ADVA Optical Networking

ADVA Optical Networking is a global provider of intelligent telecommunications infrastructure solutions. With software-automated Optical+Ethernet transmission technology, the Company builds the foundation for high-speed, next-generation networks. The Company's FSP product family adds scalability and intelligence to customers' networks while removing complexity and cost. With a flexible and fast-moving organization, ADVA Optical Networking forges close partnerships with its customers to meet the growing demand for data, storage, voice and video services. Thanks to reliable performance for more than 15 years, the Company has become a trusted partner for more than 250 carriers and 10,000 enterprises across the globe.

Mike Aquino

Chief Strategy Officer

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Movaz Networks

Acquisition in 2006
Movaz Networks manufactures broadband optical transport systems. The company provides wavelength division multiplexing (WDM) equipment; and a portfolio of WDM transport and reconfigurable optical add-drop multiplexing solutions that incorporate advanced optical transport, distributed photonic switching, generalized multi-protocol lambda switching protocols, and standards based network management. Movaz Networks offers its products through direct sales, a private label partnership, and value added resellers to telecommunications carriers, cable network providers, research and educational organizations, and government agencies. The company was founded in 2000 and is headquartered in Norcross, Georgia.

Biran High Tech Advisors

Acquisition in 2013
Biran High Tech Advisors is manufactures and markets telecommunications equipment in Israel.

Oscilloquartz SA

Acquisition in 2014
Founded in 1949, Oscilloquartz designs, manufactures and installs the most precise frequency sources and synchronization systems supplied to telecommunication integrators as well as public and private network operators in more than 90 countries. Headquartered in Neuchâtel, Switzerland, the company has approximately 70 employees. The company will be maintained in the region of Neuchâtel.


Acquisition in 2015
FiSEC is develops technologies designed to protect corporate intellectual property and data assets through digital networks. Its ARGUS System, is a monitoring tool that offers real-time fiber optic network monitoring. The company also provides fiber optic network services, including infrastructure and database analyses, SLA analyses, documentation of fiber optic infrastructure, and fiber optic network auditing and support.

MRV Communications

Acquisition in 2017
MRV Communications is a leading worldwide supplier of communications equipment and services to carriers, governments and enterprises. Today's telecommunication networks are evolving to support growing network traffic due to the demand for high-bandwidth applications such as IPTV, streaming video, peer-to-peer networking, and content-rich websites. Service providers are attempting to differentiate their offerings from their competitors and strive to provide many new capabilities. The growth in these applications is driving the need for additional bandwidth capacity in the Internet infrastructure. MRV products enable service providers to transition their infrastructure and provide profitable high-bandwidth video, voice and data services.

Covaro Networks

Acquisition in 2005
Covaro Networks develops telecommunications products for converged networks, enabling network infrastructure providers to unlock stranded profits while using high bandwidth services and containing capital and operating expenditures.

ADVA Optical Networking Israel

Acquisition in 2013
ADVA Optical Networking Israel manufactures and markets telecommunications equipment.


Seed Round in 2000
OptXCon is a newly formed company in the field of advanced, all-optical networking solutions. OptXCon is developing cross connect systems that automatically link fiber optic cables without electronic conversion or regeneration. The automatic connection capability of the OptXCon devices helps maximize system reliability and simplifies the process of provisioning optical circuits. The OptXCon devices are designed for optimal performance in metropolitan and enterprise networks. In addition, the technologies' inherent protocol and bit-rate independence makes it ideal for service providers and large enterprises that have dynamic network requirements. OptXCon product technology is being developed on a new type of liquid crystal fabric with the switching architecture designed to yield exceptional optical performance and carrier-class reliability.

Metro Packet Systems

Acquisition in 2004
Metro Packet Systems is a carrier-class Ethernet technology company.

Overture Networks, Inc.

Acquisition in 2016
Overture Networks develops and manufactures high-speed carrier ethernet edge and aggregation solutions. Its products combine packet-switched and circuit-switched areas into a single architecture-at cost points to offer carrier Ethernet services to any size location over copper, fiber, or optical transport.


Acquisition in 2007
Gryfsoft is a provider of telecommunications infrastructure solutions.