose the investigations and projects that address the content and skills their students need to learn. Some investigations are basic and not difficult; others are more advanced. The last ones can be assigned to more capable students in the class.


Venture Round in 2020
Deliver develops a web-based platform which helps to calculate the price and order the transport of goods by various modes.

Brain4Net, Inc.

Series B in 2019
Brain4Net SDN/NFV software solution helps Service Providers and large Enterprises to adapt modern network technologies such SDN and NFV with existent network infrastructure. They develop a platform that turns benefits of SDN/NFV synergy and addresses performance and availability challenges that are the major stop factors of slow SDN adoption. They build wide partner ecosystem to provide complex solution for large networks for Service Providers and Enterprises.


Seed Round in 2018
Kompo sells products for the meat and dairy industries including clippers, vacuum syringes, precision dosing devices, and more.


Series B in 2019
BestFitMe is an Artificial intelligence and computer vision for psychological profiling of candidates and employee.

New Cloud Technologies

Venture Round in 2018
New Cloud Technologies provides communicate and collaborate by developing complex cloud for online mass storage and document.

Go Lama Go

Seed Round in 2019
Golama express delivery service from Moscow hypermarkets. Let's bring products today and from 90 minutes!They work for you, not for the store. They are interested to bring you only the freshest, the best, so that you are satisfied and take advantage of our service again. Our employees choose the product for your order for yourself. Each product is evaluated by several quality steps: expiration dates, package integrity, visual appeal, freshness, ripeness, aroma, compliance with a specified weight, etc.

Tsifra Group

Venture Round in 2020
Tsifra Group is a developer of AI solutions and robotic mining equipment for heavy industry.

ZYFRA Company

Venture Round in 2021
ZYFRA Company develops artificial intelligence software for industrial and healthcare sectors. The company offers AIS dispatcher, a monitoring software for industrial machinery and staff. The company also develops predictive analytics, remote monitoring, and equipment diagnostics software for the energy industry. The company also caters to transport, food, metals and mining, oil and gas, and discrete manufacturing industry. The company was founded in 2017 and is based in Moscow, Russia.


Series A in 2013
Anturis Inc. builds a cloud-based (SaaS) monitoring platform for external monitoring of Web services and internal monitoring of information technology infrastructure. It offers Website monitoring, server monitoring, Web application monitoring, MySQL monitoring, network monitoring, and apache monitoring solutions for small to medium-sized companies. The company was founded in 2013 and is based in San Francisco, California.

SmartSeeds LLC

Venture Round in 2017
SmartSeeds LLC owns and operates an online platform for automating delivery of agricultural cargoes which unites the principal market consumers. The company connects the agroindustrial holdings, exporters, and processors of agricultural products with the base carriers of the Russia. The company was founded in 2017 and is based in Russia.


Series B in 2018
ExoAtlet make medical exoskeletons to help with patient rehabilitation. ExoAtlet® I is a medical exoskeleton designed for the rehabilitation of patients with locomotive impairments to their lower limbs sustained as the result of an accident, an operation or illness of the locomotive system or nervous system. Its main applications are for the restoration of impaired locomotive functions and the compensation of lost functions.

Series D in 2013 was established in 1998. Today, we always have interesting and relevant news, base, which provides detailed information about the 6500 Russian and foreign travel agencies, opportunities for those who love to travel. More than 400 agencies are our customers and partners, and so we provide daily information on a wide variety of tours, from education to the exotic and adventure. On can simultaneously find a hotel anywhere in the world (of course, in Moscow and St. Petersburg), shuttle service, book and pay online airline and railway tickets, as well as find out the flight schedule, the presence of "hot" passes, prices and so on. We are working with airlines, airports, hotels, mobile operators, which allowed us to create a comprehensive and flexible information system. The site is unique and the largest Russian-language library with information about the countries, their culture and their stories, stories about trips and many others. Category "Photogallery" allows everyone to learn about the country in detail and first-hand. Especially because many of the stories out there - exclusive. Today - one of the most popular tourist resources in the Russian Internet. Independent companies are regularly conducted research our audience. In high season visit to 80,000 people a day.


Seed Round in 2018
Compo, a Russian developer and manufacturer of automated retail solutions.